How to use ChatGPT to write a cover letter

AI generators, such as ChatGPT present the opportunity to create cover letters faster and easier than before. Let’s dive into the cover letter generation process and analyse the tool’s pros and cons.

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By Jagoda Obszarska, Senior Content Editor, TranslatorLast Updated: July 3, 2024
ChatGPT Cover Letter

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The new era of job application has officially started. AI-based tools are flooding the internet, with one standing out: ChatGPT.

Read on to learn how to use this artificial intelligence software to create a Cover Letter.

Using ChatGPT to Write a Cover Letter

Using ChatGPT to write a cover letter is quite simple. To be fair, it’s more complex than using our cover letter builder, but with our tips, you can surely give it a go!

Here are step-by-step instructions for writing a cover letter with ChatGPT:


Get ready

Gather detailed information about your professional background, skills, experience and achievements. Your updated CV will come in handy here.

Research the company and the specific position to tailor your cover letter accordingly.


Start the conversation

Start a conversation with ChatGPT, by treating it like a virtual writing assistant.


Introduce yourself

Start by introducing yourself, stating your name, current role and any relevant information.


Specify the details of the job you are applying for

Include details of the position you are applying for, such as the job title, company name and any specific requirements listed in the job offer.


Highlight skills and experience

Share the key skills and experiences you want to highlight in your cover letter. Mention specific accomplishments that align with the requirements of the position.


Ask for specific action

Ask ChatGPT to help you draft the entire letter or just paragraphs or sentences related to your skills, experience and how they relate to the position.


Edit and refine

ChatGPT can generate content that you can edit and refine to better suit your style and preferences. Make sure the tone and language is consistent with your personal brand.


Express enthusiasm

Convey enthusiasm about the position and the opportunity to contribute to the company’s success.


Closing statements

Ask ChatGPT to help you create a strong closing statement that expresses gratitude and sets the stage for further communication.


Review and finalise

Review the generated content, make any necessary changes and ensure the cover letter reflects your unique qualifications and aspirations.


Additional feedback

Provide additional feedback as necessary to further refine the content. You can repeat this process until you are happy with the final draft.


Copy, paste and format

Once you’re happy with the outcome, copy-paste it to a docs file. Now it’s time to format your cover letter. Make sure you follow professional standards.

Effective prompts for ChatGPT cover letter

The use of AI-based tools offers great potential - as long as we know how to use them.

Like many similar tools, GPT Chat operates based on prompts. Essentially, you pose a task or question in the form of a prompt, and the tool generates a response

Certainly, a simple prompt like 'Write a cover letter for me' will result in a generic response, but if you want a professional, personalised cover letter, you have to try a little harder.

chatgpt cover letter prompt
  • Starting your cover letter

    "Draft an engaging introduction for a cover letter for the [specific job title] position at [company name]."

  • Showing you’re a good fit

    "Outline my relevant experiences and skills in response to the [specific requirements] outlined in the job listing for the [job title] position at [company name]."

  • Presenting your skills

    "Compose a paragraph emphasising my key skills, illustrating how they align with the requirements of the [job title] role."

  • Showing of your experience

    "Develop a section showcasing my past experiences, especially those demonstrating proficiency in [specific job responsibilities] required for the [job title] position at [company name]."

  • Expressing enthusiasm

    "Articulate my interest in working at [company name], highlighting how my values align with the company's mission and emphasising the unique contributions I can make."

  • Customising your letter

    "Assist me in customising the cover letter content to address [specific aspect or requirement] mentioned in the job description for the [job title] role at [company name]."

  • Putting it all to work

    "Generate an initial draft for the cover letter; let's work together to refine the content and ensure it is tailored for the [job title] position at [company name]."

  • Reviewing and fine-tuning

    “Review and improve my cover letter writing. Provide a final version that is professional and up-to-date with current job market standards.”

ChatGPT cover letter example

Studying cover letter examples can be helpful in creating your own letter. We tested ChatGPT cover letter prompt ideas in practice and, after several exchanges with the Chat, editing and appropriate formatting, we obtained the following cover letter:

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my keen interest in the Customer Service Representative position at Magenta, as advertised. With a strong foundation in customer-centric roles and a proven track record of delivering exceptional service, I am excited about the prospect of contributing to the dynamic team at Magenta.

In response to the specific requirements outlined in the job listing for the Customer Service Representative position at Magenta, my professional background is marked by proficiency in managing customer inquiries and complaints, strong communication skills, and an ability to handle high call volumes efficiently. These experiences have equipped me with the expertise needed to excel in a fast-paced and customer-focused environment.

Key skills such as active listening, problem-solving, and time management position me as a candidate well-suited to meet and exceed the expectations of the Customer Service Representative role at Magenta. These skills, coupled with my unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, make me a valuable asset to your team.

Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated a high level of proficiency in customer relations. Notable achievements include resolving complex issues to the satisfaction of customers, consistently meeting or exceeding service targets, and receiving positive feedback for outstanding service. All of these accomplishments underscore my ability to handle diverse customer needs effectively.

Magenta’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences resonates with my own values of empathy and integrity. I am particularly drawn to Magenta’s dedication to innovation and continuous improvement, and I am eager to contribute my skills and passion to further enhance the company’s reputation for outstanding customer service.

In alignment with Magenta’s emphasis on phone ethics, I am proud to share that my professional approach prioritises clear communication, active listening, and a solution-oriented mindset. Previous roles have honed my ability to handle diverse phone interactions with tact and professionalism, ensuring a positive and seamless customer experience.

I look forward to the opportunity to discuss in further detail how my skills and experiences align with the needs of Magenta. Thank you for considering my application.

Yours sincerely,
Emma Potter

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Pros and cons of using ChatGPT to write a cover letter

Advantages of using ChatGPT to write a cover letter

  • Saves time

    Crafting a compelling cover letter with ChatGPT is relatively quick, helping you generate content promptly.

  • Structured approach

    ChatGPT understands the required structure of a cover letter and automatically applies those rules, ensuring a well-organised and professional document.

  • Right vocabulary

    ChatGPT provides suggestions for keywords and persuasive language to enhance the effectiveness of your cover letter.

  • Job-specific content

    ChatGPT tailors its content to the unique requirements of your desired job, ensuring a personalised and relevant message.

  • Assistance for writing challenges

    Candidates facing writing difficulties, such as dyslexia, can benefit from ChatGPT as an additional tool for creating a persuasive, well-written text.

Disadvantages of using ChatGPT to write a cover letter

  • Lack of contextual understanding

    ChatGPT may lack a deep understanding of your specific industry, experiences, or the nuances of your professional background, leading to generic content that may not resonate well with employers.

  • Risk of generic phrasing

    The generated content might lean towards generic language and expressions, potentially resulting in a cover letter that lacks a unique and personal touch. This could make it less impactful and memorable to hiring managers.

  • Over reliance on templates

    Users may overly rely on ChatGPT, treating it as a template for cover letters without providing sufficient personalisation. This could result in formulaic applications that fail to distinguish the candidate from others.

  • Potential for lengthy or redundant content

    Without careful review, ChatGPT may generate cover letters that are overly lengthy or contain redundant information. This can dilute the impact of the letter and make it less likely to be read thoroughly.

  • Limited industry-specific language precision

    The translation of industry-specific terms or jargon may not always be precise. ChatGPT, being a system born in English, might struggle with accurately conveying technical or specialised language, potentially leading to inaccuracies in the cover letter.

ChatGPT vs our Cover Letter builder

While giving ChatGPT a shot for your cover letter can be handy, it does involve a few steps and a bit of know-how about the tool.

Now, let’s dive into a brief review why our builder might just be the better pick:

  • Comes with specialised templates

    Our builder provides a variety of specialised cover letter templates designed by professionals. These templates are tailored for different industries and roles, ensuring a more targeted and polished approach compared to the generic responses that ChatGPT may generate.

  • We guide you through the process

    We guide you through every step of the process, ensuring it’s intuitive and easy to navigate. This guidance helps users, especially those unfamiliar with cover letter conventions, to create comprehensive and well-organised documents. ChatGPT may lack this step-by-step guidance.

  • Industry insights and specialised vocabulary

    Our builder is constantly updated with industry insights, offering suggestions on the skills and qualities relevant to specific professions. This feature enhances the relevance and effectiveness of the cover letter, addressing a potential limitation of ChatGPT, which may lack industry-specific knowledge.

  • Time efficient

    Cover letter builder from myPerfectCV is allowing users to create professional cover letters quickly. The process of cover letter writing is easy thanks to ready-made content sections and intuitive interfaces. ChatGPT, while powerful, may require more time and effort to curate a well-structured and effective cover letter.

  • Ready to send

    Provided that you have followed all the steps and got your cover letter written by ChatGPT, you still need to paste it into a text file, then format it properly, save it and only then can you send it to recruiters. Our builder formats your letter straight away, all you need to do is save it and you’re ready to go.

  • Quick access anytime you need it

    The builder allows you to store and easily edit your cover letters. Imagine you have gained new skills and want to edit your letter quickly. No problem! For the time being, ChatGPT does not have this feature.


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