Usually working at an engineering plant, maintenance engineers make sure equipment and machinery runs smoothly. Whether they’re carrying out routine checks or organising repairs, their role is vital to keeping engineering projects on the move. But what’s the best way to describe your maintenance engineering role on a CV?

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    Maintenance engineer CV templates

    Stop your recruiter in their tracks with a personal statement for your maintenance engineer CV

    Your personal statement (or personal summary) is a crucial part of your maintenance engineer CV. This short paragraph is just 2-3 sentences long and needs to pack a punch, positioning you as a strong candidate for the role.

    To write a great personal statement for a maintenance engineer CV, you should outline your current employment, professional background, and short-term career objectives. Show what you could bring to a new role and make your recruiter want to find out more.

    Maintenance engineer CV tips

    As a maintenance engineer, you’re no stranger to keeping things running smoothly. By following our top tips, you can create a professional maintenance engineer CV that ticks every box for your recruiter.

    • Include facts and figures

      In your work experience section, including facts and figures from your previous positions is a great way to help your application stand out. Whether you reduced downtime by 15% or helped reduce the overhead costs of keeping machinery, these achievements will make it easy for a recruiter to quantify your success.

    • Follow a maintenance engineer CV template

      By following the template of your favourite maintenance engineer CV sample, you can ensure your application is clear, concise, and easy to read. The right structure will catch your recruiter’s eye and help you keep your information on just one page – whether you want a maintenance engineer CV PDF, Word document, or TXT file.

    • Highlight your technical expertise

      Maintenance engineers need impressive technical expertise to keep machines in good working order. In the skills section of your CV, make sure to include examples of your mechanical knowledge. This will show your recruiter you could hit the ground running in a new role.

    • Proofread your application

      Working in a plant or factory requires a keen eye for detail – especially if you’re handling complex machinery. A typo on your CV could create the wrong impression, so always proofread your maintenance engineer CV before submitting it for consideration.

    • Share your personal traits

      You may work with machines for a living, but interpersonal skills are still important in a maintenance engineer role. In your personal statement, give a sense of your personality by including positive adjectives to describe your work ethic. Perhaps you’re ‘motivated’, ‘helpful’, or ‘resourceful’?

    Maintenance engineer skills to include in your CV

    Maintenance engineer skills range from troubleshooting to conflict resolution. Make sure you have the full set by using our handy checklist below.

    Key skills for your maintenance engineer CV

    • Communication (written & verbal)
    • Technical troubleshooting
    • Health & safety
    • Process implementation
    • Attention to detail
    • Problem solving

    Bonus skills

    • Teamwork
    • Leadership
    • Conflict resolution
    • Risk assessment
    • Operations oversight

    Top FAQs about your maintenance engineer CV

    What is the role of a maintenance engineer?

    A maintenance engineer is responsible for overseeing the machinery in a factory or plant. Their role involves monitoring the use of equipment, ensuring everything complies with health and safety regulations, and organising repairs when necessary. They need to do all this while minimising downtime and any financial losses, which can cause stressful situations in the workplace. They must also make sure that the cost of new machinery and repairs fits into the business’s budget.

    What skills should I put on my engineering CV?

    On your maintenance engineering CV, you’ll need to include a strong combination of technical, practical, and interpersonal skills. Troubleshooting and mending mechanical equipment are two of the most important skills, but you will also need to demonstrate your ability to comply with workplace procedures such as health and safety regulations. Interpersonal skills such as communication and conflict resolution are key if you want to maintain morale during repairs and ensure everyone understands what needs to happen to keep equipment in optimum condition.

    What qualifications do you need to be a maintenance engineer?

    There are no fixed academic qualifications to be a multi-skilled maintenance engineer, but some employers may require you to have a relevant academic qualification (for example, a degree in engineering or a college diploma). This isn’t always necessary, though. It’s also possible to gain professional qualifications such as City and Guilds Certificate in Engineering, which might help your application stand out from the crowd.

    How do you become a maintenance engineer?

    There are several paths to becoming a maintenance engineer. Many applicants take the academic route, gaining an undergraduate degree or diploma in an engineering-based subject. Others may apply with a BTEC in operations and maintenance engineering, while others still might choose to apply directly and work their way up from a junior role such as maintenance technician.

    What is the average maintenance engineer salary in the UK?

    The average salary for a maintenance engineer in the UK starts at around £20,000 a year. Mid-range salaries are typically between £30,000 and £38,000, while senior professionals could earn £45,000 a year or more.

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