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If you enjoy working closely (really closely) with customers and learning about human biology, the dental industry may be a good fit for you. Whether you are a dentist or dental assistant, you will help keep clients comfortable during their visit.

The dentistry industry is competitive, so make sure you spend time checking the details when writing your CV. Don’t give a recruiter any reason to throw your CV out because of spelling mistakes.

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  • Types of roles

    The dental industry involves a variety of roles, including dentist and dental hygienist. If you are looking to work in a more advanced setting, you may enjoy being an oral surgeon, pediatric dentist or reconstructive dentist.

  • Qualifications

    No matter your role in this industry, you will register with the General Dental Council (GDC). To be a dentist or dental hygienist, the GDC requires one of these conditions: a three-year degree in oral science, two-year diploma of higher education in dental hygiene, or two-year foundation degree in oral health science.

  • Work environment

    In this industry, you will work in a clinical office. Hygiene is of the utmost importance, including gloves, lab coat, scrubs, and masks. Usually, the hours are 9-5 during the week; your employer may ask you to work evenings or weekends.

  • Employers

    As a dental worker, you can work in a few different sectors. Employers may hire you to work in general dental practice, community dental practice, dental hospitals, private companies, or defence dental services.

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How your dental industry CV should look

The dentistry industry is highly competitive; even getting into dental schools, you will face fierce competition. The best way to stand out is by designing a modern and straightforward dentistry CV. Stay away from colours and cursive fonts and instead opt for more traditional design elements. Dentistry CVs will need to show your skill and work experience, so stay away from design elements that take up a lot of space, like pictures and images. Recruiters will want to see your work experience and dental certificates more than anything, so don’t waste your space with anything unnecessary.

Use bold headers to help organise your CV. When you use larger bolded fonts for your headings, a recruiter will see your experience at just a glance. When you have finished crafting the perfect dental CV, download it as a PDF

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