If you are a dental assistant and are considering a new job or are just entering the dentistry profession’s job market, you have surely noticed that competition in this prestigious profession is quite high.

Not only do you have to meet a number of strict entry requirements and criteria but you also stand out during the recruitment process. After all, many candidates may have a similar professional profile to yours. How do you make yourself stand out? The best way to do this is by sending recruiters a flawless dental assistant CV that ticks all the boxes.

Explore the details of the top-quality dental assistant CV. We will guide you through all the stages of creating your CV step by step. You will learn what to include in each section, how to write a distinctive personal statement and, ultimately, how to format your CV in such a way that it not only stands out from the competition but also impresses recruiters. With practical dental assistant CV examples, you will see how to build a professional yet interesting document. And that’s not all! You will also find here some CV templates that you can use to create a winning CV easily. And all in just a few minutes. Ready?


    Dental Assistant CV Sample


    How to choose your CV Dental assistant format

    Although many of us do not realise it, choosing the right format for your dental assistant CV is of paramount importance. But how do you make a choice when you don’t know what is available?

    To help you make an informed decision in choosing the right format and layout for your CV, we will first tell you a little about them.

    Based on the type and distribution of the information contained, we distinguish:

    The former is certainly familiar to you, as it is the most common CV format – not only in the UK but also worldwide. It assumes that you present your employment and educational history in reversed-chronological order – from your earliest to your current experience.

    The skills-based layout is designed for those with no work experience. It can be useful when applying for entry-level positions.

    The European format, on the other hand, is a standard recognised in Europe but does not include a personal statement section expected by UK recruiters.

    On this basis, we recommend choosing the reversed-chronological format. It allows you to clearly outline your development path and includes all the necessary sections. In addition, it is the format that recruiters expect, so choosing it works in your favour.

    It is also worth making sure that your dental assistant CV fits on one page.

    Now let’s find out what exactly should be included in your dental assistant CV…

    How to add contacts on your dental assistant CV

    Although it’s pretty self-explanatory, we promised to take you through the process of creating a dental assistant CV step by step. And that means we need to start with the Contact section.

    This section should be at the top of your document. It’s a good idea to make your name prominently displayed, e.g. by using a larger font and bolding.

    Next, include your home address, telephone number and professional email address.

    You can also provide relevant links, e.g. to your profile on LinkedIn.

    Check this section several times to ensure that your contact details are correct.

    Example of dental assistant CV contact:

    Susan Cole
    39 Church St., Manchester M3 717

    Creating a personal statement for your dental assistant CV

    Personal statement, also known as the professional summary, is the section just below your contact details. Many recruiters consider it to be essential and start reviewing your CV here. This makes it your chance to make a good first impression – right after the visual impact of your document, of course.

    This short but concise section of your CV should provide a concrete introduction to your professional profile. It usually contains 3 – 5 sentences summarising your experience and achievements as a dental assistant. You can include details such as how many years of professional experience you have, what unique skills you possess, what you have achieved in your career or what your future development plans are.

    If you don’t know where to start, check out the sample personal statements for different CV examples. See how other professionals in the dental industry formulate their summaries. If you decide to use our CV maker, you will also find a wealth of sample professional statements for dental assistants there that may be used for inspiration or applied directly to your CV.

    Example of a personal statement to put on your dental assistant CV

    “Recently certified Dental Assistant with hands-on experience in chairside assistance, dental radiographs and building relationships with patients, especially skills in working with children. Seeking to leverage formal training and past work experience to launch a career in respected dental practice. “

    Display your work experience in your dental assistant CV

    As we have mentioned above, the vast majority of the finest dental assistant CV examples are written in a reversed-chronological format. What this means, is that when writing about your experience, you will start with the most current one and gradually work your way back to earlier experiences.

    Such a layout allows for a quick overview of your current professional situation, as well as a glimpse of your career path.

    What’s the best way to showcase your experience?

    Start by stating your job title, then give the dates of employment (month, year). If you are currently employed, you can give the date of employment followed by a dash and the word ‘current’.

    Next, state the place of work, i.e. the name of the company and its location.

    Avoid the common mistake

    Many jobseekers end their employment history information at this point, which is a popular mistake, or at least a big missed opportunity. Instead, under each of the jobs, list at least three of the main duties you have dealt with in that role. This will tell the hiring manager more about your actual skills. Ideally, give unique examples for each position.

    Check the sample work experience section for a dental assistant CV

    Dental AssistantCourtyard Dental Care, Glasgow

    01/2019 – current

    • Handles administrative tasks including answering calls and scheduling appointments
    • Applied COVID security measures to ensure clean and safe premises
    • Educated patients on the importance of oral hygiene

    Dental Assistant Queen Street Dental Practise, Glasgow

    11/2014 – 12/2018

    • Supported Dental Hygienist in improving operations and resolving issued to deliver top-notch customer service
    • Continuously developed knowledge through education and seminars
    • Assisted with an average of 6 patients a day by passing instruments, suctioning intraoral fluids and mixing materials for casts or impressions

    Highlight your skills foinr your dental assistant CV

    Think about what you have learned in your work as a dental assistant and see how closely you match the requirements included in the job posting. Many recruiters use special software for pre-screening, which is why using the right wording, or keywords, is so important.

    The skills section can fall just below your employment history, or, if you are using a layout that includes a column, in the side column. In this case, it will usually fall under the contact details section, as in the CV examples provided above.

    See what skills a good dental assistant should have:

    Essential skills for a dental assistant

    • Basic dental medicine knowledge
    • Recognising and handling dental instruments
    • Processing X-Rays
    • Disinfection and sterilisation of tools and rooms
    • Medical Records Management

    Useful transferable skills

    • Good communication and customer service
    • Organisation and time management
    • Attention to detail
    • Teamwork
    • Multitasking

    Your educational background on a dental assistant CV

    The last part that should be included in your CV is the section that presents your educational background.

    Usually, it comes at the bottom of your document.

    Just as with the experience section, since we have opted for a reversed-chronological format, you will start presenting your education from the most recent to the earlier ones. Remember, however, that it is no use going back all the way to primary school.

    Typically, this part includes the most relevant education for the job and/or the highest degree obtained.

    Currently, to work as a dental assistant in the UK you are required to have completed a course in dental nursing approved by the General Dental Council.

    If, on the other hand, you want to work as a dental assistant trainee, you do not need any formal training.

    Sample education section for a dental assistant CV

    First, give your title or degree. Then the date you completed the course and the place where you obtained this education.

    Like this:

    NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing,2014

    University Dental Hospital of Manchester, Manchester

    NEBDN National Diploma in Oral Health,2012

    University Dental Hospital of Manchester, Mancheste

    If you have additional courses or training that can enhance your employability, the education section is the right place for them.

    However, if you have more additional achievements that you want to demonstrate, do not hesitate to add a separate section under the education one.

    You can title it, for example, Training and Certifications or Exceptional Achievements.

    Examples of qualifications to put on a dental assistant CV

    Core Qualifications

    • NEBDN Certificate in Special Care Dental Nursing | (2014)
    • NEBDN Certificate in Oral Health Education | (2012)
    • National Diploma in Dental Nursing | (2010)

    Professional Qualifications

    • Theory of dental nursing
    • Caring for patients
    • Trained to provide support for the operating dentist
    • Trained in the awareness and prevention of oral disease
    • Experienced in dental radiography
    • Infection control principles
    • Emergency first aid
    • Maintaining patients and practise’s records.

    Academic Qualifications

    Sparkling Secondary School, GCSE Maths (A) English (B) Biology (B) IT (C)

    Match your dental assistant CV with a cover letter for top results

    Even if it is not specified in the job advertisement, it is always a good idea to include a cover letter to your application. A well-written cover letter is an elaboration of the content included in your CV.

    A standard letter has the following sections:

    • contact details, just like your CV
    • proper greeting
    • a short introduction explaining why you are applying for the position.
    • a core section explaining why you are a good candidate.
    • a summary in which you emphasise your readiness for the job.

    It is good practice to match the style of your letter to that used in your CV. This applies to the font or colours, among other things. By doing so, you not only emphasise your attention to detail but also make it easier for the recruiter to link the two documents and make your candidature more memorable. And after all, that’s what it’s all about!

    Top tips for your dental assistant CV

    • Use a CV template

      This way you won’t forget to include any of the important sections. On top of that, good CV templates will be tailored to your profession. This means that not only will they be well constructed according to all UK standards, but they will also give you suggestions on how to compose a personal statement or which skills are most commonly found in CVs for your industry. For instance, the templates found in our CV maker allow you to completely personalise your documents but are so intuitive and full of suggestions that the whole process of creating a CV from scratch will only take you about 10 minutes.

    • Tailor your CV to the job advert

      Your CV should address the specific, unique requirements of the job posting. This involves including keywords. Recruiters often only read CVs that have been pre-screened by special software. Even if you meet the requirements for the job, but do not describe them in your CV in the same way as stated in the offer, you may not pass the pre-selection.

    • Proofread it - always

      And ideally, ask someone to proofread it for you as well. Having written and read it yourself several times, you can easily overlook a typo in the content or a mistake in your e-mail address. In theory, a typo is no big deal, but if you say in your skills section that you pay attention to details – pay attention to details.


    Frequently asked questions about dental assistant CV

    What are the duties of a dental assistant?

    A dental assistant works closely with a dentist. The tasks of the dental assistant include:

    • keeping the rooms clean
    • sterilising equipment
    • preparing patients for treatment
    • assisting with treatments – handing instruments, preparing blends for fillings or impressions, aspirating fluids from the mouth.
    • administrative work – answering phones, making appointments, liaising with suppliers.

    How to become a dental assistant?

    To become a dental assistant you need to complete an appropriate course in dental nursing approved by the General Dental Council.

    Usually such courses take between 18 and 24 months to complete.

    The entry requirements for such a course may vary but usually mention completing 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4, or equivalent, in English and maths, for an advanced apprenticeship.

    How much do dental assistants make?

    According to figures available online, dental assistants’ earnings in the UK start at around £21,864 per year. Experienced dental assistants can count on earnings of up to £32,500 per year.

    What are 4 essential skills of a dental assistant?

    The 4 essential skills of a dental assistant are:

    • the ability to work according to procedures
    • strong organisational skills
    • basic medical knowledge of dentistry
    • good communication skills

    Key takeaway for CV Dental Assistant

    Dental Assistant is an interesting and engaging job that brings a lot of satisfaction. If you want to increase your chances of getting hired in this profession, check out our dental assistant CV examples and create your own CV in just a few steps. Don’t forget to write a cover letter to create a winning duo!

    Use our CV maker to make this task far easier, gain access to a library of CV templates, personal statements and a list of skills essential for dental assistant jobs.


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