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Photography is an inspiring, profitable, and in-demand career path, with a photographer salary well above the average UK wage. A perfect photographer CV is clear and to the point, reflecting all relevant photography experience in a concise and organised manner. It will highlight areas of photography expertise but also showcase your other skills, including attention to detail, self-motivation, and communication – all of which are vital for the role.

Utilising a photographer CV example can help you to apply in a flash. Plus, there are plenty of ways to tailor your CV to suit your needs, whether that’s with a freelance photographer CV or a wedding photographer CV. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know, from the vital skills and qualifications you need to ideas for your personal statement.


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    Top tips for your photographer CV

    To give recruiters the best impression of your abilities, you need to set up a clear shot of your career with your professional photographer CV. Here are our top tips to stand out.

    • Keep it clear

      A concise photographer CV template helps to format your experience, skills, and education in a neat and tidy manner. As a professional photographer, it’s key to present yourself in an aesthetically pleasing way - do this with thoughtful use of colour and the right font.

    • Speak the language

      Catch a recruiter’s eye by using the right language for the role. These are often called keywords or buzz words. Remember, a professional photographer CV may require a different set of skills and experience than a creative photographer CV. If the part calls for specialism in portraits or wedding photography, ensure you highlight these experiences. Using a specific lens? Better at close-ups? Macro? Make sure to be as detailed as possible.

    • Focus on results

      A professional photographer knows that taking the photographs is only half of the job. Editing and client liaison is just as key to success. If you’re writing a freelance photographer CV, then you should be aware that recruiters are looking to see that you can take pictures and deliver high-quality edited photos to clients on time and within budgets. Tell recruiters how quickly you can edit and return images to clients, the number of shots per client, and other measurable results.

    • Save time with samples

      Writing a photographer CV can be a time-consuming process. To cut down on time and give yourself some clear direction, why not check out photographer CV examples for UK jobs. These will include the exact style, formatting, and content that you’ll need for your CV – you just need to personalise it to your skills and experience. You can tailor the examples to suit your specialisations. For example, a freelance photographer CV sample will need to include details about your ability to communicate with clients.

    • Show off your photos

      To showcase your work, you’ll want to create an outstanding portfolio to accompany your professional photographer CV. There are plenty of ways to do this. Many develop a PDF. Others choose to build a portfolio website, and some even send out physical booklets. The key is choosing images that speak for themselves and showcase your technical ability.

    Photographer skills to include in your CV

    If you’re wondering about skills for a photographer CV, then the list below will give you a clear picture of what recruiters will be looking for.

    Must-have skills for photographers

    • Advanced camera techniques
    • Location spotting
    • Using photo editing software
    • Networking and relationship building
    • Setting up equipment
    • Creative composition

    Nice-to-haves to set you apart

    • Organisation
    • Creativity
    • Patience
    • Focus
    • Confidence and communication
    • Attention-to-detail

    Create a snapshot of your career with a personal statement

    When writing a photographer CV, you need to provide recruiters with an instant snapshot of what makes you perfect for the role. That’s where a personal statement comes in. As a general rule, you should use 3-4 sentences and no more to cover your most important achievements and skills.

    Your personal statement shouldn’t be a rehash of your work history or qualifications. It needs to be a unique description of why you should be hired over every other candidate. Not sure where to start? Take a look at a CV sample for a photographer to give you a spark of inspiration.

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    Top FAQs about your photographer CV

    What are the requirements to be a photographer?

    While qualifications are not essential for photographers, they will certainly be well received. If you’re wondering how to become a photographer, degrees in photography or art and design are particularly beneficial. Many employers will be looking for talent, creativity, and evidenced ability, so focus on your experience.

    What is the job description of a photographer?

    A photographer job description will usually include a specific set of tasks, including:

    • Discussing and working on project briefs
    • Liaising with clients, models and team members
    • Carrying out research, including location research
    • Setting up and managing equipment
    • Taking high-quality photographs
    • Post-production editing using software
    • Preparing physical copies, if required

    However, this can vary depending on the type of photography you specialise in. For example, an online photographer will need to be aware of photo transferring software. Looking at a photographer job description sample in your specialism can help you stand out.

    What skills does a photographer need?

    Skills for a photographer CV should include technical skills like using advanced photography equipment and techniques, utilising photo editing software, and design composition. You’ll also need to include soft skills like creativity, attention-to-detail, and organisation.

    How do I write a CV for a photographer?

    A photographer CV format follows a specific set of guidelines. Generally, you’ll need to follow this format:

    • Professional summary or statement – Include some key details about your work achievements to grab recruiters’ attention.

    • Work history – Detail of your main duties and achievements. Work experience and assignments are the most critical aspect of any photographer’s CV. Recruiters want to know the specific types of assignments you’ve handled, and the results delivered to clients.

    • Relevant qualifications – However, if your work history is extensive, this may not be required.

    • A list of key skills – You should aim to include both practical and soft skills.

    • Contact details – These help recruiters to get in touch for an interview.

    The best file type for a photographer CV is usually a PDF to avoid any issues with formatting. Alternatively, using a photographer CV template in Word can make your CV more compatible with ATS scans.

    What should a photography CV look like?

    As described above, there is a clear format for creating a CV for a photographer. To structure and develop your CV, it can help to take a look at photographer CV samples. These will include ideas for the outline and organisation of your CV, as well as inspiration for the content. Specifically, photographer CV examples for UK jobs will give you a clear impression of what British employers are looking out for.

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    Showcase your skills with a photographer CV

    Create a perfect picture of everything you have to offer employers with a photographer CV. In need of some inspiration? Looking at a professional example CV for a photographer could be exactly what you need to inspire your own CV.

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