Competition can be fierce for paediatric staff nurse roles – and your CV is your way to get a foot in the door. But you probably haven’t written one for several years, and your skills and experience will have come on leaps and bounds since then.

Fortunately, you’re not on your own for this one. At myPerfectCV, you’ll find all the information you need to build your paediatric staff nurse CV. Discover top CV writing tips, templates, and our trusted CV builder too. It’s quick and easy to create your application today.

We’ve put together CV examples for every section of your CV, specifically tailored to the responsibilities and background of a paediatric staff nurse.

Below, we’ll run through everything you need to know, so you’ll be fully prepared to wow recruiters and secure that all-important interview:


    Sample paediatric staff nurse CV

    Paediatric staff nurse CV Sample

    Kiara Connell

    444 Kingsway
    Manchester M60 3TT

    Professional summary

    Dedicated and compassionate Paediatric Staff Nurse with 10 years of experience providing high-quality care to paediatric patients. Skilled in assessing patient needs, administering medication, and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to ensure optimal patient outcomes. Passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of children and their families.

    Work history

    March 2022 – Current
    Royal Children’s Hospital – Manchester
    Paediatric Staff Nurse

    • Managed the care of paediatric patients in a fast-paced and high-pressure environment, ensuring their safety, comfort, and well-being.
    • Administered medications, performed procedures, and provided emotional support to patients and their families.
    • Collaborated with healthcare professionals to develop and implement care plans that met the unique needs of each patient.
    • Documented patient assessments, interventions, and outcomes accurately and in a timely manner.

    March 2014 – February 2022
    St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital – London
    Paediatric Staff Nurse

    • Provided direct care to paediatric patients, including administering medication, monitoring vital signs, and assessing patient needs.
    • Collaborated with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to develop and implement individualized care plans for patients.
    • Educated patients and their families on disease management, medication administration, and home care instructions.
    • Maintained accurate and detailed patient records, including documentation of assessments, interventions, and outcomes.


    Paediatric assessment and care
    Medication administration
    Patient and family education
    Collaborative teamwork
    Critical thinking and problem-solving
    Emotional support and empathy
    Documentation and record-keeping
    Multidisciplinary care coordination


    University of Manchester, Manchester
    Master of Science in Paediatric Nursing Nursing

    University of Birmingham, Birmingham
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing Nursing

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    Browse our selection of paediatric staff nurse CV templates

    Like a good medical record, your CV should convey the necessary information in a format that’s quick and easy to read. Whatever your level of experience, find the perfect CV template for your paediatric staff nurse CV.

    Choosing the right format for your paediatric staff nurse CV

    Where do you start when writing a CV? CV formats can be the answer to that question. They are tried and tested structures which give you a ‘skeleton’ for your CV, telling you what to write about and where.

    The most popular UK format is the reverse-chronological CV – with good reason too. It focuses on experience, with work history as the main body of the document. The name comes from the layout of your previous roles, starting with the current or most recent then working backwards.

    An alternative is the skills-based CV, although this is generally reserved for applicants without much experience. If you’re applying for your first role as a paediatric staff nurse, you may want to opt for this format. However, it’s likely you’ll have experience from placements during education, which will provide enough to talk about in a reverse-chronological format.

    Here are some other points to bear in mind when it comes to formatting your CV:

    • Use headings and bullet points to break up text and improve readability.
    • Keep your CV to one or two pages, using font size and line spacing to achieve one full page or two full pages rather than somewhere in-between.
    • Keep the font choice simple with the likes of Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman.
    • Save as a Word document or PDF file unless the recruiter has asked for another format.

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    How to write a CV for a paediatric staff nurse

    Time to put pen to paper. Or should that be fingers to keys. If you’re wondering how to write a CV for a paediatric staff nurse, we’ll run through everything you need to know below. That includes what to cover, how to cover it, and some simple examples to get you on the right track.

    Read on or head straight to the section you need help with:

    Adding contact details to your paediatric staff nurse CV

    While patients might have an emergency call button to get your attention, recruiters don’t have that option. That’s why it’s important to add your contact details to your CV before moving onto all your selling points.

    This simple step ensures that potential employers can contact you when needed. It’s important to cater for their preferred method of communication too. Cover all bases with your email address, phone, and even home address – yes, some recruiters still send letters.

    Here’s what to list:

    • Full name
    • Address – be sure to include your postcode
    • Phone number – a mobile number is probably best so you can always be reached.
    • Email address – set up a professional address if you don’t have one already.

    Example of contact section for a paediatric staff nurse CV

    Mark Rice
    52 Park Row,
    Edinburgh, EH2 0YR

    Paediatric staff nurse CV personal statement

    A personal summary serves as a quick introduction at the top of your CV. Here, you should outline your level of experience and what your next career goal is. For a role as emotionally challenging as a paediatric staff nurse, it’s also a good idea to include thoughtful adjectives to describe your work ethic and personal qualities.

    You might feel a lot of pressure on this section. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. However, it can be broken down into a few steps to make things easier.

    Firstly, introduce yourself with your career background and level of experience. This is a good place to throw in a personal quality like “hard-working”, “experienced”, or “adaptable”.

    Then move onto more specific experience to give recruiters an idea of what you actually do. You can stand out from the pack with specific examples such as “caring for over 20 patients on a busy paediatric ward”.

    Put the icing on the cake with some specialist technical skills in your final sentence. Highlighting your aptitude for “post-op care” will show recruiters that you’re ready to hit the ground running. As such, you may want to base this on the role you’re applying for.

    Here are some other notes to help your personal statement do the trick for recruiters:

    • Write in the third person. It’s a touch more professional and puts the focus on your selling points rather than just you.
    • Use action verbs and positive adjectives to make the section dynamic and impressive.
    • Keep your personal statement within 100 words so it’s concise, punchy, and makes the recruiter want to read on for more.

    Example of personal statement for a paediatric staff nurse CV

    Diligent Paediatric Staff Nurse offering 12-year background providing attentive care in hospital settings. Successful in anticipating and meeting needs of patients, colleagues and supervisors alike. Expertise in pre and post-op care.


    Adaptable paediatric staff nurse with wide-ranging experience assisting disabled children. Competent in administering medication to children and monitoring behaviour to assess efficacy. Specialises in improving the quality of life for patients with lifelong disabilities.

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    How to present your work history on a paediatric staff nurse CV

    Work experience is critical for paediatric staff nurses. So, it’s no surprise that this section of your CV carries so much weight. You’ll find that your work history is the biggest section of your CV too, but that doesn’t mean you should throw in everything you can think of.

    First things first, you’ll use a reverse-chronological format – listing your experience starting with the most recent role (or your current role). For each position, include the job title, employer, location, and the dates you started and finished. You can put “present” or “current” for the end date if you’re still in a job.

    Once you’ve listed the basics, move onto the responsibilities. List three to six duties for each job. Try to focus on duties that are also listed in the job description for your chosen role.

    Another tip is to choose different responsibilities for each position you’ve held. For example, you might have worked in three similar roles as a paediatric staff nurse. That doesn’t mean you should list “reporting on patient care data” for all three. Instead, show a broader range of your capabilities by focusing on different areas for each position.

    Your choice of language is important in this section too. Remember to use dynamic, positive words to show your experience in the best light. Verbs like “assessed”, “supported”, and “administered”, will demonstrate an active approach, while words like “accurate” and “effective” will polish off your responsibilities.

    Example of work experience for a paediatric staff nurse CV

    Paediatric Staff Nurse, 07/2023 to Current
    Royal Children’s Hospital – Edinburgh

    • Improved paediatric acute care, performing effective crisis interventions that reduced unplanned hospital admissions by 12%.
    • Assessed, diagnosed and developed person-centred care plans for up to 10 patients per day.
    • Trained 6 junior nurses on best practice use of computerised documentation systems, decreasing medication errors by 60%.
    • Administered childhood immunisation vaccines, employing communication and sensitivity to increase patient comfort and minimise side effects.

    Paediatric Nurse Assistant, 01/2020 to 07/2023
    The Acorn Clinic – Edinburgh

    • Performed checks of patient vital signs, promptly reporting abnormalities to Staff Nurse for immediate intervention.
    • Provided high-quality assistance to doctors performing open surgeries, including keyhole and brain surgeries.
    • Provided comprehensive, compliant prescribing within Paediatric services.

    What skills should you include on your paediatric staff nurse CV?

    The skills of a paediatric staff nurse range from comforting children to assisting with surgeries. These are known as hard skills, which are technical and highly relevant to your specific job.

    In your CV skills section, you’ll also want to include some soft skills. Soft skills are less job-specific and more transferable, but that doesn’t mean they’re not sought after for a paediatric staff nurse. Soft skills include “interpersonal skills”, “physical fitness”, and “adaptability”.

    Ideally, you should include a mixture of hard and soft skills to convey yourself as a well-balanced candidate. Recruiters obviously need a candidate who can fulfil their duties as a paediatric staff nurse, but they also want someone who can work well as part of a team and continue to perform day in, day out.

    Show your recruiter you have what it takes by including these must-have skills on your CV.

    Key paediatric staff nurse skills for your CV

    • Communication
    • Operation of medical equipment
    • Vaccination
    • Child psychology
    • Teamwork
    • Resilience under pressure

    Nice-to-haves that will set your CV apart

    • Creativity
    • Knowledge of a second language
    • Customer service
    • Technology skills
    • Medical reporting

    Outlining education on a paediatric staff nurse CV

    Last but not least is education on your CV. While nobody is hired based on education alone, this section is vital to show that you’ve got the necessary qualifications for the role. It’s essentially box ticking, though recruiters might ask you to expand on your qualifications and courses at an interview.

    With this in mind, you don’t need to list expansive details about your time at university or specific modules. Instead, focus on the basics – your degree, course, or qualification title along with the educational institution, dates, and potentially the grades.

    That said, you don’t have to include all courses and grades if they don’t look great or aren’t relevant. As an example, you might prefer to list a bachelor’s degree without the grade if you achieved third class honours rather than a first or second. Similarly, your GCSE in art might not be worth detailing specifically – you can just say the number of GCSEs and a grade range like A*-C.

    Most paediatric staff nurse roles call for a degree in nursing, so you should definitely include this if you have it. On top of that, you might have completed work-based qualifications like first aid, along with previous educational achievements like A levels to show a bit more of your journey to where you are now.

    Example of education for a paediatric staff nurse CV

    Bachelor of Science, Nursing, 2022
    University of Edinburgh

    A-Levels, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, 2019
    Northridge High School – Edinburgh

    Dos and don’ts for your paediatric staff nurse CV

    If you’re ready to develop the bones of your CV, keep reading to discover our top tips for your paediatric staff nurse application.


    • DO highlight your training

      All paediatric staff nurses must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council before they can practise, which usually involves around three or four years of training. Your recruiter won’t necessarily assume you have the correct qualifications if you don’t include them on your CV, so make sure you’ve specified your level of training in the education section of your application.

    • DO include compelling statistics

      It’s impossible to sum up the human aspect of your role with numbers alone. That said, statistics are a great way to help your CV stand out and make it easier for your recruiter to quantify your success. If you saw an average of 35 children a week, reduced recovery times by 10%, or helped lower local accidents through community initiatives, mention these achievements on your CV!


    • DON’T be too general

      Paediatric nursing encompasses everything from neonatal care to treating adolescent injuries. Wherever your experience lies, make sure to mention your particular areas of expertise on your CV to show your recruiter your strengths and potentially set you apart from other applicants.

    • DON’T forget the paediatric staff nurse job description

      Paediatric staff nurses can work in a wide range of areas, from intensive care to child protection. If you’re applying for a specialised role, make sure to include keywords and phrases from the job description in your CV. It will help your application pass an ATS and make it into the hands of your recruiter.


    Top-rated questions about your paediatric staff nurse CV

    How do I write a CV as a paediatric staff nurse?

    Writing a CV as a paediatric staff nurse shouldn’t feel like a surgical procedure! By following this simple structure, you can tick every box and make sure your application covers everything it should:

    • Your name and contact details.
    • A personal summary outlines your current nursing role, career ambitions, and the unique qualities that make you an excellent paediatric staff nurse.
    • A work experience section, with 4-6 bullet points per role. These shouldn’t just list your responsibilities – make sure to include key achievements and metrics, too.
    • A skills section that lists your top hard and soft paediatric skills (stick to around eight bullet points).
    • An education section that outlines your most recent qualifications and professional training.

    What are the roles and responsibilities of a paediatric staff nurse?

    The roles of a paediatric staff nurse will depend on the type of clinic they work in – for example, a nurse working in a general children’s hospital may have a broader range of responsibilities than someone who works in a specific ward. Typically, though, a paediatric nurse will be responsible for providing primary care to young patients. That can involve giving childhood vaccinations, examining injuries, monitoring children in intensive care, and looking after patients who are staying in overnight.

    What skills does a paediatric staff nurse need?

    A paediatric staff nurse needs to combine strong medical knowledge with excellent people skills. They will often be responsible for looking after children on the wards, so they must solve problems and provide emotional support, all while offering first-class primary care.

    What qualifications do you need to become a paediatric staff nurse in the UK?

    To become a paediatric staff nurse, you will need either an undergraduate degree or apprenticeship. Whichever route you choose, your course must have been accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council. As part of your qualification, you will also need to complete a certain amount of work experience. It usually takes between three and four years to qualify as a paediatric staff nurse.

    How much does a paediatric staff nurse earn?

    According to the National Careers Service, the average paediatric staff nurse salary in the UK is between £24,907 and £37,890 a year. It’s worth remembering that paediatric nurses may be required to work during weekends, evenings, and overnight depending on their shifts.

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