Your content manager CV should illustrate your passion for content and understanding its value relating to marketing and sales. Content managers must highlight their skills, from management to strategy, proofreading to briefing, idea generation to campaign implementation.

myPerfectCV offers a tried and tested way to create an effective content manager CV quickly. Explore our selection of content manager CV examples before building your own with our recruiter-approved CV builder.

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    Content manager CV Sample

    Kiara Connell

    444 Kingsway
    Manchester M60 3TT

    Professional summary

    A highly skilled and experienced Content Manager with a proven track record of success in creating and managing engaging content across multiple platforms. Strong background in content strategy, team management, and brand development. Committed to delivering high-quality content that drives audience engagement and achieves business objectives.

    Work history

    March 2022 – Current
    WeWrite – Manchester
    Content Manager

    • Developed and executed content strategy across multiple digital platforms, resulting in a 30% increase in website traffic.
    • Managed a team of content creators, providing guidance and feedback to ensure the delivery of high-quality content.
    • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and implement marketing campaigns that effectively promoted brand awareness and increased customer engagement.
    • Monitored and analysed content performance using analytics tools, making data-driven decisions to optimise content strategy.

    January 2018 – February 2022
    New Media Agency – Birmingham
    Content Writer

    • Researched and developed compelling and informative content for various clients across different industries.
    • Collaborated with clients to understand their content needs and objectives, ensuring the delivery of tailored and impactful content.
    • Edited and proofread content to ensure accuracy, consistency, and adherence to brand guidelines.
    • Managed multiple projects simultaneously, prioritising tasks and meeting tight deadlines.


    Content Strategy
    Team Management
    Brand Development
    Digital Marketing
    Project Management


    University of Manchester Manchester
    Bachelor of Arts Journalism

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    Content manager CV template

    To create an effective CV for a content manager, you will need to include a lot of important information. This might feel like a difficult document to start, but with our CV templates, you can find the ideal starting point that matches the role of content manager.

    Which format is right on a CV for content manager applicants?

    To create an effective CV for a content manager, you will need to get the format right. You can think of a CV format as the skeleton that helps you to present all of your relevant information in the right way. For a content manager, you will need to make sure you pick a format that shows your prowess in the field, and extensive work history.

    Because of this, we would recommend that you go with the reverse-chronological CV format. This is a format that begins with your current or most recent role, then works backwards through time to give the reader a comprehensive picture of your work experience. It is a great way to quickly establish that you are the right choice for the position.

    You should always consider the following when selecting the right format for your content manager CV:

    • Always pick a format that helps you respond to the job ad requirements.
    • Send your file as a Word or PDF document.
    • Keep your CV concise, ideally one or two pages.
    • Choose a legible font like Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri.
    • Always break up long sections of text with paragraphs, headings, sections and bullet point lists.

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    How to write a CV for a content manager

    Now that we have nailed down the best formula for your CV, it’s time to delve into the content. We’re going to explain how to write a CV for a content manager, explaining how you can write each section to engage the reader and capture the attention of a potential employer.

    Here is what we are about to cover:

    How to add contact details to your content manager CV

    You will need to make sure anyone who reads your CV can quickly get into contact with you. You can do this with a clear contact section somewhere near the top of your document. Many applicants forget this important step, leading to missed opportunities.

    To add a clear set of contact details, you should always aim to make them stand out. This means making them slightly larger than the rest of your CV, or bold.

    Here are some other key details for you to include:

    • Your full name – no need to include your middle name.
    • Location – so the employer knows where you’re based.
    • Phone number – having a mobile number makes you more accessible.
    • Email address – make sure to use a work-appropriate email address.

    Example of contact section for a content manager CV

    Jim Myddleton
    53 Church Way, Bradford, 8D19JR

    Start your content manager CV with a personal statement

    The first large section of your CV should be reserved for your personal statement. This is your chance to introduce yourself to the reader, so it’s an important step to get right. A personal statement should give a complete overview of you as a candidate. It should outline your experience level, some of your most impressive achievements, and some of your special skills. What’s the difficulty of this opening statement? You’ll only have 3-4 short sentences to pack all this information into.

    You can write an effective personal statement by following a simple formula. Begin your first sentence by introducing yourself to the reader. You should explain who you are and your general career objective. Leave any huge spirations until later, instead focusing on a short introduction that hooks the reader.

    Your second sentence should use a real-world fact or figure to back up something you have achieved. Perhaps you previously optimised a website, leading to a 25% increase in site visits. This would be a great thing to say early, so that the reader knows you have been effective in the past. Using a real-world stat lends authority to your statement.

    Your third and fourth sentences should be reserved for explaining any special skills you have. It’s up to you what skills you hone in on, but make sure to pick something that makes you unique.

    Here are some extra tips to make your personal statement shine:

    • Keep your statement short, aiming for 100 words in total.
    • Use a friendly but formal tone.
    • Always tailor your statement to the job advertisement.
    • Write in the third person as this is more professional.

    Example of personal statement for a content manager CV

    Detail oriented Content Manager with extensive knowledge of Google analytics and digital marketing trends. Committed to creating unique and aesthetically pleasing content with a talent for adapting to changing audience needs. Resourceful and well organised with excellent leadership and team building record.


    Experienced content manager with over 5 years of experience, searching for a senior role. Led a team to optimise and redesign company web presence, leading to a 55% increase in site visits and engagement. Adept in Google analytics, SEO, and team building.

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    Content manager CV work experience

    Your CV is your chance to shine, and one area you shouldn’t overlook is the part where you delve into your work experience. It’s important because it provides your potential employer with a snapshot of your suitability for the role.

    To make your CV stand out, tailor the work experience section to align seamlessly with the job you’re eyeing. Begin with your current or most recent position and detail up to six key responsibilities for each role. Don’t skip the essential details:

    • Your professional title
    • Commencement and conclusion dates
    • Company name
    • Location of the company
    • A breakdown of key tasks
    • Noteworthy work achievements

    Make sure your professional journey impresses by citing real life examples of your accomplishments. Instead of going for generic phrases like “enhanced systems”, highlight specific achievements such as “optimised systems, resulting in a remarkable 40% increase in efficiency”. Verifiable data always lends an air of authenticity to your writing!

    You’ll want to get a hold of reader engagement by incorporating action verbs and positive adjectives. Replace mundane expressions like “responsible for” with dynamic action verbs. Describe yourself using captivating words like “methodical” or “punctual” to breathe life into your achievements, helping to hook the reader throughout.

    Example of work experience for a content manager CV

    Content Manager
    Content Solutions Co. Bradford
    January 2022 – Current

    • Developed landing pages, dashboards and online applications using wordpress.
    • Maintained strict budgeting and scheduling guidelines to satisfy customers with high quality targeted designs.
    • Owned more than 35 projects per year from initial research and conceptual design through testing and implementation phases.
    • Collected, defined and translated user requirements into project designs and implementation plans.

    Content Officer
    Modern Media, Bradford
    January 2019 – January 2022

    • Posted daily on 5 social media sites.
    • Created and posted to Modern Media’s website.
    • Designed marketing headers to promote events and company updates.
    • Applied current editing and photography tools to tell great stories.
    • Increased website and social media traffic by 25% by creating dynamic graphics and materials.

    Content manager CV skills

    Content managers are the ultimate multi-taskers. With a whole host of CV skills that make them able to spot a great piece of content, brief their team in a flash, and consistently meet deadlines.

    You’ll want to split your CV skills between two key camps. The first are hard skills, which can be thought of as anything you have learned on the job or through education. You should make sure to include hard skills like SEO knowledge. Marketing, and knowledge of Google Indexing.

    Soft skills are more like positive character traits. An employer is going to want a well-rounded candidate who has more general skills. Try to find what makes you unique and what your character traits are as a character. Perhaps you’re excellent at timekeeping, or adept at team building. Whatever it is, ensure to include these important skills.

    Must-have skills for your content manager CV

    • Project management
    • Audience segmentation
    • SEO understanding
    • Content strategy
    • Marketing strategy
    • Confident leader
    • Editing and proofreading
    • Outstanding communication (written and verbal)
    • CMS software (e.g. Hubspot, WordPress)

    Further content manager skills

    • Campaign analysis
    • Industry knowledge
    • Problem-solving
    • Attention to detail
    • Multi-tasking
    • Advanced computer literacy
    • Flexibility
    • Ability to work under pressure

    How to add education to your content manager CV

    The final section of your CV should be dedicated to your educational history. This is the section where you can show you have the brains to go along with your skills and experience. It’s a short section which should outline your most impressive and relevant qualifications.

    What education do you need for a content manager? Direct experience is often more important, especially for a managerial role, but it would help if you had some kind of background in English, IT, web design, or other related fields.

    Here are the key details you’ll need to add when writing the education section of your CV:

    • Name of the educational institution
    • Start and end dates of your academic course
    • Official title of your field of study
    • Qualification level you attained
    • Qualification outcome or result

    Example of education for a content manager CV

    Bachelor of Arts, English
    University College London, London
    Sept 2020 – June 2023
    Graduated with 1st class honours

    A Levels, English, History Business
    Bradford Sixth Form, Bradford
    Sept 2018 – June 2020
    A, A, B

    Content manager dos and don’ts

    Content managers seamlessly direct the creation and output of web content for brands and companies. They need to demonstrate a varied skill set, which can be tricky to fit into a 2 page CV. Here are our top recruiter tips for hitting the right tone of voice in your CV:


    • DO demonstrate your marketing skills

      Content managers play an integral function in the marketing team, managing the production and publishing schedule for content, from video to whitepapers. Recruiters want to see that you understand the entire marketing landscape as the content you produce will directly feed marketing goals. Write about the impact content you have created on marketing goals; using metrics and numbers will help paint a realistic picture of your value.

    • DO talk in metrics

      Giving examples of the value you add to a client or company is best shown through figures and metrics as with any marketing campaign. Talk about how you delivered 10 video posts per month, or how your team created a 5000-word downloadable whitepaper which produced 45 new business leads. Content management is a numbers focused role, with many targets and goals associated with it.


    • DON’T forget to show your leadership experience

      As a content manager, you’ll need to lead a varied group of employees and freelancers, coordinating work according to deadlines. Demonstrate a proven track record of leadership by using your personal statement at the top of your content manager CV to explain your leadership style. You may need to closely manage your team to ensure you meet deadlines and rally the team to get work done. Because of this, you’ll need to have a firm and fair management style.

    • DON’T forget to structure your CV like a boss

      Following a template is by far the easiest way to create a professional content manager CV quickly. Templates like ours, allow you to fill in section by section and do the formatting for you, so you can focus on your writing and content rather than the spacing, font and colours (although we offer the ability to edit these at any time). Save time and worry by using a template that suits your industry and personality.


    Your content manager CV questions answered

    What is content management?

    Content management relates to the creation and publishing of digital or web content. Many web content managers use content management systems (CMS) to plan, schedule, and organise content. Content managers may also publish across social platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; however, this will sometimes be independently called social media management. Depending on the organisation’s size, they may have a web content manager and a social media manager.

    What is the role of a content manager?

    Content management is often considered the glue that holds the content strategy and content team together. A content manager’s role is to produce and distribute digital content to increase brand awareness and encourage a specific market segment to take action. This might be to buy a product or to sign up for a subscription. The content manager coordinates a team of writers and producers; they must be a strong team leader with exceptional project management skills.

    What makes a good content manager?

    A good web content manager has skills such as impeccable organisation, attention to detail, and outstanding project management skills. They seek to understand their audience by researching, interviewing, and surveying the market to ensure that their content meets their audience’s needs.

    They will be excellent communicators and can work with stakeholders to understand the purpose of content for the business. Every business content strategy is very different, as so are their customers’ needs, and the desired outcome is always different. A good content manager will use empathy to design content that speaks to the consumer’s heart.

    What are the roles and responsibilities of a content manager?

    A content manager role involves a lot of organisation and wrangling to produce regular content of exceptionally high-quality. They must understand the business and the audience to adjust the content dependent on sales, marketing initiatives and product launches. The day-to-day responsibilities of a content manager can include:

    • Briefing producers, designers, and writers
    • Interpreting new content briefs
    • Liaising with marketing and sales teams
    • Managing vendors and CMS partners
    • Organising and overseeing the content schedule
    • Revisiting and adjusting the content strategy
    • Strategising according to seasonal events
    • Marketing new product launches
    • Using data to create weekly reports
    • Analysis of content
    • A/B testing of content
    • Refreshing web content
    • SEO research and implementation

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