Writing a CV for a 16 year old might seem like a daunting task at first. If you’re just finishing high school and looking for that first job, you might feel overwhelmed and unsure about what you need to do. Don’t worry, that’s completely natural.

The first step is learning how to write a CV. Whether you need to understand the principles of writing a CV summary for 16 year old candidates or just want to check out some CV examples or get downloadable CV templates, preparation is the key to success with your application.

So, what exactly is a CV? For 16 year old teenagers who are just starting their career, CV stands for curriculum vitae. It documents important information that employers need to know about you, including your work history, education and abilities. Reading your CV, along with your cover letter, can help them to decide if you’re the perfect candidate for the role.

To make things easier, we’ve put together some key information and resources, including:


    Sample CV for 16 year old

    High School Student CV-4

    What format should I use in a CV for 16 year old?

    The format of your CV refers to how it is structured, so it’s important to make an informed choice. When writing a CV for a 16 year old, you’ll want to choose a CV format that puts the focus on your competencies and academic achievements.

    In a CV for 16 year old with no experience (UK), a skills-based CV will usually be the best option. This CV format is centred around your capabilities. The skills section is located below the personal statement, listing categories of competencies you’ve developed through study, which you can then go into more specific detail about using bullet points. For example, under IT, you could record some of the programs you’re familiar with and what you’ve done with them, such as “created and managed spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel.”

    Another option is the reverse chronological CV format. This CV format is the most popular and is widely recognised by employers. Your work history will be the most prominent section in the CV. As most 16 year olds have little to no work experience, this format usually isn’t suitable. However, if you’ve had a relevant weekend job or part-time role at a family business, then this format could be the best choice for you.

    Where to put your contact details in a CV for 16 year old applicants

    Whilst your contact section might appear unimportant, it’s a really essential bit of your CV. Put simply, it’s how recruiters get in touch. If they don’t know how to reach you, there’s no way they can offer you an interview.

    When you’re in a hurry to apply for lots of jobs, it’s easy to let an old email slip in – or forget to add your details at all. Always check and double check your details before you submit.

    When writing a CV for a 16 year old, you’ll need to include:

    • Your full name
    • Address
    • Telephone number
    • Email address

    Just like this:

    Kevin Knight
    99 Cunnery Rd
    Manchester, M3 7GJ

    Make sure your email and phone number are up-to-date, and that no digits have been added or missed by mistake. Don’t have a professional email for your applications? It’s a good idea to set on up rather than use your everyday email address, as it can help to make you look extra professional.

    Personal statement examples for 16 year olds

    The personal statement of your CV usually appears at the top of your CV below your contact details. It forms a short and sweet summary of what’s to come in your CV – and it needs to grab recruiters’ attention from the start. To write a successful CV summary for 16 year old qualities, you’ll need to pinpoint the greatest and most relevant strengths shown in your CV.

    As it’s only 2-3 sentences long, the personal statement will need to include only the most vital details. First, make sure you’ve read and understood the job description. What are 2-3 core qualities that the recruiter is looking for? It might be “teamwork” or “experience serving customers”.

    Next, find 2-3 qualities and competencies you have that align closely with the job description. If it’s a CV for 16 year old with no experience (UK), that can be something as simple as enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, and a track record of hard work at school, such as:

    Enthusiastic high school student eager to learn new skills and information. Studies hard for examinations and always completed accurate, thorough work. Collaborates well on group projects and prepares diligently for assignments.

    CV for 16 year old: How to list work experience

    When you’re 16 years old, recruiters won’t expect you to have ten years of industry experience under your belt. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have any relevant experience.

    If you haven’t worked before, don’t be tempted to make something up. But if you do have experience, it’s vital to include it. Here’s how it works…

    Where should I put my work experience?

    This will depend on the CV format you choose. Have lots of experience from paid and voluntary roles? A reverse-chronological format could be the best choice. In this case, your work experience will go near to the top of your CV, usually beneath your contact details.

    Meanwhile, a CV template for 16 year old with no work experience will be more likely to use a skills-based format, which focuses on your abilities. In this case, you can either skip the work history section, or add any voluntary work you’ve done in a short section after your competencies.

    Setting out your work history for recruiters

    When writing a CV for a 16 year old, you’ll need to make sure your work history is set out in a way that’s easy for recruiters to read. This means using bullet points to clearly delineate your job duties and writing in plain English.

    There are also some specific details you’ll need to include:

    • Dates: Include the month and year you started and finished the role.
    • Job details – You should include the job title, the name of your employer, and location.
    • Responsibilities – List out the responsibilities that are most relevant to the position you’re applying to.

    January 2021 – August 2022

    Newspaper Delivery | Sharp’s Newsagents – Lincoln

    • Prepared newspapers with inserts and leaflets
    • Delivered to 50+ houses in local area
    • Collected payment from customers by cheque and cash

    Showcasing your skills in a CV for 16 year old

    When comparing CV examples for 16 year olds, there are two types of abilities you’ll come across – technical and transferrable.

    Also known as “hard skills”, technical competencies refer to abilities that involve expertise in a particular field to complete specific tasks. For example, computer programming is a technical skill.

    On the other hand, there are transferable or “soft” skills. These are more general abilities that can be applied across many different industries. In a CV for 16 year old candidates, you’re more likely to have transferable abilities.

    Don’t underestimate them, however, as many can be essential in securing a job role. For example, “communication” is transferable and highly sought-after.

    From computer literacy to time management, your time at school will have equipped you with a wide variety of transferable competencies to use at work.

    When recording your skills to put on your CV, make sure you tailor the competencies you include to the job description. What qualities are recruiters on the lookout for? Even if you don’t have the exact requirement, you can still show that you’re a good match. If you haven’t used Photoshop, for example, you might have experience using other photo-editing software.

    Here are some suggestions for qualities and abilities to include when writing a CV for a 16 year old:

    Top skills to include

    • Verbal and written communication
    • Basic mathematics
    • Problem solving
    • IT, including MS Office
    • Team working
    • Time management

    Additional qualities for your CV

    • Proficiency with social media platforms
    • Flexibility
    • Confident speaker
    • Organisational ability
    • Languages
    • Positive attitude

    Sum up your education for employers on a CV for a 16 year old

    As 16 year olds are unlikely to have vast amounts of experience, education serves an important role on their CVs. It gives recruiters an overview of your studies and the kind of knowledge and abilities you have to offer them. Here’s what you’ll need to include…

    GCSEs and beyond – how to showcase your studies

    If you’ve started further education, it’s important to let recruiters know the subjects you’re studying. Include details of the prospective completion date for your studies too.

    GCSEs are often relevant too, particularly in Maths and English. That’s because many employers look for these as a minimum requirement. However, if you also completed a GCSE in relevant subject, make sure that you mention this too – like business studies for an admin role. As always, keep the job description in mind when choosing what to include.

    Set out your qualifications clearly

    There’s no need to go into a lot of detail about what you learned on the courses, as you’ll be able to demonstrate that in the rest of your CV. You also shouldn’t pad out the education history with details of tests you did before your GCSEs, as these won’t be relevant.

    Simply set out your education history in the same format as our example CVs for 16 year olds:

    • Level of qualification
    • Subjects (for further education)
    • Institution
    • Date of completion

    A-Levels – Maths, Business Studies, Psychology
    North Manchester Sixth Form
    Expected 2023

    What to include in a CV for 16 year old with no qualifications

    In some cases, you might not have any qualifications at age 16. If this is due to not completing your GCSEs yet, be aware that you can still include qualifications that you’re currently working on. Just write “Expected” alongside completion date.

    Cover letter guidance for writing a CV for a 16 year old

    Accompanying your CV with a cover letter can make a real difference – especially with a CV for 16 year old candidates. That’s because it gives you room to grab an employer’s attention.

    A covering letter is also useful if you’re writing a CV for 16 year old with no qualifications or experience, as you can explain your circumstances to recruiters.

    Start by introducing yourself. Tell recruiters why you want this job and how you stand out from the other candidates. After this introductory paragraph, you can elaborate on relevant details from your CV.

    Look at the job description. Are there any particular qualities that the company is looking for? Choose three or four to flesh out in your cover letter.

    Finish off with a conclusion that reiterates how perfect you are for the job – and let them know you’re looking forward to them getting in touch.

    Fine-tune your CV for 16 year old with these top tips

    No matter your level of experience, these top tips will help you to craft a perfect first CV.

    • Create unique CVs for each job

      It might sound like a bit of a bore, but writing a unique CV tailored to each job you apply for is absolutely vital. For one thing, recruiters can tell if you’ve used a generic CV – and it’s unlikely to contain any of the specific details they’re looking for.

      Base your CV on the job description by including specific keyphrases from the advert. Make sure it’s also tailored to you as a candidate. For example, if you’re writing a CV for 16 year old looking for part-time job (UK), you can mention this in your professional summary.

    • Double and triple-check your CV

      Recruiters are very busy, so to make sure your CV for 16 year old doesn’t fall at the first hurdle, be sure to check it for typos or grammatical issues. Get a friend or relative to read through too in case there’s anything you’ve missed.

    • Think outside the box

      It’s unlikely that any candidate will meet absolutely every single criteria from the job description. So, even if there are areas you’re missing, you’d be surprised at the transferable abilities you have that help you meet (and exceed) the criteria. Taking a look at CV examples can also help you to see what similar applicants might have on their CV. For example, you might not have experience serving customers at a cafe, but you have served drinks at a local sports club or after-school event.

    • Make use of a CV template (UK) for 16 year olds

      CV templates make writing a CV for a 16 year old much quicker and easier. These templates come pre-made with an impressive design, so all you’ll need to do is add your work and academic history, along with your abilities.

    • Hobbies and achievements are important too

      Whilst most of a CV for 16 year old applicants will focus on education, work history and core competencies, any other relevant hobbies and achievements are important to include too. If you speak another language, pursue a relevant hobby, or even participate in a sports team, these details can set you apart from other candidates. You can include these in a short section at the end of your CV.


    Questions about your CV for 16 year old job-seekers

    What should a 16-year-old put on a CV?

    There are several key parts that make up a CV for 16 year old. These include:

    • Contact details
    • Personal statement
    • Work history
    • Education
    • Skills
    • Hobbies and interests (optional)

    Does a 16-year-old need a CV?

    If you’re 16 and looking for a job, then it’s absolutely worth having a CV. It condenses your education, abilities, and work history into one sheet of paper. Here’s why that’s important:

    • CVs make it easier for employers to read about your competencies.
    • Writing a CV shows that you’re a professional candidate.
    • It helps recruiters to get a clear impression of why you’re right for the role.

    How do you do a CV at 16 UK?

    Generally speaking, you’ll need to make sure your CV relates closely to the job description for the position you’re applying to. That means:

    • Tweaking your CV for each job you apply to
    • Making sure you’ve read the job advert carefully before writing your CV, as you’ll need to incorporate key terms from the description

    How do I write my first CV at 16 UK?

    If this is your first time writing a CV, then don’t worry. Though it might seem daunting at first, there are many strategies you can use to make CV writing easier.

    • Write your CV with the job description in mind, showcasing how you meet the employer’s specified criteria
    • Look at some CV examples to understand what other candidates include in their CVs
    • Utilise a CV template for 16 year old to make the process easier, so you can focus on gathering information
    • Let a relative of friend read your CV once it’s done, as they might spot issues that you haven’t noticed

    How do I write a CV without GCSE results?

    No GCSE results doesn’t have to mean no CV. If you’re writing a CV for 16 year old with no qualifications, there are still plenty of other details that you can include to impress recruiters. These include:

    • Prospective GCSE results
    • Work experience
    • Voluntary experience
    • Core abilities
    • Languages
    • Hobbies and interests
    • Achievements and awards

    Create a CV for 16 year old to impress employers

    Writing a CV for a 16 year old shouldn’t be a chore. At myPerfectCV, you’ll find all the top tips and resources you need to create a showstopping CV, such as top rated CV examples and downdoadable CV templates.

    If you need a bit more help, our CV builder is on hand to help. Once you’ve chosen a CV template, UK 16 year olds can cherry-pick pre-written content to create an outstanding CV in minutes.


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