Because the role of a fashion buyer requires you to balance your impeccable taste with razor-sharp analytical skills, it can be tricky to sum all of this up on your CV. Browse our top tips and find comprehensive fashion buyer CV samples that will help you create your own.

Our professional CV examples will give you an idea of what has worked in the past. Beginning your CV with an understanding of the standard methods, formulas, and language for fashion buyers will put you ahead in terms of creating an effective application.

Are you ready to begin writing your fashion buyer CV today? 

This is what we will cover below:


    Fashion buyer CV sample - image plus text CV

    fashion buyer CV example 2

    Eric King

    5 Browns Road
    Liverpool L3 9RF

    Professional summary

    Detail-oriented and successful at identifying the latest style and fashion trends through careful research. Well-trained professional with a passion for procuring beautiful goods. Target-driven fashion expert with a record of academic success, eager to add value to the quality-focused team. Looking for a role that provides opportunities for high levels of responsibility.

    Work history

    February 2022 – Current, Obsess Planet – Liverpool
    Fashion Buyer

    • Successfully launched a new ‘Digital Dresses’ department attracting new customers and generating additional sales.
    • Negotiated contract and purchase terms with suppliers.
    • Interpreted sales forecast to management for informed purchasing.
    • Liaised with cross-departmental counterparts to ensure alignment on deliverables and deadlines.

    August 2018 – January 2022, Universal exports – Birmingham
    Fashion Buyer

    • Supported in sourcing and developing products.
    • Identified and meeting suitable suppliers/manufacturers.
    • Visited fashion shows and trade fairs to look for new products.
      Managed stock levels.


    • Problem-solving
    • Time management
    • Supply chain assistance
    • Competitive shopping
    • Supply sourcing
    • Researching
    • Stock ordering
    • Forecast interpretation
    • Contract negotiation


    Italian, Upper intermediate


    2020, Birmingham University
    Bachelor of Arts, Fashion Design

    Fashion buyer CV template

    As a fashion buyer, you’ll know the importance of great design. Using the right fashion buyer CV template, you can present your skills, education, and experience in the best way possible – helping your application stand out from the crowd. Take a look at these hand-picked CV templates to create a CV that will get you noticed by potential employers.

    What is the best format for your fashion buyer CV?

    Choosing an effective structure is one of the best ways you can create a CV that will be coherent and packed with important information. There are multiple CV formats for you to choose from, each offering a slightly different way to highlight your strengths as a candidate. A good CV format should include your work history, skills, and educational achievements. 

    While there are many formats for you to pick from, there are two that stand out for a fashion buyer. The first is the reverse-chronological CV. This is a CV format that focuses on your work history, beginning with current or most recent role and then working backwards. This will give you an opportunity to lay out your previous experience in an engaging and informative way. 

    The second option would be a skills-based CV. This format focuses on skills you have picked up through education or related experience. It will explain how these skills have prepared you for the role of fashion buyer. 

    So which of these two CV formats is the best choice for a fashion buyer? If you have the experience, then we’d recommend going for the reverse-chronological CV. However, if you are transitioning from a different position or have recently graduated from your fashion degree, a skills-based CV can work just as well. 

    Here are some other vital structural tips for you to keep in mind when fashioning the shape of your CV:

    • Write your CV to be one or two pages long.
    • Use a professional font like Calibri, Times New Roman, or Arial.
    • Use the job advert when selecting your format.
    • Send your file as a PDF or Word file.
    • Break up long sections of text with bullet points, or section breaks.

    How to write a CV for a fashion buyer

    In the following sections, we’re going to dive into the deep end on the specifics of your CV. We will cover everything to do with content, highlighting information that will make you stand out. In the following sections we’ll cover how to write a CV for a fashion buyer, including:

    How to add contact details to your fashion buyer CV

    First things first – get your contact details right! Many candidates forget this important step. How can a hiring manager contact you and move you to the next part of the selection process, if they can’t easily get in contact with you? This is why a contact details section is especially important. 

    You need to add a clear set of contact details near the top of your document. You should aim to make them instantly noticeable, in a bolder or larger font than the rest of your text. 

    When creating an effective set of contact details, make sure you include the following:

    • Your full name – no need to include your middle name.
    • Your location – so the employer understands where you are based
    • Phone number – choose a mobile number as this will make you easier to reach.
    • Your email – make sure you choose a professional address that is appropriate for work. 

    Example of contact section for a fashion buyer CV

    Angela Lombardo
    82 Boleyn Road,
    London, N12JG

    Start your fashion buyer CV with a personal statement

    The next step is to introduce yourself with a strong personal statement. A good personal statement will give a short overview of you as a candidate. It should cover your strengths, key experience, and give some indication as to your specialisms or unique skills. What’s the difficulty with this section? You’ll only have three to four sentences to squeeze all of this information in.

    This can be made easier by following a simple format. To do this, begin with a first sentence that gives an overview of you as a candidate. You should let the reader know who you are and your experience level. You can miss out larger career goals as this can be saved for your cover letter. Let them know that you have a wealth of experience in identical or similar roles, keeping the sentence engaging and snappy.

    Your second sentence is where you should give a real-world example of something you have achieved. You should add a fact or figure to lend authority to this statement. For example, you could say that you once reduced external spending within a company by 30% – this would be a great figure to add that shows you mean business.

    Your third and fourth sentences are all about highlighting any special skills or unique talents you possess within the role. For example, you might have great data analysis skills, or be adept at procurement. If you have any skills like these, make sure to let the reader know what makes you unique and desirable. 

    Here are some additional tips for writing your personal statement:

    • You should write in the third person as this is a professional tone for a CV.
    • Double-check your CV to make sure your language use is concise and clear, and that the text is free from errors.
    • Use action verbs and positive adjectives to engage the reader and keep the statement upbeat.

     Example of personal statement for a fashion buyer CV

    Fashion Buyer with a proven track record in improving smooth-running, cost-effective retail-focused operations. Offering 15+ years of experience with comprehensive market understanding to consistently meet current and future consumer demand.


    Target-driven Fashion Buyer with extensive experience in price trend forecasting, logistics, and creating positive supplier relationships. Managed performance of a portfolio of 20 suppliers through sales monitoring and analysis. Special skills in data analysis, forecasting, and procurement.

    How to present your work history on a fashion buyer CV

    You’ll find that often, a hiring manager will look at your work experience straight away. This is because experience is valued above all else. How can they know if you’ll cope in the job role, if you haven’t previously experienced the life of a fashion buyer? Because of this, you’ll need to make sure that your work history section is expansive, informative, and well-written. It will likely be the largest section of your document.

    How can you present your experience in the best way? You’ll need to begin with your current or most recent role and work backwards. You should list up to 6 responsibilities for each job you cover, going into detail on how these have prepared you to take on new, challenging roles. Always make sure to choose responsibilities that respond to the job ad you are applying for. For example, if procurement is a big part of the advertisement, you should mention any previous examples you’ve had with this skill!

    An important tip here is never to repeat yourself. You may have performed the same responsibilities across different job roles, but repeating yourself is only wasting words you could use to paint the picture of you as an effective candidate. 

    You should also aim to create a formal yet upbeat tone. This means using positive adjectives to describe yourself – for example you might be “effective”, or “experienced”. Action verbs are another good tool for your proverbial toolbox – replace “responsible for” with words like “led”, “organised”, or “co-ordinated”.

    Example of work experience for a fashion buyer CV

    Fashion Buyer, 10/2023 to Current
    Global Fashion Group – London

    • Oversaw planning and inventory management of seasonal stocks.
    • Sourced new vendors for purchasing needs.
    • Negotiated contract and purchase terms with suppliers.
    • Interpreted sales forecast to management for informed purchasing.
    • Liaised with cross-departmental counterparts to ensure alignment on deliverables and deadlines.
    • Assessed changes and determined proper courses of action by collaborating with suppliers.

    Assistant Buyer, 02/2019 to 10/2023
    Arcadia – London

    • Managed performance of a portfolio of 20 suppliers through sales monitoring and analysis
    • Appropriately challenged prices to acquire competitive pricing, reducing external spending by 30%.
    • Investigated and resolved supply chain issues through root cause analysis, communicating causes for concern with the head buyer.
    • Monitored and evaluated fashion market trends to best meet consumer demand.

    Fashion buyer CV skills

    An extensive list of skills is a great way to get yourself noticed. Your CV skills should show how eclectic you are as a candidate, with a fine balance between hard and soft skills. You should aim to add 12 in total – creating the image of you as a positive candidate. 

    So what is the difference between hard and soft skills? Hard skills can be thought of as anything that you have gained through previous experience or through education. For example, you might have skills in conducting market research, or experience staging meetings with vendors. Soft skills are more like personal, desirable traits that help you to stand out. 

    An employer will be searching for a candidate who has a mixture of both of these. You’ll need to have the skills that make you effective in the role, but also personal skills that make you easy to work with. 

    Combining research skills with impressive fashion judgement, the role of a fashion buyer requires a unique skill set. Discover the must-have skills for your fashion buyer CV below.

    Crucial skills for your fashion buyer CV

    • Communication skills (written and verbal)
    • Attention to detail
    • Budgeting
    • Negotiation
    • Market research

    Additional skills to help your CV stand out

    • AR software to preview trends
    • Analytical
    • Industry knowledge
    • Knowledge of a second language

    Fashion buyer CV education

    The final section of content in your main CV document should cover your educational history. This is where you can show the employer you have the brains to back up your experience and key skills. It is your chance to define your most impressive academic achievements, as well as any professional courses you have completed over the years.

    Make sure to include all of your relevant qualifications, including any university courses, college, or secondary school courses you have taken. You should also include any professional certifications you have that will help to build your application.

    You should always be precise with the qualifications you choose. Make sure you miss out on any bad grades or courses that are relevant to the position of a fashion buyer. 

    When creating the education section of your application, include the following:

    • Name of the educational institution
    • Start and end dates of your academic course
    • Official title of your field of study
    • Qualification level you attained
    • Qualification outcome or result

    Example of education for your fashion buyer CV

    Bachelor of Arts, Fashion Designer, 08/2023
    Manchester Metropolitan University – Manchester

    A Levels in Art, Design, and Set Design, 08/2020
    Manchester College – Manchester
    A, A, B


    Your fashion buyer CV questions answered

    What is a fashion buyer?

    A fashion buyer is a professional who chooses garments, clothing ranges, and product lines to be sold in a shop. On a day-to-day basis, this can include going to design shows, analysing trends, negotiating budgets with external suppliers, monitoring previous launches’ success, and managing stock levels. Some fashion buyers may also help the marketing department to promote new lines.

    How to become a fashion buyer?

    To become a fashion buyer, you will need relevant qualification and work experience. If you’ve chosen to do an undergraduate degree, you can apply to graduate schemes at major retailers such as Next or ASOS once you’ve graduated. Suppose you’ve got a relevant college qualification or a diploma. In that case, some companies may require you to complete additional work experience before offering you a role – though this depends on the business.

    What skills do you need to be a fashion buyer?

    There are various key skills needed to be a fashion buyer, ranging from communication to customer research. The top fashion buyer skills are both analytical and aesthetic, enabling you to make intelligent business decisions while also choosing beautiful garments your customers will love. These include market research, negotiation, budgeting, and an excellent eye for detail.

    What qualifications do you need to be a fashion buyer?

    Fashion buyer education requirements can vary depending on the role, although most (if not all) applicants will have a formal qualification. That could be an undergraduate degree in fashion retail, fashion design, or fashion buying. Alternatively, you could have a diploma in fashion business and retail.

    How much does a fashion buyer earn?

    According to, the average salary for a retail buyer in the UK ranges from around £35,000 to over £48,000. The figure can vary hugely depending on the size of the organisation you work for, as well as your level of experience.

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