A compelling construction worker CV showcases a robust skill set in a concise and readable CV format. It includes all relevant industry experience and qualifications, along with specific abilities that demonstrate your relevant skills, like site preparation and equipment organisation.

With our tips and construction worker CV sample you will write a CV that not only meets the UK standards but catches the attention of recruiters.


    Construction Worker CV Sample

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    Professional summary of your construction worker CV

    Don’t be tempted to skip the personal statement of your CV. This section is the perfect opportunity to stand out in this thriving industry. When writing a CV for construction worker, make sure to focus on your strengths.

    This section should be concise and short. Three to four sentences should be enough to highlight your development, biggest projects and achievements or your next goals. Enter the builder to gain access to the collection of sample personal statements for your construction worker CV.

    Top construction worker CV tips

    • Include key phrases from the job description

      If your CV is likely to pass through scanning software, the best way to help it stand out is by including critical phrases from the job advertisement. Whether it’s specific tools, techniques, or regulations, include them in your skills section. This will make sure your CV is more likely to land in the hands of a real recruiter.

    • Use a clear layout

      You work with structures for a living, so reflect your logical approach by using a straightforward design for your CV. Including headings and bullet points (4-5 per role) will make your application easy to read at a glance. Use a reversed-chronological format and apply a template that fits on one page.

    • Highlight your strengths

      The main strengths of the construction workers are their skills. Highlight them in your CV. Make sure to include both hard and soft skills. Don’t forget the personal statement section. It is also very useful and allows you to present your achievements or goals.

    Key skills for a construction worker CV

    The job of a construction worker is one of those professions in which skills and experience play a key role.

    Essential skills for construction worker CV example

    • Proficiency in construction techniques
    • Compliance with health and safety rules
    • Attention to detail
    • Good physical condition
    • Teamwork

    Nice-to-haves for your construction worker CV

    • Creativity
    • Adaptability
    • Problem-solving
    • Good communication skills

    Frequently asked questions about a construction worker CV

    What should I include in my construction worker CV?

    When writing a CV for a construction worker you should remember about core sections of each CV, i.e:

    Keep in mind that additional training and certifications also count as part of your education. From NVQs to industry ratings, these will show recruiters that you’re fully qualified for the role.

    What are the primary responsibilities of a construction worker?

    ‘Construction worker’ is a catch-all term for any professional who carries out physical tasks on building sites. This could involve bricklaying, operating equipment such as diggers and cement mixers, putting up scaffolding, making sure the worksite is safe, and keeping track of building materials.

    What are the essential qualities of a construction worker?

    A construction worker needs to be physically fit, as the job can be demanding. Depending on the specialisation, a construction worker will have a range of skills, from the know-how of construction tools to specialised techniques to health and safety regulations.

    Construction Worker CV – takeaway

    Use these proven tips and recruiter-approved CV examples to create your construction worker CV. Showcase your experience gained through your work history and highlight your relevant skills. Once you finish creating your construction worker CV, you can download it in the CV format of your choosing.

    Thanks to the builder and the use of CV examples for construction workers, it will take you just a few minutes to create a good CV that meets all the requirements.


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