Copywriters play an important creative role as storytellers, setting the tone of voice for brands and products across various communication materials. No matter the subject, copywriters can write compelling sales copy that encourages readers to take action.

Your copywriter CV should reflect the full range of your creative abilities in creating an energetic and compelling copy for the given deliverable. Copywriters need to showcase various skills, from an impeccable command of the English language to interpreting client briefs, demystifying complex subjects to understanding different formats.

Combined with your knowledge of how to sell yourself, myPerfectCV offers an easy and fast way to create your copywriter CV. Explore our selection of copywriter CV samples before building your own with our recruiter-approved CV builder.


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    Telling your story is easy when you follow a copywriter template. Our professional CV templates range helps you create an application that perfectly presents your skills, education, and experience.

    Give your copywriter CV the right treatment with these top tips

    You may find it easy to write about your writing experience and know precisely how to sell yourself in your personal statement. What about creating a CV in a clear and straightforward format? These tips cover some of the areas copywriters should pay particular attention to standout.

    • Provide numbers

      As a copywriter, you know how to create the punchiest sentences, use bullet points, and impactfully craft paragraphs. Showing off your writing skills will be reasonably easy to demonstrate. Giving examples of the value, you add to a client or company is best shown through figures and quantities. Talk about how you delivered 15 social posts per week, or how you wrote 5000 words per week – this will give the recruiter a realistic sense of what they can expect from you when you are employed.

    • Highlight your computer skills

      Most writers are naturally pretty speedy on the keyboard, and a run on effect is that they are good with computer programmes, especially those to do with content and writing. Be sure to highlight your computer literacy and competence, especially if you have a particular knowledge of programmes. For example, you are using marketing software like Hubspot, Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor for email campaigns. Do you know your way around WordPress? Make sure you draw attention to these special hard skills as they could make the difference.

    • Highlight unique work experiences

      The brands and companies you’ve worked with are an essential metric regarding professional copywriting. If you have had work published or printed, it’s necessary to mention the brands and show the result with links. If you’ve had unique experiences, use these to your advantage, anything unusual helps you stand out more in a sea of candidates.

    • Teamwork makes the dream work

      Copywriters sit within a creative team, in agencies that will include a creative director, art director and account director. You’ll be excellent at inferring your client’s needs and working with a team to give the best results possible. You’ll be a team-player, contributing to the ideas and presentation of creative concepts. Your ability to play well in groups can set you apart in these copywriting positions.

    • Follow a clear structure

      It can be tempting to throw caution to the wind and create a CV that doesn’t follow the usual format, but this can be negative if the company looks at many CVs. As a storyteller, you know how to play with words but don’t play too much with your CV’s look. Always choose a simple structure that’s easy to read and clearly shows off your skills.

    What skills should you include on your copywriter CV?

    Whether it’s using writing software, managing a CMS or collaboration, copywriters have a broad skillset. Impress future employers by highlighting your comprehensive range of abilities.

    Must-have skills for your copywriter CV

    • Excellent knowledge of the English language
    • Outstanding grammar and spelling
    • Editing and proofreading
    • Communication (written and verbal)
    • CMS software (e.g.Hubspot, WordPress)
    • Advanced computer literacy
    • Typing speed

    Further copywriter skills

    • Researching & analysis
    • Industry knowledge
    • Problem-solving
    • Attention to detail
    • Multi-tasking

    Top-rated questions about your copywriter CV

    What is copywriting?

    Copywriting originally evolved as a role within advertising agencies, where the creative team of a writer and an art director, would work together to create adverts for brands and products. The art director looking after the imagery and the copywriter looking after the words, or as we call it: copy. Nowadays, copywriting refers to the practice of creating any written content, digital, printed or otherwise. Copywriting is a form of storytelling, and copywriters are often very good at putting across important messages with words.

    What does a copywriter do?

    A copywriter, writes copy (or words) for websites, articles, product packaging, advertisements, blogs, radio and much more. If you look around the room you’re in right now; you will most likely be able to see a product container or a book cover, or a magazine. Copywriters are responsible for these words. Their role is to write, edit, and often help in the publishing process by adding the copy to a content management system (CMS), such as WordPress. Copywriters work in companies and advertising agencies; they also are frequent freelancers.

    How much does a copywriter make?

    According to, the average UK salary for a copywriter is £33,000 – £36,000 a year. Senior copywriters in advertising agencies could expect to earn upwards of £70,000. Freelancing copywriters can make £50,000 plus, depending on their client base and industry focus.

    What qualifications do you need to be a copywriter?

    The advertising and marketing industry can be highly competitive, so candidates with relevant university qualifications such as an English language or creative writing degree will stand out. You can take courses that will help you learn how to become a copywriter, but they do not come with a guarantee of a job.

    Is copywriting a promising career?

    If you enjoy storytelling, English, and writing, copywriting will be a rewarding and varied career. The best part about a career in copywriting is the diversity of projects you can work on from radio commercials to packaging and websites and books. If you were interested in science, you could become a copywriter for that niche. There are so many types of written content that it’s hard to get bored with the day today. Copywriters can find themselves gainfully employed for many years.

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    Even if you have creative talent in buckets, competition for copywriting positions can be fierce – so stand out from the crowd with a professional CV. With myPerfectCV, it’s quick and easy to build your application today.

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