Whether you specialise in corporate, family, or criminal law, you’ll need the right qualifications and a passion for justice. With our lawyer CV example, you’ll learn how to showcase your ‘soft’ skills and balance them with your hard-earned qualifications, helping you to get through the door at your next law firm.


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    How to seal the deal with your lawyer CV

    • Mention key metrics

      Whether you’re a solicitor, attorney, or copyright lawyer, always include metrics from your past achievements if you can. Showing recruiters that you increased your firm’s efficiency by 10%, boosted enquiries, or had a win rate of 90% will help them to quantify your success.

    • Include keywords from the job spec

      Law is a broad field – to help your CV pass scanning software, always include keywords and phrases from the job spec. This could be specific regulations, training courses (such as BPTC), or even their desired character traits.

    • Show off your personal achievements

      If you’ve won an award or received recognition at work, mention your achievements in your CV. Not only will this help you to stand out in a field where everyone has a strong academic background – it will also add a personal touch that will help recruiters remember your application.

    Must-have skills for your lawyer CV

    Law is one of the most highly skilled industries. Here’s how to make sure your CV ticks every box.

    Necessary skills for a lawyer CV

    • Regulatory training
    • UK law accreditation
    • Project management
    • Negotiation
    • Writing contracts and bids
    • Presentation skills

    Useful skills for laywers to include

    • Commercial awareness
    • Teamwork and leadership
    • Work well under pressure
    • Good public speaker
    • Emotional intelligence

    Commonly asked questions about lawyer CVs

    How do you write a lawyer CV?

    When writing your CV, always tailor it towards the law firm and position you’re applying for. Use a clear structure that’s skimmable at a glance and include 4-5 bullet points per experience, making sure they are relevant to the job.

    What are the main duties of a lawyer?

    This depends on the exact field of law you want to work in. However, some main duties include giving clients legal advice, drawing up and signing contracts, checking regulations, and presenting cases to judges or other third parties.

    What qualities make a good lawyer’s CV?

    A good lawyer’s CV should be detailed but concise. Most lawyers know the problem of trying to decipher complicated documents all too well! Make your recruiter’s job easier by using a standard layout, short paragraphs (no more than 5 lines), and bullet points.

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