As our construction manager CV example shows, a great CV needs a strong structure as well as the right materials. While education provides strong foundations, you’ll also need plenty of key skills for construction manager roles, backed up by your time in similar positions.

Our CV examples help you to focus on the most impactful information to include, from experience to skills and qualifications. You can showcase all of that perfectly with our construction manager CV template (UK) to give yourself the best chance of success.


    Construction Manager CV Sample

    Construction Manager CV-1

    Construction manager CV templates UK

    Construction site manager CV personal statement

    All good construction manager CV examples start with a strong personal statement. In 3-4 sentences, you should summarise your main strengths as a construction manager.

    Be sure to mention essential construction management skills like budgeting, supervision, or HSE knowledge. You can also emphasise the benefits to employers, such as delivering on time, keeping projects cost-effective, and ensuring high quality.

    Construction manager CV tips

    When you’re applying for the role of construction manager, these five top tips can make CV writing easier and improve the end results.

    • Start with the right design

      You might not need an architect for a construction manager CV. But it helps to have a design in place with the right structure and appearance. A construction site manager CV template can provide exactly that. Rather than spending precious time playing around with formatting options on Word, you’ll have a pre-made document that’s ready to go with all the necessary sections.

    • Use the job description to build out your CV

      If your CV is a construction project, the job description provides your bricks and mortar. It details all the construction manager duties and responsibilities for the job in question, so you can go through and pick out the ones that match your skills and experience.

    • Lay your foundations

      There are so many construction management skills you’ll want to talk about. But they don’t mean anything if you can’t tick the box for construction manager education requirements. Make sure you have a dedicated education section detailing your degree or diploma in civil engineering or construction management, for example.

    • Choose the right format

      Construction starts from the ground up. But your CV for construction management should take the opposite approach. Use a reverse-chronological format to list your work history starting with your most recent role at the top. That way, recruiters can see your most relevant experience, including those all-important management responsibilities.

    • Stay within 1-2 pages

      As a construction manager, you’ll know the importance of keeping projects on time. Recruiters have the same time constraints, so it’s important that your CV doesn’t take up their entire day. Like our UK construction site manager CV example, use bullet-point lists for your key skills and construction manager job responsibilities to make sure your CV doesn’t extend beyond 1-2 pages.

    Construction manager CV skills

    Want to show that you’re ready for the role of construction manager? Here are the hard and soft skills recruiters are looking for…

    Key skills for construction manager roles

    • Project management
    • Construction planning
    • Budgeting
    • HSE safety awareness
    • Building standards knowledge
    • Crew supervision

    Soft construction management skills

    • Leadership
    • Communication
    • Time management
    • Problem-solving
    • Flexible and adaptable
    • Good team player

    Frequently asked questions about construction manager CV

    What is construction management?

    Construction management is the process of managing the scheduling, budgeting, safety and quality control of a construction project. That extends from the initials planning and design to making sure all contractors deliver on time.

    What do construction managers do?

    Construction site manager responsibilities include:

    • Liaising with surveyors and engineers
    • Managing and supervising construction site staff
    • Buying materials and equipment
    • Procuring the services of subcontractors
    • Maintaining good health and safety standards
    • Monitoring and reporting on progress

    How to become a construction manager (UK)?

    To become a construction manager, you’ll need to start with the construction site manager certification requirements. A diploma or degree in construction engineering, civil engineering, or construction management will stand you in good stead. It’s then a case of gaining experience as a construction site assistant or assistant manager to work your way up.

    How much do construction managers make?

    The average construction manager salary in UK roles is between £35,000 and £45,000 per year. Your construction site manager salary can vary depending on experience, with new managers starting on around £30,000 while the most experienced candidates can command a wage exceeding £50,000 in many cases.

    How to be a good construction manager?

    To excel in the role, construction manager requirements include excellent organisation, communication, and project management. You should be constantly on the ball when it comes to monitoring progress, health and safety, and the quality of work. You’ll also need to be prepared for unexpected problems with a can-do attitude for solving them.

    Build your construction manager CV

    While the best construction site manager CV examples might seem a world away, you too can have a CV that’s polished, professional, and completely personalised. Our easy-to-use CV builder allows you to filter content by different job roles, so you can cherry pick the right skills, personal statements, and construction site manager responsibilities. That’s paired with customisable CV templates to ensure your application looks the part.


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