UK nursing careers offer a number of rewarding roles from district to mental health to intensive care nursing. Our nursing CV examples will guide you on how to perfectly present your soft skills and medical knowledge. Learn how to impress employers with your medical care experience.


Put care and attention into your nursing CV

Learn how to illustrate your compassionate nature through words. A reliable nursing CV will be well-presented, brief, and relevant. Discover how to do this effectively with our trusted tips:

  • Focus on the good stuff

    The best CVs will be no more than two pages, focusing on your qualifications, prior experience, and relevance to the role. For example, a nursery nurse will have a completely different set of skills from a theatre nurse.
  • Give your credentials the spotlight

    If you have any relevant qualifications that suit the role, shout about them! Arrange any diplomas, degrees or other academic qualifications in a bulleted list for maximum effect.
  • Finesse your language

    Many UK recruiters will use scanning software to read through the mountains of CVs they receive every day. Make sure yours lights up the scanners with relevant keywords such as ‘mental health’, ‘physical therapy’ etc. You’ll find ATS compliant CV examples with our templates.
  • Always run a final check

    In a nursing role, your attention to detail will need to be second to none, especially if you’re dispensing medication. Always go back and proofread your CV using our spell-checking tools.
  • Add any additional hobbies and volunteering

    Employers will love to hear about your extra-curricular activities if they’re relevant to nursing, for example volunteering for vulnerable people or leading teams with coaching.

Trusted nursing CV examples to land the role

There’s no role more rewarding than nursing, so show employers what you’re made of with a CV crafted by myPerfectCV. Our tried and tested CV builder will help you get to the top of the list with the right keywords, plus a distinctive opening statementand perfect CV presentation.


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