Cut, blow dry and style to your heart’s content in your next hairdressing assistant role. Equally enjoyable and demanding, this junior job calls for the right person to assist hairdressers and stylists in their duties, making sure customers get the right experience as well as the perfect cut and colour. Your CV for hairdressing assistant needs to look the part while including relevant experience and skills for hairdresser assistant duties. From professional CV templates to the guidelines for how to write a CV, myPerfectCV has all the information you need to create a CV that’s tailored to the hairdressing assistant job description and ready to impress recruiters.


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    Top tips for your hairdressing assistant CV

    When you’re writing a CV for hairdressing assistant jobs, you need to trim and style your CV to impress. From appearance to cutting down content, here are our top tips:

    • Understand the brief

    • Choose the perfect style

    • Showcase your achievements

    • Structure, structure, structure

    • Trim the edges

    Hairdresser assistant skills to include in your CV

    From communication to hair styling, there are many skills that a hairdressing assistant needs to flourish in their role. Some key skills to add to your CV include:

    Impress recruiters with these essential skills

    • Hairdressing support
    • Hair colouring and colour correction
    • Salon cleaning
    • Customer service
    • Chemical safety
    • Booking appointments

    Transferable skills for hairdressing assistants

    • Passion for hair styling
    • Great communicator
    • Team player
    • Organisational skills
    • Motivated
    • Flexible

    Top FAQs about your hairdresser assistant CV

    What should I put on my CV for hairdressing?

    A CV for a hairdressing assistant will be made up of a personal statement, work and academic history, skills and contact details. Your work history should include details of relevant responsibilities and achievements in past job roles, particularly those in salons.

    Whilst some salons may not require formal hairdressing qualifications, many do. Having a Level 1 NVQ Certificate in Hairdressing and Barbering or even a Diploma in Hairdressing recorded in your CV’s education section can give you a sharp edge over other candidates. It’s also important to refer to any key skills that make you stand out, including hair styling skills, knowledge of salon health and safety, and customer service skills.

    What does an assistant do at a hair salon?

    At a salon, the junior assistant hairdressing duties will focus on supporting the hairdressers with their tasks, from washing a client’s hair to assisting with the application of hair colour. Aside from these, a hairdresser assistant will also need to keep the salon clean, greet customers, book appointments, and dispose of hair colours and chemicals safely.

    What are five important qualities of a hairdresser?

    To meet the requirements of a hairdressing assistant job description, a successful candidate will need to have some of these five key qualities:

    • Customer-oriented: When working at a salon, you’ll need to be a people person, eager to help clients have the best possible experience as their hair is styled.
    • Flexible: As the duties of a hairdresser assistant are so diverse, you’ll need to be flexible and willing to switch between sweeping floors to applying hair colour at a moment’s notice.
    • Creative: In this role, you’ll need creative skills and a passion to support hairdressers as they style and colour clients’ hair, understanding exactly what makes a hairstyle look eye-catching.
    • Team player: As you’ll be working in a team of hair stylists, you’ll need to be skilled in teamwork. You should work well collaboratively, listen to the guidance of the stylists and take over tasks when required.
    • Motivated: Along with teamwork, you’ll need to have a strong level of self-motivation too. This will drive you through solo cleaning or shampooing tasks.

    What is the salary of a hairdresser assistant?

    The average hairdresser assistant salary is approximately £17,000 per year. However, entry level positions can start from around £15,000. With strong experience and skills, a hairdressing assistant can eventually obtain a salary of £20,000 or more.

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    Style your personal statement to amaze recruiters

    When recruiters look at your CV, the first thing they’ll see will be your personal statement. This short paragraph covers the main achievements of your career, along with any key strengths. You should aim to keep it short and sweet, between 3-4 sentences. Before writing out your personal statement, reread the hairdressing assistant job description for the position you’re applying for, as well as some professional CV examples, to give yourself a clear picture of what recruiters are on the lookout for.

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