As the name suggests, beauty advisors provide advice and guidance to clients when it comes to beauty and skincare products. When helping customers choose and use the right products, they act as a representative for the brand as well as a salesperson.

The duties and responsibilities of a beauty advisor are unlike any other role, which is why your CV needs to be unlike any other too. At myPerfectCV, we’ve brought together all the best advice on beauty advisor skills, duties, and even interview questions to make things easier. That’s paired with the option of a beauty advisor CV template to give you a head start on your own application.


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    Contouring the perfect personal statement

    If you want your CV to grab recruiters’ attention, a good personal statement is a must. Sitting at the top of your beauty advisor CV, it’s the first thing they’ll read – and you want to make sure it’s not the last.

    Be clear about your personal qualities like “passionate” and “personable”, as well as highlighting key skills such as “upselling”, “relationship building”, and “makeup application”.

    In 2-3 lines, you’ll also want to mention anything that sets you apart from other candidates, whether it’s specialism in a particular brand, expertise in a type of makeup, or just your many years of experience.

    Top tips for your beauty advisor CV

    Like your clients, recruiters have their own set of preferences, requirements, and even conditions when it comes to your beauty advisor CV. Here’s how to cater to their needs…

    • Put the customer first

      You wouldn’t recommend the same makeup for two different customers. So why make your CV identical for two different jobs? It’s important to read through the beauty advisor job description and pick out as many specific criteria or desirable qualities that are listed. That way, you can tailor your CV to the specific duties and responsibilities of the beauty advisor role in question – and increase your chances of success!

    • Focus on the task at hand

      Your beauty advisor CV has a very specific purpose – to provide an overview of your career to date with the skills, experience, and qualifications you can offer. With that in mind, you should keep it as concise as possible. Use bullet points to list skills and previous or current responsibilities. Recruiters than have the option of finding out more through beauty advisor interview questions.

    • Get specific with numbers

      No, we’re not talking about SPF ratings or product codes. A few figures here and there can give recruiters a better idea of your beauty advisor duties and capabilities, such as “assisted 20+ customers on a daily basis”. You can also include facts about your achievements, like “increased repeat sales of foundation products by 15%” or “boosted order value by 25% through upselling”.

    • Showcase your skills

      While some product training or brand guidelines may be provided, recruiters are looking for someone who can cover all bases as a beauty advisor and hit the ground running. Try to include as many specialist beauty advisor skills as you can in your CV – from skincare knowledge to makeup application. Doing so will also increase your chances of passing an ATS check, which scans CVs for keywords.

    • Make it beautiful!

      Last but certainly not least, make your CV as visually impressive as our beauty advisor CV templates. Swap foundation and eyeliner for clear sections with subheadings, and an easy-to-read font, then use a pop of colour in the right places to finish the look. Headers, subheadings and margins are good places to add colour without taking focus away from your beauty advisor duties and skills.

    Beauty advisor skills to include in your CV

    To excel in the duties and responsibilities of beauty advisor roles, you’ll need a combination of hard (technical) and soft (transferable) beauty advisor skills:

    Important beauty advisor skills

    • Skincare expertise
    • Makeup application
    • Up to date with beauty trends
    • Product familiarity
    • Haircare knowledge
    • Sales skills

    Soft skills that recruiters love

    • Rapport building
    • Upselling
    • Great listening skills
    • Influential
    • Excellent communication
    • Customer service

    Top FAQs about your beauty advisor CV

    How to become a beauty advisor?

    To become a beauty advisor, you’ll need to start with a relevant diploma or apprenticeship, in beauty consultancy or beauty therapy, for example. Most jobs require some experience working in the beauty industry to put your skills and knowledge into practice. Roles like beauty therapist and makeup artist are great for transferable skills. However, you may be able to secure an entry-level role with your qualifications and apprenticeship experience alone.

    How to be a good beauty advisor?

    A good beauty advisor balances the requirements and preferences of their customers with comprehensive knowledge of a brand’s products and how they can be matched. You should have a natural rapport with clients so they trust your recommendations and stay loyal to the brand.

    What are the duties of a beauty advisor?

    Beauty advisors are required to consult with customers and get a good understanding of their skin or hair type, any conditions, and of course their style preferences. Beauty advisor duties also include suggesting products that meet their needs, informing them of product details like ingredients and price, and potentially even demonstrating application with various makeup techniques.

    How do I write a CV for a beauty advisor?

    A beauty advisor CV should cover all bases with sections for your key skills, work history, qualifications, and a personal statement to introduce your application. Keep things concise and to the point, and use plain English wherever possible so recruiters get the information they need without any fuss.

    What is the average beauty advisor salary (UK)?

    The average beauty advisor salary in the UK is around £21,000 a year. However, this can be significantly more at high-end brands, who want the best of the best advocating for and selling their products. Location and experience are other factors which can affect your pay rate, with city centre roles usually paying more.

    What are some beauty advisor interview questions?

    Recruiters will want to hear how you’ve put your beauty advisor skills into practice and dig deeper into your understanding of beauty products and the market. Some common beauty advisor interview questions include:

    • Can you tell me about a time you’ve gone above and beyond for a customer?
    • How would you determine which products are best for a customer?
    • What’s your favourite product at the moment?
    • Can you tell us about some current beauty trends?
    • How would you deal with a complaint about a product you have recommended?

    Time to beautify your CV

    With myPerfectCV, building a CV can be as simple as the beauty tips and tricks that come naturally to you. Our online builder is pre-loaded with professional templates and well written content that’s tailored to beauty advisor duties, skills and responsibilities. In a few clicks, you’ll have a beauty advisor CV that’s ready to impress recruiters.


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