A successful mechanical engineer CV is detailed, relevant, and easy to read. It highlights key skills and experiences like project coordination and manufacturing knowledge that demonstrate you are the right fit for the role. In addition, it outlines relevant education and qualifications that will impress employers and prove your capabilities.


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    You’re most likely here because you want to know how to create the perfect mechanical engineer CV. Recruiters are looking for candidates who can show the correct CV structure, design, and information. Here’s what they are looking for:

    • A strong personal statement

      Focus your personal statement on your wealth of experience and personal qualities such as dedication and a drive to deliver excellence. Make it compelling and show the value you can bring to a new role.

    • Use of bullet points

      Utilising bullet points has proven to make information easy to skim read. Lengthy blocks of writing make it difficult for recruiters to see your career highlights, innovation, and mechanical skills at a glance.

    • You avoid repetition

      Make sure you do not repeat yourself when detailing specific responsibilities for each role, even though there will be some overlap, add as much unique detail as possible. This will help to keep your CV concise and impactful.

    Essential skills for your mechanical engineer CV

    As a mechanical engineer the work you will undertake will be vital to any project, so your new employer will need to know that you can handle pressure and have the correct skillset:

    Key skills for mechanical engineer positions

    • Mechanical drafting
    • Effective technical skills
    • Use of computer-aided design/modelling software
    • Communication skills
    • Team leadership

    Additional skills to help your mechanical engineer CV stand out

    • CEng qualified
    • Multidisciplinary exposure
    • Performance optimisation
    • Self-motivation
    • Attention to detail

    Frequently asked questions about mechanical engineer CVs

    What keywords should be included in a mechanical engineering CV?

    The aim of any engineer should be to make the world a better place and recruiters are seeking engineers who hit keywords around this mission like innovation, creativity, problem-solving, and an analytical mind. It’s this mission of finding solutions to current problems that gives an engineer their passion for their role and often impresses employers. Don’t miss out on the buzz words!

    What jobs can a mechanical engineer do?

    Mechanical engineering skills can help you get a number of different jobs. By boasting mathematical abilities and high computer literacy, many can even find themselves suited to financial roles. But for those who enjoy engineering here are just a few of the specific jobs you could carry out:

    • Aerospace engineer
    • Automotive engineer
    • CAD technician
    • Nuclear engineer

    How long should my mechanical engineer CV be?

    In general, recruiters recommend to keep your CV to a maximum of 2 pages, but in highly detailed roles such as mechanical engineering, yours may go onto 3 pages. The key is to be concise and keep your experience short and brief where you can to avoid recruiter burn out when reading.

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