When hiring spa therapists, recruiters want someone who can deliver on all fronts – combining technical spa therapist skills with personal qualities that make customers feel at ease. Ready to showcase that in your CV? Our spa therapist CV examples show how it’s done, while our tips and advice provide everything you need to know before getting started on your application.

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    Spa therapist CV sample - image plus text CV

    Spa therapist CV sample

    Anthony O’Brien

    88 Boroughbridge Road
    Birmingham B2 8SP

    Professional summary

    Attentive Massage Therapist equipped to provide focused therapeutic massage. Promotes salon and spa services and recommends individualised treatments to foster guest satisfaction. Well-trained in diverse techniques and services.

    Work history

    January 2023 – Current
    Zen Beauty and Spa – London
    Spa therapist

    • Created memorable client experiences by delivering a warm welcome, exceptional treatment process and outstanding post-treatment care.
    • Identified massaged preferences and determined pressure points needed for clients.
    • Created safe, clean environment by sanitising work areas, changing treatment room sheets and sterilising instruments before each use.
    • Followed agreed protocols and guidelines to uphold integrity of healthcare practice.

    February 2020 – December 2022
    Orchid Spa – London
    Spa therapist

    • Developed a loyal client base of repeat customers through outstanding levels of service.
    • Dedicated time to continued personal development in order to provide best-possible service and treatments.
    • Kept treatment rooms and communal spa areas spotlessly clean, maintaining a high quality environment.
    • Showcased new treatments, promoting add-on sales and customer upgrades for increased spa profitability.


    • Outstanding customer care
    • Positive work ethic
    • Stress relief techniques
    • Therapeutic massage techniques
    • Excellent customer care
    • Holistic therapies
    • Deep tissue massage
    • Face and body therapies


    Birmingham College
    NVQ Level 3 Spa Therapy

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    Spa therapist CV template

    To write a spa therapist CV that increases your chances of employment, you’ll need some great resources to help you. With a little help, you will find the writing process is simple and quick. First, take a look at our CV templates to build a CV that has the right design and layout to match your spa therapist credentials.

    What is the best format for your Spa therapist CV?

    To begin, you’ll need to find the perfect CV format for you. This is an important first step which will sculpt how your CV looks. You can think of it as the structure of your CV, one that lays your information out intuitively and engagingly. Since you have a lot of information to cover, it’s important to find a structure that lets you include everything that makes you shine as a candidate.

    Two formats stand out for a spa therapist – the reverse-chronological CV, and the skills-based CV. The reverse-chronological CV is a good choice if you have a wealth of experience already. This format works by listing all of your relevant spa therapy experience, starting with your most recent or current role and working back chronologically. It gives the reader a clear understanding of your work history and the skills you’ve picked up along the way.

    A skills-based CV is a better choice if you have less direct experience. It focuses on key and transferable skills which can be applied to the position. Let’s say you have experience in therapy, but not spa therapy – you can use this format to highlight your suitability for the role.

    Which of these is the best for a spa therapist? That all depends on where you are in your career. If you’ve worked as a spa therapist for many years, then a reverse-chronological CV is always going to be the best choice. If you are new to the field, or transitioning from another form of therapy, then we would suggest going with a skills-based CV.

    Here are some of our top structural tips to keep in mind when choosing a format:

    • Always break up long bodies of text with headings, bullet point lists, and section breaks.
    • Send your CV as either a Word or PDF file, unless directed otherwise.
    • Keep your CV to one or two pages in length.
    • Write in a professional, legible font such as Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial.
    • Always keep the job advertisement in mind when choosing your format.

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    How to write a CV for a spa therapist

    Now it’s time to dive into the content of your CV – the text which will make up most of your document. We’re going to cover how to write a CV for a spa therapist, covering all of the important sections you will need to include. With each section we cover, we’ll give you some effective tips that will help you write in a clear, enthusiastic, and engaging way.

    Here’s what we are about to delve into:

    How to add contact details to your Spa therapist CV

    Contact details are your key to getting a call from an employer! Many candidates forget to add them in a clear way, leading to lost opportunities. You want to make the life of your employer easy. Add a set of contact details in a clear way, preferably in a bold or larger font at the top of your document.

    When writing your contact details, remember to always include:

    • Your full name – don’t include your middle name.
    • Your location – so the hiring manager knows where you’re based.
    • Phone number – pick a mobile number, if you can.
    • Email address – make sure it is appropriate for work.

     Example of contact section for a spa therapist CV

    Anna McDonald
    195 Crown Street,
    London W124WB

    How to write a personal statement for your spa therapist CV

    First impressions are so important for spa therapists, who need to be well presented for their customers. When it comes to CV writing, that first impression is made through your personal statement.

    This short paragraph is the first thing recruiters will read, and you want to make sure it’s not the last. The difficulty here? You’ll only have four sentences to squeeze all of the information you want to include in. You should start by writing a sentence that defines you as a spa therapist. Write a clear introduction that explains your experience level and career ambition.

    From here, you can move on to writing a second sentence that uses a real life stat or figure to show that you are effective as a therapist. For example, you could write “gave therapy to over 200 patients across the course of a year”. This number is a small thing but lends a sense of authority to your claim.

    Your third and fourth sentences are all about defining and specialisms you have. Pick out a few qualities that define you as a spa therapist, such as “customer-oriented”, “multi-skilled”, or “passionate”. You should highlight any specialist spa therapist skills that might set you apart from other candidates, like aromatherapy or reflexology. Finally, include some soft skills like “time management” or “rapport building” to give recruiters a better idea of what they can expect.

    Example of personal statement for a spa therapist CV

    NVW qualified spa Therapist with extensive experience delivering outstanding massage treatments and impeccable client care. Improving treatment quality through dedicated self-development and increasing retail sales through persuasive aftercare recommendations for a profitable service provision.


    Experienced spa therapist with over 10 years spent caring for clients. Increased profits by 40% through upselling and cross-selling in 2022, treating over 50 customers each week. Highly skilled in a range of hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and massage treatments.

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    Tackling work experience on a CV for a spa therapist

    A good CV will include an extensive work experience section. This is where you get to show your experience as a spa therapist, explaining how previous jobs have led you to be effective and capable. This is the longest section of your CV and should be approached with a lot of care and attention.

    So how does a work experience section look on a CV for a spa therapist? It begins with listing your current or most recent role, and working backwards through time, including any relevant experience you have gained. Always use the most relevant experience you have, listing up to six responsibilities below the role you have listed.

    There’s a lot for you to include here, and not much space for you to do it – so it’s vital that you only include jobs and responsibilities that will wow your potential employer. A good place to start is to look at the job advertisement and tailor your CV so that it responds to it.

    Look for any keywords that they are looking for. Perhaps the job ad lists that they are looking for a spa therapist who specialises in aromatherapy – this would be your chance to include this by way of a previous job role.

    As with your personal statement, always include real life stats or figures to support your claims. Instead of writing “facial treatments”, write “gave facial treatments to over 50 customers each week”. This makes the sentence much more impactful and more likely to catch the eye of an employer.

    You should also write this section so that it is engaging and easy to read. Use positive adjectives (words that describe you in a positive way), and action verbs (words that replace “responsible for”).

    Example of work experience for a spa therapist CV

    November 2022 – CURRENT
    Spa Therapist | Bannatyne Health Club | Kensington

    • Professionally and efficiently performed a diverse range of massage treatments including Swedish and hot stone.
    • Monitored inventory of spa supplies, promptly reordering low-stock items to maintain smooth delivery of services.
    • Developed a loyal client base of repeat customers through outstanding levels of service.

    MAY 2019 – NOVEMBER 2022
    Spa Therapist | Link for Life Wellness | Chiswick

    • Showcased new treatments, prompting add-on sales and customer upgrades for increased spa profitability.
    • Kept treatment rooms and communal spa areas spotlessly clean, maintaining a high quality environment.
    • Dedicated time to continued personal development in order to provide best-possible service and treatment.

    Spa therapist CV skills

    The next important section for you to include is the CV skills section. This is where you can define your most important skills. Spa therapist duties and responsibilities require a combination of hard, job-specific skills and soft, transferable skills. You’ll want to include a balance of both in order to paint the picture of you as an effective, caring spa therapist.

    So, what is the difference between hard skills and soft skills? Let’s begin with hard skills. These are any skills you have picked up through work experience or education. Let’s say you are a master of massage techniques – this would be the time to write this down so that your employer knows you have practical skills in this area.

    Soft skills are more like positive character traits that can be transferred to any position. A spa therapist will need terrific interpersonal and customer service skills to be effective in their job. You should list a few of these so that the employer knows you are a well-rounded person.

    The idea is to strike a balance between both hard and soft skills. An employer won’t want a therapist who doesn’t know basic spa treatments, but they also won’t want a therapist who can’t work well with people and other members of the team. Here’s what recruiters are looking for…

    Essential skills for a spa therapist

    Technical spa therapist skills

    • Massage techniques
    • Manicures and pedicures
    • Facials and waxing
    • Steam treatments
    • Aromatherapy
    • Inventory management

    Soft transferable qualities

    Get education right on your spa therapist’s CV

    The final part of your CV should be dedicated to your educational history. This isn’t just qualifications you’ve earned through school, college or university, but any professional training you have had to learn key spa therapy skills.

    What are some of the most common qualifications for a spa therapist? This depends on where you are in your career. You’ll generally want to include a base of academic qualifications such as GCSEs and A-Levels, as well as the most impressive professional training courses you have attended.

    What’s the best way to write your educational history on a CV? Here is a formula for you to follow:

    • Write the name of your school, college, university, or awarding body.
    • Add the start and end dates of study.
    • Include the subject or course title.
    • Include the qualification level and result.

    Example of education for spa therapist CV

    June 2023
    NVQ Level 3: Spa Therapy
    Buckinghamshire College, Aylsebury
    Passed with Merit

    August 2021
    GCSEs including Maths and English
    Buckinghamshire Secondary School, Aylesbury
    A-C in all subjects

    Top dos and don’ts for spa therapist CV writing

    Competition is fierce when applying to be a spa therapist, meaning your CV needs to tick every box. Here’s how to do exactly that…


    • DO remember to start with the spa therapist job description

      You can think of the job description as your key to finding success. Make sure to tailor your CV to this job ad, covering all of the key skills and responsibilities that they need. Doing this will make you seem like the perfect candidate for the job.

    • DO put your track record into numbers

      As mentioned above, using numbers to justify your experience is an amazing way to get noticed. Always use numbers when you can to illustrate how many clients you’ve helped, or how many products you’ve managed to sell. Remember that a spa is a business, and businesses care about profit and numbers!


    • DON’T overcomplicate things

      A CV is a short document that outlines all of your most important skills and achievements. Make sure to keep it short, and don’t overcomplicate things. All a hiring manager needs to see is that you have experience, skills, and are passionate about your career. Doing this in a simple and engaging way will heighten your chances of getting an interview. There’s not much else to it!

    • DON’T forget to check the appearance of your CV

      Your CV needs to look professional. This might seem like a small thing, but it goes a long way to showing you are taking the process seriously. A CV that looks great is a sure-fire way to get the employer to read on. This includes spelling, grammar, and readability. Always proofread your document to make sure it is free from errors.


    Your spa therapist CV questions answered

    What is a spa therapist job description?

    Spa therapist descriptions vary from role to role, but are generally focused on providing a variety of treatments and therapies to customers at a spa or wellness centre. Therapists can work as part of a team, specialising in one type of treatment or therapy, or may be asked to provide a full range of treatments as and when they’re required by customers.

    What qualifications do I need to be a spa therapist?

    Spa therapist jobs (UK) typically require a relevant diploma. These include a Level 3 NVQ in Spa Therapy or BTEC National Diploma in Beauty Therapy, although foundational courses like a Level 1 or Level 2 NVQ may also be accepted for entry-level roles.

    How to become a spa therapist?

    Once you’ve attained your spa therapist qualifications, you’ll want to gain some experience in a spa environment. Entry level or part-time roles are the ideal fit. However, you can also apply for jobs as a spa assistant or receptionist to get a foot in the door and work your way up.

    How much do spa therapists earn (UK)?

    A spa therapist salary (UK) can fall anywhere between £20,000 to £35,000. Entry-level spa therapists can expect to earn around £22,000 while they gain experience, while more established therapists like our CV example will progress towards the higher end of the scale. The spa therapist job salary can also be affected by the spa you’re working for, with higher-end, premium brands charging more for treatments or memberships with a knock-on effect for their therapists’ wages.

    What are some spa therapist interview questions?

    Interviewers will want to hear about your experience providing spa treatments and knowledge of their company, as well as dealing with customers and day-to-day spa therapist responsibilities. Here are some spa therapist interview questions you could be asked:

    • What do you know about the treatments we offer?
    • How do you make sure customers are happy with the treatments you provide?
    • How would you deal with a dissatisfied customer?
    • Can you tell me about the types of massage you provided in your previous roles?

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