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Artists bring unique skills to different roles all across the UK. Your background in performance could bring flair to an education role, or your skill as a digital artist might make you the perfect fit for a marketing department.

When writing your arts CV, it is essential to remember the ultimate goal: relevance. Your performing arts CV will show your skill in engaging audiences, but it will need to be tailored when you apply to a non-performing industry, like education.

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  • Different arts career paths

    Arts skills are very versatile in the career world. For instance, having a bachelors in arts can lead to visual and performing arts roles like florist, curator, or performer. Candidates with artistic skills may also work as digital designers, game writers, and educators.

  • Companies that hire artists

    Many companies that hire arts professionals and graduates are small, although some larger companies have arts roles, especially in London. Look for arts roles at museums, theatres, marketing firms and even tech companies.

  • Networking is key!

    Most arts sector positions will not be formally posted online, so networking becomes just as important as your art CV. Look for opportunities to meet experts in your industry, such as an arts conference.

  • Display an online portfolio

    Evidencing your artistic skills will help you stand out among the competition. All arts professionals will benefit from creating a website, youtube channel, or online portfolio.

  • Accomplishments

    The arts industry is full of awards and accomplishments at every level. If you’ve ever been recognised for your work, highlight them on your CV using the accomplishments section type.

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How your arts CV should look

Writing a CV for the arts can be more creative than a CV for a business or academic industry. Your arts CV will reflect your artistic personality so it can be more colourful and fun. Feel free to accent your arts resume with colourful headers. Look at other performing arts examples to find inspiration.

Feel free to shake up your CV design while remembering that your CV needs to be easy to read. Stay away from light colours that are hard to read or confusing cursive fonts.

If you add different design elements to your CV, you must send out your CV in a PDF format. Otherwise, you run the risk of all those elements being lost when the file is opened. You can download all myPerfectCV visual and performing arts templates in PDF format.

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