Usually working within the manufacturing or construction industries, a mechanical design engineer is responsible for designing, building, and maintaining a variety of mechanical systems. These systems can range from air conditioning units to aircraft – so summing up your experience on a CV can be tricky.

That’s where we come in. At myPerfectCV, you’ll find everything you need to turn building your mechanical design engineer CV into a doddle. Discover our top tips, templates, and a professional mechanical design engineer CV sample today!


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    As a mechanical design engineer, you know the importance of hitting a brief. Tick every box for your recruiter by following our top tips for writing your mechanical design engineer CV.

    • Include the numbers

      Whether you’re building an engine or an elevator, your work will always require strong numeracy skills. Show your recruiter you have a head for numbers by including key metrics from your previous positions. This will also help your recruiter to quantify your success and imagine the impact you could have in a new role.

    • Highlight your training

      The role of mechanical design engineer is highly skilled, so make sure you highlight your professional training on your CV. This could be an engineering qualification, health & safety certification, or even an HND in mechanical engineering.

    • Show some personality

      Although it’s important to remain professional, don’t be afraid to show some personality when writing your mechanical design engineer personal statement. Most engineers will work as part of a team, so a recruiter will want to see that you have important interpersonal skills such as communication, collaboration, and a strong work ethic.

    • Choose a professional template

      Whatever mechanical design engineer CV format you choose – PDF, Word, or TXT file – it’s important to pick a professional template for your application. The right structure will make your CV much easier to read and help you fit more information on one side of A4.

    • Demonstrate your industry knowledge

      Because mechanical design engineers can work in a range of different sectors, it’s important to demonstrate your particular industry knowledge when writing your CV. Not only will this highlight your specialist experience – it will also help you target keywords and phrases from the mechanical design engineer job description, if you’re applying for a new role in the same sector.

    What skills should you include on your mechanical design engineer CV?

    The key mechanical design engineer skills range from risk assessment to analysis. Find out what your recruiter wants to see on your CV by reading our handy checklist below.

    Essential skills for your mechanical design engineer CV

    • Numeracy
    • Health & safety
    • Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Problem solving
    • Computer skills

    Nice-to-haves that will help your CV stand out

    • CAD software
    • Physics
    • Decision making
    • Adaptability
    • Technical drawing

    Pen a stand-out personal statement for your mechanical design engineer CV

    Your personal statement, also known as a personal summary, is a short paragraph that sits at the top of your mechanical design engineer CV. Usually just 2-3 sentences long, your personal statement needs to sum up your professional background and position you as a strong candidate for the role.

    Most recruiters will skim your personal statement before deciding whether to read on. That means it’s important to grab their attention by sharing your key skills and attributes – and don’t be afraid to show a bit of personality, too.

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    Top FAQs about your mechanical design engineer CV

    How do I write a CV for a mechanical design engineer?

    To write a CV for a mechanical design engineer role, you’ll need to include the following sections:

    • A personal statement that outlines your professional background and short-term career objectives.
    • An experience section that includes your key responsibilities, achievements, and metrics from previous mechanical design engineering roles.
    • An education section to share your relevant educational achievements, such as an engineering degree or diploma.
    • A bullet point list of your top eight hard and soft skills.

    How do I add mechanical design skills to my CV?

    You should include your most important mechanical design skills in the skills section of your CV. This is a bullet point list that contains eight of your top skills, such as technical drawing or decision making. You can also mention some of your most valuable skills in your personal statement, which sits at the top of your application.

    What does a mechanical design engineer do?

    A mechanical design engineer oversees the design, building, and maintenance of different systems and structures. On a day-to-day basis, this can involve tasks such as carrying out market research and risk assessments, collaborating with team members, sourcing materials and analysing budgets, and testing different products to check that they comply with industry standards.

    What should a mechanical engineer put on a CV?

    You should always put your relevant qualifications and certifications on your mechanical design engineer CV PDF. Whether it’s a master’s degree or an engineering chartership, these achievements will show that you’ve received industry approval and let your recruiter know you have the necessary expertise for a new role.

    How much does a mechanical design engineer earn?

    In the UK, a mechanical design engineer could expect to earn anything from around £20,000 to £55,000 a year. Professionals in London earn slightly higher salaries on average, but your experience level will be the most important factor when it comes to your salary.

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    If you’re applying for your next mechanical design engineering role, it’s important to have a recruiter-ready CV. At myPerfectCV, you’ll find tips, templates, and a professional mechanical design engineer CV example. Discover what makes a great CV then design your own with our trusted builder tool today.

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