Create an outstanding software engineer CV using our foolproof tips and top-rated CV examples. Software engineering is a rewarding and respected career path for innovative and curious professionals. They play an integral role in any product development team and can be found working in front-end, back-end, DevOps, and QA.

Your software engineer CV should illustrate your abilities and highlight relevant skills, from coding to testing, and working with DevOps. Make sure you list all the important skills in your software engineer CV, such as identifying the tool stack you’ve used and the programming languages you are proficient in.


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    Top software engineer CV tips

    While you might be the best programmer, you don't have to be a specialist at writing CVs. Here are our top recruiter-proven tips for producing a great software engineer CV:

    • Spice your software engineer CV skills section with keywords

      Software engineers play an integral function in the engineering team, leading to new product ideas. Adding detail about the stack and tools you've used will show the recruiter that you're the right choice for the job. Be sure to use the job description, and tick off the keywords they might be looking for. Recruiters and companies often use automatic scanning software that looks for specific keywords in your CV.

    • Don't go overboard

      The ideal length of a standard CV, no matter your experience level, is 2 pages. Why? Because recruiters are likely to be going through hundreds of CVs, you need to make yours as concise and captivating as possible. If you can't fit your CV on one page, which is the expected standard in most situations, you might want to look into the formatting of your document. Luckily, if you use a builder, you don't have to worry about it.

    • Use a template

      Following a template for your software engineer CV is by far the quickest way to create a good software engineer CV. Templates allow you to fill in section by section and adjust the CV format for software engineer so that you can focus on your technical skills and experience, rather than the spacing, font, and colours. Increase efficiency by using a template that suits your industry.

    What skills should you include on your software engineer CV?

    Software engineers possess a varied, technical skillset that depends on the role. Whatever the role, software engineers are people with a keen eye for detail who write clean and responsive code and love working in a team environment.

    Must-have skills for your software engineer CV

    • Agile methodologies
    • Data structures, programming, and algorithms
    • Coding
    • Designing software
    • Web development
    • Operating systems
    • Process analysis
    • Database technologies
    • Programming languages

    Further software engineer skills

    • Problem-solving
    • Analytical thinking
    • Data analysis
    • Data engineering
    • Code analysis
    • Source Control
    • System Design
    • DevOps Practices
    • Machine Learning
    • Development Tools
    • Software Testing

    Make your Software Engineer CV about you

    A personal statement section of your software engineer CV, often called a professional summary, is a perfect place to introduce yourself better. You can find a collection of sample personal statements for your software engineer CV example in our builder.

    A standard software engineer personal statement CV section contains only 3-4 impactful sentences. Use them to talk about your achievements or important goals.

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    Software engineer CV frequently asked questions

    How should you structure your software engineer CV?

    A software engineer CV should be structured in the same way as any other standard CV. This means that your CV should fit on one, maximum two pages, and have clearly defined sections and a simple layout.

    A comprehensive structure for a software engineer CV would include the following sections:

    For reference, a comprehensive structure for a software engineer CV would include the following sections:

    What are the responsibilities of a software engineer?

    As a software engineer, your responsibilities may include leading the design and building of new software or directing a team of programmers and engineers. Regular, daily tasks cover writing and testing code, researching, outlining, and writing new software releases as well as working closely with other personnel, such as project managers, graphic designers, UX designers, developers, and systems analysts.

    Software engineer is also responsible for updating clients on the maintenance and performance of the software, investigating new technologies and keeping up to date with the latest innovation.

    Who hires software engineers?

    Software engineers are often hired by chief information officers, heads of product, or engineering heads. A software engineer’s role might be recruited by a recruitment agency, working on behalf of a company that builds software or systems.

    How much do software engineers make in the UK?

    A graduate software engineer salary in the UK may start from £18,000 a year, and the UK average annual wage for a software engineer is between £25,000 and £50,000. Senior software engineers can expect to earn upwards of £70,000. This depends on the business and industry that your work within, startups, for example, may offer lower salaries spending on investment. Large software giants may offer larger salaries, bonus, and equity schemes.

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    Whether you design apps, SaaS or computer games, we can get you a software engineer CV tailored to your needs. Explore our selection, find your software engineer CV example and start your own CV with our recruiter-approved builder.

    Show future employers that you know your trade. With a polished software engineer CV you can illustrate the skills and experience that make you the best candidate for the job.

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