Aircraft maintenance engineers play a vital role in the tens of thousands of flights that take off and land each day. They allow people to feel safe by inspecting, maintaining, and repairing aircrafts when necessary. But they can’t do it without the right qualifications, skills, and work experience – which is where your aircraft maintenance engineer CV comes into play.

Using our aircraft maintenance engineer CV sample as a model, you can make sure your own CV ticks every box for recruiters looking to fill this demanding role. Then use our quick and easy CV builder to create your own CV, and get ready to take the next step in your aircraft maintenance engineer career!


    Download Aircraft maintenance engineer CV examples

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    Aircraft maintenance engineer CV templates

    The personal statement ‘runway’ to for your aircraft maintenance engineer CV

    If your CV is a flight, your personal statement is the runway. It’s where the CV takes off for recruiters, or in some cases doesn’t! It’s best to write your personal statement last, so you can pick out the key skills, qualifications, and experiences you’ve covered throughout the rest of your CV. Summarise them in 3-4 sentences that entice recruiters and make them want to read on.

    Top tips for your aircraft maintenance engineer CV

    Make your aircraft maintenance engineer qualifications and work experience soar with these expert tips.

    • Land a great design

      You already have a lot to think about when writing an aircraft maintenance engineer CV, with so much to include in every section. You don’t want to be wasting time, stressing over how your CV looks. That said, appearance will naturally contribute to a recruiter’s first impression of you. With a pre-made aircraft maintenance engineer CV template, you can make sure your CV passes the first ‘inspection’, with a suitable design and all the right sections ready for you to customise.

    • Highlight your specialism

      As an aircraft maintenance engineer, you’ll understand how diverse aircrafts can be – from air ambulance helicopters to wide-body passenger jets. It’s important to highlight any specialism you have in your aircraft maintenance engineer work experience or even qualifications. Include the types of aircraft you’ve worked with and, ideally, how many you deal with on a day-to-day basis.

    • Demonstrate your attention to detail

      The smallest fault on an aircraft can have devastating consequences, which is why attention to detail is paramount in your job. You wouldn’t want your aircraft maintenance engineer CV to let you down in this respect. Make sure every part of your CV is fine-tuned, checking for typos, date inaccuracies, and anything that doesn’t make sense. If possible, get someone else to read through as well to really make sure.

    • Stay on course

      As you can see in our aircraft maintenance engineer CV sample, there are plenty of responsibilities and skills you can list which are relevant to what you do. That’s why it’s important not to veer off course. For example, your qualifications section will likely feature an aircraft maintenance engineer degree. There’s no need to list your GCSEs alongside it.

    • Keep it concise in 1-2 pages

      Even with jobs as complex as aircraft engineering, recruiters don’t want to spend ages searching through your CV for the information they need. Your CV should be no longer than 1-2 pages, with bullet points for job responsibilities to make them easy to skim-read. If you find yourself wanting to add more details about a specific achievement or talk more about your passion for planes, a cover letter is the place to do it!

    Aircraft maintenance engineer skills to include in your CV

    No aircraft maintenance engineer CV sample is complete without an impressive skills section. Find out what to include below:

    Hard (technical) skills for aircraft engineers

    • Preventative aircraft maintenance
    • Routine inspections
    • Component examination
    • Parts repairs
    • Fault diagnosis
    • Aircraft regulation compliance

    Soft skills that make your CV stand out

    • Communication
    • Teamwork
    • Attention to detail
    • Problem solving
    • Calm under pressure
    • Decision making

    Top FAQs about your aircraft maintenance engineer CV

    What is an aircraft maintenance engineer?

    An aircraft maintenance engineer is someone who inspects aircrafts before and after flying to make sure they’re safe to fly. They may operate alone or as part of a team, inspecting a variety of aircrafts including passenger planes, cargo planes, light aircrafts, and helicopters.

    What are the duties of an aircraft maintenance engineer?

    Aircraft maintenance engineers undertake a long list of duties to make sure aircrafts are in good working order. These include oil checks, routine inspections, and checking for compliance with the relevant legislation. They’re also responsible for diagnosing faults and making the necessary repairs to specific parts of the aircraft.

    How to write a CV for an aircraft maintenance engineer

    Your aircraft maintenance engineer CV should be broken down into a number of key sections:

    Personal statement – introducing your key skills, qualities, and experience within aviation engineering.

    Work history – outlining your experience as an aircraft engineer.

    Skills – a concise, bullet-point list of key skills you can offer.

    Education – this is where you list your aircraft maintenance engineer qualifications.

    What is the salary for an aircraft maintenance engineer?

    Aircraft maintenance engineers can expect to earn between £35,000 to £45,000 a year in the UK. The salary varies depending on the type of aircrafts you’re working with, and typically gets higher as you progress to a more senior position in your aircraft maintenance engineer career.

    How to become an aircraft maintenance engineer

    The main requirement for this position is an aircraft maintenance engineer degree in Aircraft Engineer, Aviation Maintenance or a similar subject. You will also require an EASA Part-66 Licence, which is often covered as part of the degree course.

    Take the next step in your aircraft maintenance engineer career

    With myPerfectCV, the sky is the limit for your aircraft maintenance engineer CV. As well as top tips and FAQs, we have a tried-and-tested CV builder that’s loaded with amazing templates and professional content for you to choose from.

    Simply select an aircraft maintenance engineer CV template, customise with your tailored content for work history, skills, and the all-important personal statement, then download in a choice of file types.


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