Assistant football coaches play a critical role in the nurturing and development of young footballers – both on and off the pitch. They possess a wide range of skills, from player development and tactical knowledge to leadership and clear communication.

However, CV writing is a far cry from most assistant football coach duties. That’s where our CV examples, templates, and top tips can help. Get to know the ins and outs of assistant football coach CVs, then get started on your own with our innovative online builder.


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    Assistant football coach CV templates

    Kick off your CV with a strong personal statement

    Also known as a professional summary, your personal statement is a short paragraph which opens your assistant football coach CV and introduces you to recruiters. If things don’t go right, it could be the only bit of your CV they read.

    To make sure that’s not the case, keep things concise and positive. Use skills-based adjectives like “motivated”, “influential” and “tactically adept” to describe yourself in 3-4 sentences. Next, give recruiters a taste of what you can do, highlighting your experience in “planning training sessions” or “working with 10-15-year-olds”, for example.

    Top tips for your assistant football coach CV

    Before you tackle the assistant football coach interview questions, you’ll need to make sure your CV ticks all the boxes. Here’s how…

    • Start with the right formation

      Formations are a key part of football – and your CV isn’t a million miles away. It’s important to structure your assistant football coach CV so recruiters can get the information they need easily. A nimble personal statement should always lead the attack, back it up with your work experience and skills as the midfield, then give yourself a strong back line with any relevant qualifications at the end.

    • Use the assistant football coach job description

      Once you’ve got the basic structure in place, it can be difficult knowing where to start. A good tip is to read through the assistant football coach job description and figure out how your previous experience and skills fit the bill. You can then tailor your work history and key skills list to the specific assistant football coach duties wherever applicable.

    • Sub in some keywords

      If the assistant football coach job description uses a specific term, it’s best to reflect that in your CV. If they say a “FA Level 1 Football Certificate” is essential, there’s no need to reword this qualification. Recruiters often use ATS software to scan for specific terms, so it’s better to have the exact phrase in there.

    • Give yourself some extra time

      Don’t limit yourself to 45 or 90 minutes when it comes to your assistant football coach CV. Take your time to check for errors, read through it to see if everything makes sense, and see if there’s anything you’ve missed out.

    • Add a cover letter

      As an assistant football coach, a passion for the sport is essential. But your CV isn’t always the best place to show it. Write a cover letter to outline why you’re a great fit for the role, and add a bit more detail about your background both on and off the pitch.

    Assistant football coach skills to include in your CV

    If you want to excel with assistant football coach duties, there are a number of technical skills and personal qualities you’ll need:

    Essential skills for assistant football coaches

    • Training sessions
    • Player development
    • Tactically adept
    • Diet and nutrition knowledge
    • Scouting and player assessment
    • Leadership and motivation

    Added extras for your CV

    • Footballing background
    • Time management
    • Clear communication
    • Working with a specific age group
    • First aid
    • Physiotherapy

    Top FAQs about your assistant football coach CV

    How to write an assistant football coach CV?

    To write an assistant football coach CV, start by outlining your qualifications and work experience, starting the most recent role. You can then use this to write a list of 6-10 key skills you’ve developed in your studies or career to date. Finally, write a personal statement that concisely introduces your application in 3-4 sentences. Don’t forget to add your name and contact details at the top of the page.

    Which skills do you need in an assistant football coach CV?

    Assistant football coach duties call upon a range of technical skills, including player development, team management, and training sessions. You’ll also need the right personal qualities, such as time management and strong communication.

    How to be a graduate assistant football coach?

    To become a graduate football coach, you’ll need a relevant degree such as football coaching or sports science. That should be paired with an FA coaching qualification, which start at level 1 and get higher as you move towards the professional game.

    What are the best CV templates for an assistant football coach CV?

    When you’re choosing a template for your assistant football coach CV, go for something with a simple font and plenty of white space, making it easy to read, plus a touch of colour in the header or margin to help it stand out. Remember that CV templates should include all the essential sections, from the personal statement and work history to key skills and qualifications.

    What are assistant football coach interview questions?

    Recruiters are likely to ask about the skills and experience mentioned in your assistant football coach CV. They may ask you to expand on specific responsibilities or discuss how they make you a suitable candidate for the role. Another common assistant football coach interview question is asking you to give examples of skills like game management, player development, or conflict resolution.

    It’s game time for your assistant football coach CV

    Now you’ve scouted and assessed our examples and tips, it’s time to nurture and develop your own CV. Our tried-and-tested online builder gives you everything you need in one place, from well designed CV templates to pre-written content, tailored to assistant football coach duties and skills. Try it out today to build a CV that hits the target for your next role.


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