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During the design stage, almost everything will have been signed off by an engineering project manager – from bridges and buildings to machines and manufacturing processes. The role of an engineering project manager is one of the most important in any engineering team. But when you can work on such a wide range of projects, it can be challenging to sum up your experience on your CV.

Thankfully, we’re more than up to the task. When you use myPerfectCV, you’ll have all the tips, templates, and tools you need to build your engineering project manager CV today.


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    Engineering project manager CV templates

    As an engineering project manager, you know that great design is a combination of function and appearance. Your CV is no different. That means it’s crucial to present your skills, education, and experience in the best possible way. Explore our selection of engineering project manager CV templates below.

    Engineer your ideal application with our top tips for your engineering project manager CV

    Write an engineering project manager CV that always meets the brief. Follow our top tips from UK recruiters for an application that’s engineered to tick every box.

    • Highlight your specialist industry

      Engineering project managers can work in a wide range of industries, whether they’re working on civil engineering projects or designing a new product. That means it’s important to highlight your specialist experience and training in your CV, especially if it’s closely aligned to the vertical of the role you’re applying for.

    • Include keywords from the engineering project manager job description

      As an engineering project manager, your role relies on your ability to meet a brief. Think of each job advert as the brief and your CV as the project you’re meant to engineer. A great way to tailor your application is by including keywords and phrases from the engineering project manager description. This will help your CV pass an ATS and help it stand out from the crowd.

    • Show off your management skills

      To become a great engineering project manager, t’s not enough to be a strong engineer – you also need to demonstrate your management skills if you want to win the role. In your work experience section, always include examples of your management experience. This could be delegating tasks, recruiting employees, or monitoring others’ performance.

    • Education, education, education

      The majority of qualified engineering project managers will have an engineering degree – and many roles will say this is a requirement (others may even stipulate a master’s degree or PhD). Don’t assume your recruiter will take your academic achievements for granted. Always include an education section that outlines your most recent qualifications, including particular modules if relevant to the role.

    • Write clearly and concisely

      Communication is one of the key engineering project management skills, whether you’re presenting to stakeholders or explaining tasks to your team. Give recruiters the right impression by writing clearly and concisely on your CV. Subheadings and bullet points will make it much easier for people to read your application, so choose a logical layout that means your CV is easy to read at a glance.

    What skills should you include on your engineering project manager CV?

    Combining expert communication with high-level engineering knowledge, engineering project managers need to be highly skilled. Leave no stone unturned by including your top hard and soft skills on your CV.

    Crucial skills for your engineering project manager CV

    • Industry regulations and compliance
    • Budgeting
    • Communication
    • Computer-aided design (CAD)
    • Time management
    • Report writing and record-keeping

    Additional skills to help your CV stand out

    • Negotiation
    • Engineering design software
    • Health and safety
    • Project management qualification
    • Quality assurance (QA)

    Most-asked questions about your engineering project manager CV

    What is engineering project management?

    The role of engineer in project management is to manage the completion of engineering projects, from the planning stage through to delivery. Engineering project manager roles and responsibilities can include responding to briefs, sourcing resources, delegating to team members, planning a deliverables timeline, verifying the safety of the project, and negotiating with key stakeholders.

    How to become an engineering project manager

    To become an engineering project manager, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree (BSc) in engineering. For some roles, the engineering project manager education requirements may mean you also need a master’s degree or relevant PhD, although this isn’t the case for every position.

    What qualifications do you need to be an engineering project manager?

    As well as a BSc in engineering, some roles may require the successful candidate to hold a variety of other qualifications. Potential engineering project manager requirements may include a specific project management qualification (such as a PMP certification) or an engineering chartership. This means that you’ve registered with the Engineering Council, which you can usually do after five or 10 years’ experience.

    How do you write a CV for a project manager?

    To write a project manager CV, you’ll need to include examples of the qualities and experience that make you a great project manager. In the personal summary section of your CV, include positive adjectives that describe your work ethic. Words such as ‘motivational’, ‘collaborative’, and ‘decisive’ will show your recruiter that you have the right personal traits for the job.

    How much does an engineering project manager earn?

    The role of an engineering project manager is a senior position. According to Glassdoor, the average UK salary for an engineering project manager is £49,700 a year. Your salary could range from around £33,000 a year to as high as £72,000 a year. This will depend on factors such as the size of the company you work for, as well as the location of the role.

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