Creating an engineering project manager CV that shows your wealth of experience can be tough, especially when you consider the diverse range of skills and experience needed for an engineering project manager. Thankfully, we’re more than up to the task. When you use myPerfectCV, you’ll have all the tips, templates, and tools you need to build your engineering project manager CV today.

You can also check out our extensive library of CV examples. These will help you to understand what has worked in the past and the different ways you can organise an engineering project manager CV to suit your experience and key skills. 

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    Sample engineering project manager CV

    Engineering project manager CV sample

    Leanne Tegg

    24 Old Kings Road
    Leeds LS1 8JP

    Professional summary

    Highly skilled and experienced Project Manager in engineering with a proven track record of successfully delivering projects on time and within budget. Adept at managing cross-functional teams and collaborating with stakeholders to achieve project objectives. Strong leadership and communication skills, with a focus on driving efficiency and ensuring client satisfaction.

    Work history

    January 2022 – Current, Crane Engineering – Leeds
    Project Manager

    • Led a team of engineers and technicians to complete a major infrastructure project, ensuring compliance with all regulations and standards.
    • Managed project budgets and resources, effectively allocating resources to meet project milestones and deliverables.
    • Collaborated with clients and stakeholders to define project requirements and objectives, ensuring alignment with overall project goals.
    • Implemented project management best practices, including risk assessment and mitigation strategies, to minimise project risks and ensure successful project delivery.

    February 2016 – December 2021, Heavy XY – Leeds
    Senior Project Engineer

    • Oversaw the design and implementation of complex engineering projects, ensuring adherence to project specifications and quality standards.
    • Managed project schedules and resources, coordinating with internal teams and external contractors to ensure timely project delivery.
    • Provided technical expertise and guidance to project teams, resolving technical issues and ensuring project success.

    January 2015 – January 2016, Odneeo – Birmingham
    Project Engineer

    • Assisted in the planning and execution of engineering projects, supporting senior project engineers in project delivery.
    • Assisted in the preparation of project documentation, including technical reports and specifications.
    • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure smooth project execution and timely completion.


    • Project Management
    • Team Leadership
    • Risk Management
    • Budget Management
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Technical Expertise
    • Problem Solving
    • Communication


    2013, University of London London
    Master of Engineering Civil Engineering

    2011, University of Manchester Manchester
    Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical Engineering

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    Engineering project manager CV template

    As an engineering project manager, you know that great design is a combination of function and appearance. Your CV is no different. That means it’s crucial to present your skills, education, and experience in the best possible way. Explore our selection of engineering project manager CV templates below.

    Choosing the right format for your engineering project manager CV

    The first step you should take when writing your CV is to choose the right format. The structure of your CV will determine how you write it, what information you can include, and ultimately how successful it is in your application. There are many different CV formats you can choose from, each with its own advantages.

    The goal here is to choose a CV format that works well with an engineering project manager. You’ll need to show your engineering prowess, your management skills, and previous experience that has led you to this position. The difficulty is condensing all of this information into a single document.

    That’s why we would suggest using a reverse-chronological CV format. This is a simple but effective format that uses your work history as the centrepiece of your CV. It should begin with your current or most recent job role, then work backwards through time explaining all of your experience. This will give a comprehensive understanding of you as a candidate and let the employer know that you are effective in the role.

    Searching for more structural tips for your CV? Here are some of the most important ones to keep in mind:

    • Break up long pieces of text with bullet point lists, breaks and headings.
    • Always aim for a simple CV that is one or two pages.
    • Use a legible font like Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri.
    • Respond to the job ad with relevant keywords.
    • Submit your CV as a PDF or Word File.

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    How to write a CV for an engineering project manager

    In the sections that follow, we will outline how to write a CV for an engineering project manager. We’ll explain the most important sections for you to include, how you can lay them out in a simple and engaging way, and some tips that will help you tailor your CV to your experience. 

    Coming up is:

    What contact details should I include in my engineering project manager CV?

    The contact details section holds significant weight in your engineering project manager CV – overlooking it could be a missed opportunity! Recruiters won’t go searching if they can’t see your information.

    Surprisingly, many candidates underestimate this section, potentially ruining their chances of securing a callback and possible employment. There’s nothing worse for an employer to like your application, only to find that there is no way to call you up and move you on to the next step of the selection process.

    To gain an advantage, make sure that your contact details stand out near the top of your CV in a larger or bold font. Place them early, allowing the employer to identify you before delving into the content of your CV.

    When adding your contact details, keep it concise:

    • Full name: Write your full name but exclude your middle name. 
    • Location: Tell your location so your employer knows where you’re based.
    • Phone number: Choose a mobile number as this is easier to reach. 
    • Email address: Choose a professional, work-appropriate email. 

    Example of contact section for an engineering project manager CV

    Paul Piper
    4 Queensway,
    Sheffield, S19TH

    Engineering project manager CV personal statement

    For an engineering project manager CV, crafting a compelling personal statement is one of the most important first steps to catching the eye of a hiring manager. This is sometimes called a professional summary, and it should be a concise section that takes the lead in your CV, introducing yourself to recruiters and making a short case as to why you are the right choice for the job. 

    In 3 to 4 short sentences, spotlight your key job skills and knowledge, encompassing certifications, specialist abilities, and years of experience in project management. This might feel like a lot to fit into a single paragraph, but with a handy formula you’ll be able to squeeze all of the relevant information in.

    The first sentence should give a quick introduction to you as a candidate. You should create a positive initial impression by outlining your career focus and experience level in similar roles. It’s important to write this sentence so that it engages the reader – so make sure it’s snappy and turns the head of a hiring manager. 

    The second sentence should showcase a real-world accomplishment with a tangible impact, substantiated by a relevant statistic or figure. For instance, if you’ve successfully optimised project costs, communicate this achievement clearly with a stat – for example “optimised project costs resulting in a 30% saving for the business”. Using an actual stat or figure is a great way to lend authority to the statement you’re making. 

    Proceeding to the third and fourth sentences, emphasise specific skills or specialisations, such as having previous managerial or engineering experience on a project. Align these with the job ad’s requirements to create a tailored CV that ticks boxes from the first paragraph! 

    Here are some extra tips for your personal statement: 

    • Keep a professional tone throughout, preferably writing in the third person.
    • Always check your statement to ensure it’s free from errors. 
    • Use impactful language throughout including positive adjectives and action verbs. 

    Example of personal statement for engineering project manager CV

    Motivated engineering project manager with 15 years of experience, recognised for assessing operational needs and developing solutions to save costs, improve revenues, and drive customer satisfaction. Resourceful and well-organised with excellent leadership and team-building record.


    Experienced engineering project manager with over 10 years leading design teams to create innovative new solutions. Standardised workflow of a large team, leading to a 33% uptick in efficiency. Highly skilled in leadership, budgeting and cost estimates. 

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    Engineering project manager CV work experience

    Next up is your experience section, which is going to be the largest section in your CV. Many employers will value your work history above all else, since they will need you to have the practical skills in engineering and management to be a successful candidate. Because of this, it’s important to take a lot of time to give a detailed work history section that will turn the heads of potential employers.

    Begin with your current or most recent role and list up to six responsibilities in bullet points. These bullet points will outline the key jobs you undertook with the role and give insight into your skillset.

    With each job that you list, make sure you keep the tone upbeat and formal. You should use action verbs to describe your responsibilities and positive adjectives to describe yourself. An important rule to follow here is not to repeat yourself – make sure that each responsibility is unique, painting a picture of you as a balanced and well-rounded individual. 

    Example of work experience for an engineering project manager CV

    03/2022 – Current
    BRC Water Engineering ltd | Wakefield 
    Engineering Project Manager 

    • Consistently met reliability and safety standards by constantly verifying conformance to product quality parameters.
    • Utilised MS Project to plan, manage and track 5-10 projects simultaneously. 
    • Defined project proposals and determined time, quality, safety and cost scope with 95% accuracy.
    • Standardised workflow for planning processes, leading to 33% efficiency increase.
    • Managed Agile teams of 10+ engineering and cad teams to accomplish projects with 100% client satisfaction.
    • Directed 30 construction projects from start to completion, managing project budgets of up to £4 million.

    09/2019 – 02/2022
    United Utilities | Leeds
    Civil Engineer

    • Inspected project sites to monitor progress and adherence to design specifications, safety protocols and sanitation standards. 
    • Resolved structural problems by collecting data, establishing facts and drawing accurate conclusions.
    • Recommended and selected new and replacement test equipment to improve research and testing capabilities.
    • Planned and designed site layouts from concept to completion, utilising AutoCAD Civil 3D, ArcGIS and WaterCAD
    • Made and checked complex engineering computations quickly and accurately. 

    Skills worth having on your engineering project manager CV

    Combining expert communication with high-level engineering knowledge, engineering project managers need to be highly skilled. Leave no stone unturned by including your top hard and soft skills on your CV.

    What’s the difference between a hard skill and a soft skill? A hard skill is a practical skill that you have learned on the job or through education. For example, you might be skilled at management or industry regulations. A soft skill is more like a personal trait that makes you good to work with. For example you might be great at negotiating or teambuilding.

    Adding a balance is a great way to get you noticed. Take a look at the list below for some of the most important skills to add onto your engineering project manager CV:

    Crucial skills for your engineering project manager CV

    • Industry regulations and compliance
    • Budgeting
    • Communication
    • Computer-aided design (CAD)
    • Time management
    • Report writing and record-keeping

    Additional skills to help your CV stand out

    • Negotiation
    • Engineering design software
    • Health and safety
    • Project management qualification
    • Quality assurance (QA)

    Get education right on your engineering project manager CV

    The final key section of your CV is your educational history. You should think of your qualifications as the bedrock of your application – proving that you have the brains to back up your experience and key skills! 

    Start with your most recent or highest level of qualification, whether that’s a master’s degree, PHD, or an undergraduate degree. Here is what to include in your education section:

    • The name of the educational institution
    • Start and end dates of your course
    • Official title of your field of study
    • Qualification level you attained
    • Outcome or result of the qualification

    Example of education for engineering project manager CV

    Master of Science in Civil Engineering
    University of Leeds | September 2021 – May 2023

    Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
    University of Leeds | September 2018 – May 2021

    Dos and don’ts for your engineering project manager CV

    Write an engineering project manager CV that always meets the brief. Follow our top tips from UK recruiters for an application that’s engineered to tick every box.


    • DO include keywords from the engineering project manager job description

      As an engineering project manager, your role relies on your ability to meet a brief. Think of each job advert as the brief and your CV as the project you’re meant to engineer. A great way to tailor your application is by including keywords and phrases from the engineering project manager description. This will help your CV pass an ATS and help it stand out from the crowd.

    • DO show off your management skills

      To become a great engineering project manager, it’s not enough to be a strong engineer – you also need to demonstrate your management skills if you want to win the role. In your work experience section, always include examples of your management experience. This could be delegating tasks, recruiting employees, or monitoring others’ performance.


    • DON’T forget about required education

      The majority of qualified engineering project managers will have an engineering degree – and many roles will say this is a requirement (others may even stipulate a master’s degree or PhD). Don’t assume your recruiter will take your academic achievements for granted. Always include an education section that outlines your most recent qualifications, including particular modules if relevant to the role.

    • DON’T forget to write clearly and concisely

      Communication is one of the key engineering project management skills, whether you’re presenting to stakeholders or explaining tasks to your team. Give recruiters the right impression by writing clearly and concisely on your CV. Subheadings and bullet points will make it much easier for people to read your application, so choose a logical layout that means your CV is easy to read at a glance.


    Your engineering project manager CV questions answered

    What is engineering project management?

    The role of engineer in project management is to manage the completion of engineering projects, from the planning stage through to delivery. Engineering project manager roles and responsibilities can include responding to briefs, sourcing resources, delegating to team members, planning a deliverables timeline, verifying the safety of the project, and negotiating with key stakeholders.

    How to become an engineering project manager?

    To become an engineering project manager, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree (BSc) in engineering. For some roles, the engineering project manager education requirements may mean you also need a master’s degree or relevant PhD, although this isn’t the case for every position.

    What qualifications do you need to be an engineering project manager?

    As well as a BSc in engineering, some roles may require the successful candidate to hold a variety of other qualifications. Potential engineering project manager requirements may include a specific project management qualification (such as a PMP certification) or an engineering chartership. This means that you’ve registered with the Engineering Council, which you can usually do after five or 10 years’ experience.

    How do you write a CV for a project manager?

    To write a project manager CV, you’ll need to include examples of the qualities and experience that make you a great project manager. In the personal summary section of your CV, include positive adjectives that describe your work ethic. Words such as ‘motivational’, ‘collaborative’, and ‘decisive’ will show your recruiter that you have the right personal traits for the job.

    How much does an engineering project manager earn?

    The role of an engineering project manager is a senior position. According to Glassdoor, the average UK salary for an engineering project manager is £49,700 a year. Your salary could range from around £33,000 a year to as high as £72,000 a year. This will depend on factors such as the size of the company you work for, as well as the location of the role.

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