Possessing the most accurate CV is essential for your success. Your CV should be concise and highlight the core competencies that show you meet the job description. The engineering manager CV sample found below is an excellent representation of how you can highlight your skills and present yourself in the most agreeable light, while our CV template provide a few design options.

Read on to learn how to write a CV for engineering manager roles, including:


    Sample engineering manager CV

    Martin Jones CV 2

    Martin Jones

    84 Round Walk, Glasgow G1 3GU



    Professional summary

    Decisive Engineering Manager with over 15 years of professional experience, effective at operating in dynamic, high-pressure environments. Successfully handle multiple simultaneous responsibilities while exceeding objectives and satisfying challenging clients.

    Work history

    June 2015 – Current

    ConstrucTex – Glasgow

    Engineering Manager

    • Evaluated existing procedures and made proactive adjustments to meet changing demands.
    • Executed various projects using both Waterfall and Agile methodologies.
    • Oversaw 25-strong team of engineering personnel.

    February 2011 – May 2015

    BHFP Inc. – Glasgow

    Engineering Supervisor

    • Acted as senior point of contact for any type of breakdowns during 12 hour shifts.
    • Championed quality, cost and safety when driving improvements in engineering operations to achieve goals.
    • Managed 3 contractors and their activities across 6 sites for 3 years.


    • Compliance understanding
    • Persuasive communication style
    • Technology integration
    • Networking
    • Interdisciplinary collaboration
    • Analytical problem-solving
    • Strategic planning
    • Resource evaluation
    • Expenditure control


    July 2005

    The University of Edinburgh Edinburgh

    Master of Science Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

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    What is the best format for your engineering manager CV?

    Generally speaking, the best format for an engineering manager CV is the reverse-chronological format. That’s because it’s the most widely recognised format – and it also puts your work experience in pride of place. Engineering manager positions will usually require extensive industry experience, so this format gives you a real chance to shine.

    As the name suggests, in this format, you’ll need to record your most recent position first, then work backwards through your most relevant positions. The sections you’ll need to include within a reverse-chronological CV are:

    • Contact details –Including your full name, address (with postcode), email address, and phone number.
    • Personal statement – Short statement summarising the core qualities that make you perfect for the role. This should be limited to 3-4 sentences.
    • Work history – A record of your most relevant job roles. This should include bullet point lists of 3-6 of your major responsibilities in each position.
    • Education –Like with your work history, record the most relevant qualifications that you hold.
    • Skills –Write out bullet point lists of your technical and transferrable abilities
    • Additional sections – These can include details of any awards you’ve received or publications you’ve written, or you could include hobbies, if relevant.

    There are other CV formats, including the skills-based CV. This CV format is useful if you’re changing careers or returning to work after a long break, as it focuses on your skills rather than your work history. However, it should only be used when absolutely necessary, as it can imply that you don’t have much experience – something that’s essential for a managerial position.

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    How to write a CV for an engineering manager

    In the following section you will learn how to write a CV for an engineering manager. We will show you all the necessary components of a CV, as well as tell you how to write it and provide you with sample CV entries. See what’s next…

    What contact details should I include in my engineering manager CV?

    The contact details you’ll need to include in your CV are really simple to include. But with something so quick, it’s easy to make mistakes. Don’t let this important section slip your mind, though. After all, if these details are incorrect, how can recruiters get in touch?

    Here’s what you need to include…

    • Name – This should be your full name, not just your first name.
    • Address – Make sure you include your full postcode too.
    • Email – Your email should be work-appropriate and up to date.
    • Phone number – Only include current numbers that you use regularly.

    Example of contact section for an engineering manager CV

    John Smith
    5 Any Road, Anytown, EF1 2GH
    012345 67890

    Engineering manager CV personal statement

    Engineering is a popular industry and competition for job positions will be fierce. Recruiters have limited time to spend on each application, so you need to stand out to them immediately. That’s where a great personal statement comes in.

    Your personal statement is usually situated at the top of your CV – and that means it’s the first thing recruiters will see. It’s a short summary of the qualities and capabilities that make you the perfect candidate for the role.

    Here are some top tips to make your engineering manager personal statement stand out from the crowd:

    • Incorporate positive qualities from the job specification, such as “skilled problem solver”.
    • At only 3-4 sentences long, it needs to be short and sweet. Don’t waffle or copy details from the body of your CV.
    • Be specific about your specialisation – are you a chemical engineer or a mechanical engineer, for instance?
    • Be specific about your specialisation – are you a chemical engineer or a mechanical engineer, for instance?
    • Write in the third person to place extra focus on your abilities.
    • Draw recruiters’ attention to your managerial prowess –“current manager and trainer of a team of twelve electronic engineers”.

    Example of personal statement for an engineering manager CV

    Skilled problem solver involved in the field of electrical engineering for the past decade. Skills in project management and communication built from professional degrees as well as real-world experience. Able to offer any firm advantages in technical knowledge and collaboration.


    Chemical engineer that has recently entered into the managerial domain. Searching for an enterprise which is able to embrace my strong work ethic, operations management expertise and desire to succeed. Enjoys a challenging environment utilising cutting-edge techniques and looking for an opportunity to further their career as part of a cohesive team.

    Adding an experience section to your engineering manager CV

    Work experience is integral to the CV of an engineering manager. You’ll need to show you have experience of managing and training teams, as well as practical experience in the engineering field you specialise in.

    Your work history should be recorded in reverse-chronological order. That means you put your most recent, or current, position first, then work backwards.

    Here are the core details recruiters want to see:

    • The date you started the position and the date you left – or simply write “present” for the job you currently work at.
    • Your job title, name of employer, and location
    • Bullet point list of 3-6 relevant duties from the job role.

    Keep the duties diverse. If one job role establishes your abilities in providing training and inductions to staff members, then don’t repeat this on other roles. Instead, use those to emphasise your experience of determining project budgets and quality assurance.

    Example of work experience for an engineering manager CV

    Supervising Mechanical Engineer | Example Inc | Leeds June 2011 – Present

    • Adhering to strict manufacturing protocols
    • Managing a team of between 12 and 15 employees.
    • Meeting stringent production deadlines.
    • Quality assurance and control.

    Assistant Engineer | Engineers Associated | Manchester Feb 2010 – June 2011

    • Performing technical analyses of pre-production proposals.
    • Improving operating techniques for greater on-site efficiency.
    • Business-to-business and business-to-client relations.

    Apprentice Engineer | Buildman Co. | Manchester October 2006 – Feb 2010

    • Cleaning and maintaining production equipment.
    • Analysing operational software.
    • Inventory control.
    • Monitoring manufacturing capacity and reporting these findings to superiors.

    Top skills for your engineering manager CV

    Managers in the engineering field need to combine broad interpersonal skills with specialist technical competencies. The abilities required for an electrical engineering manager will differ from a computer engineering manager, so it’s important to always keep the job description in mind. However, there are some areas of overlap in terms of the CV skills all engineering managers must have at their fingertips…

    Essential skills for an engineering manager

    • Essential engineering skills
    • Project management
    • Team management
    • Budgeting
    • Creating and implementing staff training
    • Communication

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Problem solving
    • Quality assurance
    • Time management
    • Decision making
    • Empathetic approach
    • Works well under pressure

    Outlining education on an engineering manager CV

    The education requirements for a position as an engineering manager will depend on the industry and responsibilities of the role. However, most roles will require you to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in engineering – though engineering degrees in a particular specialisation are especially desirable. An MBA would also help you to stand out from the other candidates, as would a Master’s in engineering management.

    You would not usually be required to include your A-Level or GCSE results for this type of job. But in some cases, it may still be required – if you’ve progressed quickly and your A levels were within the past decade, for example.

    Here are the key details you’ll need to include in your education history:

    • The name of the institution
    • The year you completed the qualification
    • The level of study – e.g., Bachelor’s degree, NVQ
    • Course title or subject

    Example education section for an engineering manager

    The University of Edinburgh | 2001-2005 Electrical and Mechanical Engineering MSc (Res.)

    Edinburgh College | 2000 – 2001 City & Guilds Technician Qualifications in Engineering Level 5 (2565).

    Edinburgh College | 1999 – 2000 City & Guilds Engineering Technical Support Level 3 (1786).

    Edinburgh College | 1998 – 1999 City & Guilds Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering Level 3 (1712).

    Writing a cover letter for an engineering manager CV

    A covering letter is a short letter, usually only one page long, that accompanies your CV. You can send a CV without one, but in a competitive industry, having a cover letter really helps your application to stand out. It’s an opportunity to directly address the recruiter and let them know why you’re a perfect fit for the job role.

    Here are some key pointers to help you learn how to write a cover letter:

    • Make sure you use plenty of keyphrases from the job description to describe yourself and your abilities, such as “strong interpersonal skills”.
    • Take a look at the employer’s website to understand their visions and values – then explain how your work ethic demonstrates these values in your cover letter.
    • Don’t just copy and paste content from your CV. Keep it original.
    • Find out the recruitment manager’s name, then address the letter to them personally, if possible.

    Get your engineering manager CV right with our proven tips

    • Get technical with your specialisms

      Engineering is a diverse career path and no two specialisms are alike. From circuit analysis to thermodynamics, there are hundreds of different unique abilities required for each field. Don’t just tell recruiters that you’re an engineer and be done with it. Let them know exactly what your specialism is, your areas of expertise within that specialism, as well as any technical skills, knowledge and awards you have from that field.
    • Emphasise your transferrable skills

      In managerial roles, it’s not just what you know, it’s how you share that information. As well as technical capabilities, you also need strong interpersonal skills to pass down your knowledge and experience to your team. Effective organisation and time management skills are also a boon when you’re juggling a team of ten or more engineers. And when things go awry, it helps to be a good problem solver. So, don’t neglect those transferrable skills on your CV.
    • Proofread with care

      Don’t be tempted to send off your CV without proofreading. It might take up another ten minutes of your time, but sloppy mistakes could also cost you the job interview of your dreams. Check for spelling and grammar errors, then check again – and then get a friend or family member to give it one last look over.
    • Focus on the job description – and the employer

      It’s easy to think we know what employers want – and send out a generic CV thinking they’re all the same. But that’s a big no-no! Read the job description carefully for keyphrases to include in your CV. And, if you’re really proactive, take a look at the company website to gain an understanding of their core values – then use your CV and cover letter to write about how you display them through your work.

    Your engineering manager CV questions answered

    What should be on an engineering manager CV?

    An engineering manager CV needs to show employers how you not only meet, but exceed the requirements they’ve specified in the job description. You’ll need to include sections for your contact details, personal statement, work experience, education history, and skills. Experience in engineering and management roles is a must, along with a degree in an engineering subject. A Master’s in engineering management or an MBA would also be beneficial, but are not always essential.

    What skills do engineering managers need?

    The skills required to become an engineering manager are diverse, and will depend on the specialist field you intend to work in. Biomedical engineers, for example, will need a strong understanding of chemistry. However, there are some skills that are required for all engineering managers, including:

    • Team management
    • Analytics
    • Mathematics
    • Budgeting
    • Communication
    • Problem solving
    • Time management
    • Attention to detail

    What are an engineering manager’s responsibilities?

    The responsibilities of an engineering manager will vary depending on their specialism and the industry they are employed in. However, there are some core responsibilities that they will need to meet within any role:

    • Directing and supporting the engineering team
    • Delegating tasks to team members
    • Creating and implementing team training
    • Overseeing and reporting on team projects
    • Proposing budgets for projects
    • Collaborating and building work relationships with team members
    • Recruiting and hiring new team members
    • Monitoring and gathering data on team productivity
    • Assisting with quality assurance

    What qualifications must an engineer manager have?

    Generally speaking, an engineering manager should have a degree in engineering. There are a wide variety of engineering specialisms that applicants can qualify in, including:

    • Civil
    • Mechanical
    • Biomedical
    • Electrical
    • Geotechnical
    • Chemical
    • Aerospace
    • Computer
    • Environmental
    • Oil and Gas
    • Nuclear

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    Now it’s time to put all this information into practice. Start today by utilising the CV templates in our online builder. You can then fill these in with our pre-written content, all of which can be tailored to your industry and specialisms. If you’d like a bit of inspiration with your engineering manager CV, take a look through our collection of CV examples to give yourself some more direction for what to include.

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