Being a beauty therapist is a two-sided role. You’re hands-on and can make customers feel relaxed and at ease. But beauty therapists are also often masterful salespeople, highly organised, and business-savvy. A successful beauty therapist CV showcases your experience, talent, and passion for beauty therapy. It underlines specific skills such as nail treatments, massage, and aromatherapy alongside vital experience in the running of beauty-specific establishments – whether that’s handling bookings in a salon or the management of an entire spa.


    Beauty Therapist CV Sample


    Beauty therapist CV templates

    Beautify your beauty therapist CV profile with a personal statement

    What adds to the uniqueness of your beauty therapist CV is a short section called the personal statement. In these few sentences, usually, no more than 4, you have the chance to present your development path or highlight exceptional achievements.

    You should place your personal statement at the top of your CV, just below your contact details, just as in our CV examples. Use this section wisely to present your beauty therapist qualifications and demonstrate that you are the best candidate for the position.

    Top beauty therapist CV tips

    • Make it beautiful

      Beauty and aesthetics are big parts of a beauty therapist’s job. Much of the work you will be doing will involve helping people look their best and your CV should reflect this. Don’t overdo it but consider using one or two light colours to help it stand out – you can change colours and fonts in our builder. A good way to ensure a nicely looking CV is to use a good CV example.

    • Mention all relevant skills

      A good beauty therapist CV needs to include a full list of hard and soft skills relevant to the role. Don’t leave anything out in this area. If you have experience in handling nail treatments, facials, or hair care, then be sure to list all of these skills in your CV as they might help you stand out as a prime candidate.

    • Show off your sociable side

      A large part of beauty therapy is engaging with clients on a regular basis and being a friendly, approachable presence. Recruiters will be looking for individuals who are outgoing and sociable. Use your beauty therapist cv personal statement to illustrate your people-oriented nature and outgoing personality.

    Key skills for a beauty therapist CV

    Necessary skills for your beauty therapist CV

    • Client assessment and analysis
    • Expertise in beauty techniques
    • Excellent customer service
    • Compliance with health and safety regulations

    Nice-to-haves that will help you stand out

    • Time management
    • Great communication skills
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Massage skills

    Beauty therapist CV frequently asked questions

    How do you write a beauty therapist CV?

    To write a beauty therapist CV, you should start off with a strong structure. The CV should be easy to read, with clear headings and sections dedicated to qualifications, work experience, and CV skills. You should also include a personal statement to talk more about your qualities for the job and make sure the CV is free of typing errors.

    How do I write a good personal statement for a beauty therapist CV?

    The beauty therapist cv personal statement is where you can demonstrate what makes you the right person for the role. Try to keep it to around 2-3 paragraphs and only include relevant information, such as your passion for beauty, your skills in beauty therapy techniques, and teamwork and communication.

    How much experience should I show in my beauty therapist CV?

    Generally, for a beauty therapist CV, it’s wise to only include work experience from the last 10 years max. Prioritise the most recent positions you’ve held and list them at the top of the section, followed by older roles. This makes your CV easier to read through for recruiters.

    Beauty therapist CV

    Put the above tips into practice, use our proven CV examples and create a beauty therapist CV that no recruiter can pass by. Don’t forget to highlight your beauty therapist qualifications by spicing up the CV skills section.

    Use the beauty therapist CV sample provided in our top CV builder to create an outstanding document. When you are ready, download the appropriate beauty therapist CV format and you are done! You can now go ahead and apply for the job.


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