If you are curious, creative, with an eye for innovation, you might just be an engineer. There are many types of engineering careers, including civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical. The perfect engineer’s CV is simple and coherent, telling a consistent story from top to bottom. An uncomplicated but attractive template should draw a recruiter’s eye to well-structured content, highlighting relevant technical experience and skills, plus key achievements, and professional credentials.


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    What do recruiters look for in engineering CVs?

    Our engineer CV example demonstrates the perfect structure and design for presenting your engineering expertise, here are our top tips from recruiters:

    • Use appropriate language

      Make sure you use common engineering phrases such as ‘AutoCAD’, ‘BOM’, and ‘schematic development’, highlighting your industry expertise. Be careful of jargon and clichés.

    • Show clear career progression

      Show clear development of your responsibilities, paying particular attention to the times you have been given additional responsibilities and engaged with senior stakeholders.

    • Make it easy to navigate

      Engineering can be complex and detailed, but keep your CV as concise and clear as possible. If you have more than 10 years of experience, try to limit your CV to 2 pages, or 3 at an absolute maximum, to help recruiters locate the highlights of your career.

    Vital skills for your engineer CV

    Engineering is a sector full of innovation, meaning hiring managers want to find the most creative, precise, and analytical team members. Make sure you highlight these attributes in your skills section.

    Key skills for engineering roles

    • Product development
    • Problem-solving
    • Critical analysis
    • Creative prototyping
    • Collaborative

    Additional skills to help your engineering CV stand out

    • Schematic development
    • AutoCAD proficiency
    • Defect tracking software
    • Performance optimisation
    • Communication

    Commonly asked questions about engineering CVs

    What should be included in an engineering CV?

    Open your CV with a strong personal statement that summarises who you are, and your career highlights. Your CV should show your career history, key skills, and experience as concisely as possible. Add any awards, training and further education.

    What are the responsibilities of an engineer?

    Depending on the role you are in you might be responsible for locating and defining issues, critical analysis of problems and designing solutions for anything from circuit boards if you are an electrical engineer, to bridges, if you are a civil engineer.

    What are the top qualities of an engineer?

    Engineers have a vast range of qualities depending on their field of specialism, but common qualities are a curiosity for problem-solving, a creative yet analytical mind, and a people-centred approach. Engineers tend to be people always thinking about bettering the world, a process, or a product to help people live more effectively.

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