Making a sparkling first impression is easy when you refer to our dental hygienist CV examples. A professional CV template creates a clean, attractive structure, which is filled with relevant professional qualifications, experience, and skills. Meet recruiters’ expectations and get hired quicker with our help!

Giving your CV a deep clean will help to grab employers’ attention. Discover CV help and tips, including dental hygienist job requirements, salary, duties, core skills, and advice on writing your CV, from formatting to your personal statement.


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    Dental hygienist CV templates

    Crafting a dental hygienist CV to grab recruiters’ attention

    From the moment employers first set eyes on your CV, you need to keep their attention. Your personal statement is the first place to hook recruiters by showcasing your unique set of skills and experience, along with your major achievements.

    This short section at the top of your CV should comprise 3-4 sentences and should illustrate exactly why you exceed the requirements of a dental hygienist. Don’t be tempted to copy your work history – your personal statement should be completely original and focus on why you’re perfect for the role.

    Dental hygienist CV top tips and advice

    Ready to get started? Here are our top tips to clean up your CV to impress recruiters as you embark on your dental hygienist career.

    • Inspect the job description

      Before treating a patient, a dental hygienist needs to inspect their teeth carefully. When writing a CV, you’ll need to inspect the job description with similar scrutiny. A dental hygienist job description for UK jobs will include details of the person specification that employers are looking for, along with your duties and expected qualifications. Read it through carefully, writing down any key competencies you meet, using their wording, if possible.

    • Fill with relevant content

      In your CV, you need to show you can meet (and exceed) the job duties of a dental hygienist. Recruiters need to see exactly what you’ve been able to achieve in your career. Perhaps you introduced your clinic to advanced cleaning procedures, or you might have saved time for your team with your meticulous record keeping. Using career-specific pre-written content in an online CV builder can help you create a showstopping work history in no time at all.

    • Structure your career

      Your dental hygienist CV should be split into several key parts – your contact details, personal statement, work history, academic history, and skills. As well as using professional CV templates to keep these elements structured neatly, you should also use reverse chronological CV formatting to display your work history. This professional format showcases your most recent position first, so the most relevant information is easy for employers to find.

    • Floss the edges

      Aside from formatting, you should always ensure your CV is clean and concise. Remove any irrelevant details that don’t illustrate how you meet the key dental hygienist duties. Details about an after-school job from twenty years ago are unlikely to be important. Finally, before sending off to employers, always double check for spelling errors and grammatical issues.

    • Deep clean your CV

      Your CV should cover the full requirements for being a dental hygienist. Whilst irrelevant details should be removed, you might be surprised at how your entire work history can help you to exceed the job criteria, as there are many transferrable skills a dental hygienist needs for their role. Customer service, listening skills, and verbal communication are all vital – so even if this is your first dental hygienist role, you’ll have plenty of evidence to back up your core CV skills.

    Dental hygienist CV technical and transferable skills

    The skills needed to be a dental hygienist are varied and include both technical dental skills and transferable customer service skills to give patients the best experience of your services.

    Technical skills for a dental hygienist CV

    • Dentistry knowledge
    • Sealant and coating application
    • Dental equipment care
    • Periodontal evaluation
    • Dentrix software proficiency
    • Administering local anesthetic

    Dental hygienist transferable skills to impress employers

    • Verbal and written communication
    • Customer service
    • Manual dexterity
    • Concentration
    • Organisational skills
    • Team player

    Dental hygienist CV top FAQs answered

    What is a dental hygienist?

    Dental hygienists assist and advise patients regarding the care and hygiene of their teeth and gums. They give patients advice about their oral hygiene to avoid tooth decay and gum disease. They usually work as part of a team within a dental practice or hospital, with patients of all ages, including children and older adults. The many benefits of a dental hygienist career include a competitive salary, job stability, opportunities for progression, work schedule flexibility, as well as the many potential perks from your employer.

    What does a dental hygienist do?

    The job description of a dental hygienist in the UK includes these responsibilities, among others:

    • Advising and educating patients on oral hygiene
    • Cleaning and polishing patients’ teeth
    • Applying sealants and coatings to protect teeth
    • Taking and interpreting x-rays of patients’ teeth
    • Listening and communicating empathetically with patients
    • Giving local anesthetic
    • Sterilising equipment
    • Maintaining dental records

    You’ll need to include examples of how you meet these key competencies as you write your CV and covering letter, from your personal statement through to your work and academic history.

    How to become a dental hygienist in the UK?

    For a career as a dental hygienist, entry requirements will include either a degree, diploma, or an apprenticeship. All dental hygienists must be registered with the General Dental Council (GDC). To do this, you’ll need to have completed one of the following approved qualifications:

    • A three-year degree in oral health science, or dental health and dental therapy
    • A two-year foundation degree in oral health science
    • A two-year diploma of higher education in dental hygiene, or dental health and dental therapy

    Dental hygiene course requirements in the UK usually require at least 1-3 A-Levels or an equivalent, depending on the course. Experience in dental nursing can be beneficial, as a recognised dental nurse qualification can also qualify you for the courses. An apprenticeship could also help you to get into this career, for example through a Level 4 oral health practitioner apprenticeship – though to qualify for this, you should already be registered with the GDC.

    How much does a dental hygienist make?

    The average dental hygienist salary in the UK is around £30k to £35k per year. Entry level positions start with salaries of around £25k per year. Specialist dental hygienists can earn more, particularly if they are involved in training other members of staff. The most experienced candidates can earn up to £45k per year.

    Build a dental hygienist CV for a great first impression

    Now it’s time to put your CV together with our online CV builder. Choose a professional CV template to display the details of your career, then make use of our fantastic pre-written content to fill out your work and academic history. Once your CV covers exactly how you meet the job requirements of a dental hygienist, proofread it carefully, then download in a choice of file types.


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