Sometimes described as the face of the property industry, property managers act as the middlemen between landlords and tenants. Whether they’re solving disputes, arranging maintenance, or ordering paperwork, they are responsible for making sure tenancy contracts run smoothly. But when the property manager duties can change on a daily basis, how can you write an effective CV?

Thankfully, we make it quick and easy at myPerfectCV. Discover a UK property manager CV sample, top recruiter tips, and our tried & tested CV builder. We’ve got everything you need to create your competitive application today!


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    Give your CV serious kerb appeal with a property manager personal statement

    Located at the top of your property manager CV, your personal statement (or personal summary) provides a quick but practical overview of your skills. Although it’s just 2-3 lines long, your statement needs to outline your current employment situation, key achievements, and career objectives.

    Many recruiters will make snap judgements based on personal summaries, so it needs to be strong to grab their attention from the start. Include thoughtful adjectives to describe your work ethic, and make sure to avoid clichés. Like drab décor, they’re sure to put your recruiter off!

    Follow these top tips for a property manager CV that hits home

    Like a tenant looking for their ideal home, your recruiter has a checklist of what they want to see on your CV. Make sure you can tick every box by following our top tips below.

    • Show off your relevant experience

      Because the role of a property manager isn’t usually a junior position, most companies will look for relevant experience. There’s no set career path for property managers, and successful applicants may have transferred from managerial roles in other sectors. Whatever your background, make sure to highlight your most relevant experience and explain how it’s furnished you with the right skills for the job.

    • Choose a clear structure

      As a property manager, you know all too well that space is at a premium – and your CV is no different. Limit your application to 1-2 sides of A4, following the structure of our UK property manager CV sample to make sure your document looks clear, neat, and easy to read.

    • Use keywords from the property manager job description

      Most recruiters now use scanning software to filter out irrelevant CVs before they even get a glance! Don’t let your application get left out in the cold. By including keywords and phrases from the property manager job description, you can help your CV pass an ATS and make it into the hands of a real recruiter.

    • Demonstrate your interpersonal skills

      Whether you’re mediating between a landlord and tenant or chasing up contracts, strong interpersonal skills are a must if you want to succeed as a property manager. To show you have the right personal qualities for the task, include positive language to describe your work ethic, character, and communication style.

    • Have a head for numbers

      It can be difficult to sum up your achievements on a CV, but by including metrics from your previous roles, it’s a lot easier to quantify your success. Whether you sped up the tenant application process by 10% or responded to maintenance complaints within 24 hours on average, these figures will help your application stand out from the crowd.

    What skills should you include in your property manager CV?

    Browse our property manager skills list to discover the key attributes recruiters want to see on your CV.

    Essential property manager CV skills

    • Conflict resolution
    • Communication
    • Contracts
    • Property law
    • Mediation
    • Budgeting

    Bonus skills that will set you apart

    • Maintenance
    • Health and safety
    • Finance
    • Market research
    • Interior design

    Key questions about your property manager CV

    What does a property manager do?

    A property manager is responsible for overseeing the management of a tenanted property on behalf of a landlord. As a third-party representative, they’re able to act as a mediator between a tenant and landlord, solving potential disputes and making sure that both parties stick to the terms of their contract. They also need to maintain strong relationships with maintenance workers and tradespeople.

    What are the duties and responsibilities of a property manager?

    On a day-to-day basis, a property manager will spend their time visiting properties to prepare them for tenants. They may also visit rented houses to check that no repairs are needed and that the tenants have been looking after the property. As well as acting preemptively, property managers are also the first point of contact for both tenants and landlords. That means they spend a large proportion of their day answering calls and responding to queries – whether it’s a maintenance complaint about an existing tenant or a call from a prospective landlord.

    What skills do you need to be a property manager?

    To be a successful property manager, you’ll need to have excellent interpersonal skills as well as impressive administration skills. These will enable you to keep track of the paperwork associated with each property, including tenancy contracts and real estate surveys. A property manager may also need market research skills to analyse the real estate market and ensure that each property is financially viable.

    What qualifications do you need to be a property manager?

    There are no fixed qualifications needed to become a property manager. But if you want your application to stand out from the crowd, a professional qualification such as a diploma from the Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM) will set your CV apart.

    How much can you earn as a property manager in the UK?

    The average property manager in the UK earns between £25,000 and £45,000 a year. Your salary will depend on factors such as your experience level, location, and the value of the properties of which you’re in charge.

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