Obtaining a position as an event steward can be exciting and financially rewarding. Although many believe that such a role revolves around security alone, the truth of the matter is that there are numerous additional responsibilities. Some of these include offering first aid, greeting guests, responding to emergencies, and providing attendees with answers to their questions.

As a result, there are many applicants within this field and competition can be quite fierce. The event steward CV sample found below has already helped many job seekers build their professional curriculum with ease. Taking a closer look at the details of a CV template can help you to appreciate how a successful CV should be structured, while our other advice can answer any questions you may have:


    Event steward CV sample

    Kevin Knight CV 2

    Kevin Knight

    99 Cunnery Rd, Manchester M3 7GJ



    Professional summary

    Hard-working individual with main objective to achieve company targets and goals. Team player and eager to enhance dining experience. Responsible for following protocols and guidelines.

    Work history

    February 2019 – Current

    WestEv – Manchester

    Event Steward

    • Ensured outstanding customer service with quick turnaround times and excellent rapport building.
    • Maintained balanced attendee flow, identifying and promptly addressing signs of overcrowding.
    • De-escalated conflict by maintaining a calm and firm tone in partnership with security personnel.

    January 2016 – February 2019

    Black Tie Events – Manchester

    Assistant Security Manager

    • Ensured the proper implementation of regulations, terms and conditions as well as policies and procedures.
    • Conducted drills to keep security staff on alert and proficient with established plans.
    • Monitored property and investigated any areas of suspicion.


    • Emergency response management
    • Conflict management techniques
    • Access support
    • Queue management
    • Pre-event security screenings
    • Crowd monitoring


    Manchester College Manchester – 2016

    NVQ Level 3 Spectator Safety

    What is the best format for your event steward CV?

    There are many different CV formats which can be used to structure your CV. If you have clear work experience under your belt, the best CV format to use is reverse-chronological. This means making your work history the focal point of your event steward CV and recording it with the most recent position first. Doing so will help to draw recruiters’ attention directly to your most relevant experience.

    Work history will be listed after your contact details and personal statement. It can then be followed by your skills and education details along with any additional sections. For event stewards, hobbies and interests aren’t usually relevant. However, you might want to include an awards or achievements section if it will back up your skills.

    If you don’t have any experience in event stewarding or you’re returning to work after a long break, a skills-based CV could be a better choice. This CV format has a longer skills section, which is placed in a more prominent position beneath your personal statement.

    Get your event steward CV right with our proven tips

    • Proofread with care

      If your CV is unclear and poorly structured, recruiters may not even read it. They’ll potentially receive hundreds of applications, and that means yours needs to immediately stand out. If it looks too complicated to read, with many spelling errors, it’s unlikely to be successful. Once you’ve had an initial edit, take a break from CV writing, then return for another proofread. Ask friends and family to give it a read too before you send it off.

    • Accompany your CV with a cover letter

      Along with your CV, you can also send a one-page cover letter. This allows you to go into more detail about your experience, abilities, and personal qualities. You can use this to highlight any unique achievements or skills that will benefit you in the role. You can also explain any gaps in your career.

    • Keep it relevant to the job description

      Before writing an event steward CV, you should ensure you’ve read the job description and person specification carefully. These will include key abilities and experience you’ll be expected to have – and this can vary from job to job, even if it’s the same role. For example, stewarding at an outdoor music festival may have different requirements to an indoor arena.

    • Focus on specialist experience and skills

      As well as mandatory experience, recruiters will love to know about any unique experience or skills you have that are relevant to the role. For example, if you’ve also worked in customer service, you’re likely to have strong communication and conflict management skills, which you can highlight in your CV.

    How to write a CV for an event steward

    A successful event steward CV needs to include details of your relevant work experience, qualifications, and unique abilities. If your CV is poorly written or structured, it’s unlikely to highlight to recruiters exactly why they should hire you for the job. Meanwhile, a clear, concise, and relevant CV allows your best qualities to shine out to employers.

    By following our guidance, you’ll be fully equipped to create your own stand-out CV. Here, you’ll learn how to write a CV for event steward CV, including:

    Café assistant CV education

    While it’s not essential for all roles, education is a good way to strengthen your café assistant CV. Transferable subjects like Maths and English relate to important aptitudes such as payment handling and communication. On the other hand, there are specific qualifications like a food tech GCSE or catering Diploma which are directly linked to many of the role’s requirements – from food preparation and presentation to storage and food safety.

    Whatever education you’re including, you should list:

    • The year of qualification or years of study
    • The school, college, or awarding body
    • The subject or course title

    While recruiters will want specifics for college courses or A levels, there’s no need to list all subjects at high school level. If relevant, you can pick out certain subjects, such as “GCSE – including Maths and English” or “8 GCSEs including food technology”.

    Example of education for café worker CV

    Anytown College of Further Education 2010 – 2012 BTEC in Catering and Hospitality

    Anytown Community School 2006 – 2010 GCSE 5 x Grade A – C

    What contact details should I include in my event steward CV

    Right above your personal statement is a short section for your contact details. This section is relatively simple to fill in – but that also makes it easy to forget details or add incorrect information. Always double check the details you’ve included in your contact section. A misplaced letter or number could mean recruiters have no way to reach out to you.

    The details to include are:

    • Your full name – Recruiters need to know how to address you
    • Your full address – That’s including your postcode
    • Your phone number – This needs to be a number you have regular access to
    • Your email – This should be a professional, up-to-date email address

    Example of contact section for an electrician apprentice CV

    Jane Smith
    Anywhere Lane, Anytown, Anycounty, Postcode
    012345 67890

    Start your event steward CV with a personal statement

    Next, you’ll need to write your personal statement. This is a short paragraph – usually no more than 3-4 sentences – that introduces you as a candidate. It should succinctly summarise the core competencies and qualities that make you a star candidate. Consider this your opportunity to make a fantastic first impression on recruiters. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

    • Write from the third person perspective, as this allows you to “sell” yourself to recruiters
    • Only include the most relevant details, as you can elaborate more in your cover letter or the body of your CV
    • Describe yourself and your work ethic using relevant positive terms, such as “reliable”, “flexible”, and “strong communicator”
    • Showcase your specialisms, such as “experienced with managing large crowds at stadium events”.
    • Use descriptors from the job listing or person specification where possible, like “hard-working events steward with strong customer service expertise”

    Example of personal statement for an event steward CV

    Reliable event steward working in the security sector for the past four years. Trained in monitoring events and customer service for large events. Experienced with both small and large crowds, flexible and adaptable for all situations, including liaising with emergency services.


    Qualified event steward equipped with NVQs in Spectator Safety and Security Operations. Clear understanding of the importance of safety and professionalism in the role. Experienced with stewarding in stadiums and events venues, and would like to work as part of a strong team.

    Event steward CV work experience

    Whilst some event steward roles do not require you to have previous work experience, it can often be very beneficial to have previous experience stewarding at large events, such as sports events or music concerts. Experience in customer service and team-working would also be useful.

    Showcasing your work history lets recruiters know how your past experience meets the criteria for the job description. Ensure you record your work history in reverse-chronological order so recruiters can see the most relevant positions first.

    For each job role, you should include this information:

    • The start and end date
    • The job title, name of the company, and location
    • A bullet point list of 3-6 of your main responsibilities

    As there is so little space within an event steward CV, where possible you should try to highlight distinct competencies in different job roles. For example, if your duties in one job highlight your prowess with customer service, another job should be used to illustrate your first aid know-how.

    Example of work experience for event steward CV

    Event Steward | EventsUK | Nottingham 2012 – Present

    • Providing superior levels of customer service.
    • Pre-event security screenings.
    • Crowd control

    Assistant Security Manager for Outdoor Venues | AnyEvents | Manchester 2011 – 2012

    • Emergency response services.
    • Monitoring venues for capacity concerns.
    • Providing security for guest speakers and celebrities.

    Doorman | AnyPub | London 2008-2011

    • Screening for fake forms of identification.
    • Carrying out security briefings before large events.
    • Cash flow management.

    Top skills for your event steward CV

    The CV skills required for an event steward will usually be covered in more detail within the job description. However, in most cases, you’ll need a broad mix of physical abilities and people skills. You’ll need to be able to communicate well with people, including potentially investigating incidents and enforcing security. When it comes to skills, here are some must-haves and desirables to include:

    Essential skills for an event steward

    • Spectator safety
    • Physical ability
    • Communication
    • Customer service
    • Security
    • First aid

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Conflict resolution
    • Organisation
    • Professional attitude
    • Works well under pressure
    • Team-player
    • Flexible

    Outlining education on an event steward CV

    Most event steward positions which will require you to have a relevant qualification or two. An NVQ in Spectator Safety is particularly relevant, but Level 2 in Event Security would also be beneficial. In some cases, you might be required to have a GCSE in English to prove your basic skills.

    Here are some of the details you’ll need to include your education section:

    • Institution name
    • The year of completion
    • The level of qualification, e.g., NVQ
    • Subject or course title, where relevant

    Example education section for an event steward CV

    The London College | London – 2021Imperial College London: 2004 – 2008 Level 3 NVQ in Spectator Safety

    Heartstart (British Heart Foundation) | London – 2021 CPR training


    Your event steward CV questions answered

    What are the skills of a steward?

    • Spectator safety
    • Security
    • Physical ability
    • Communication
    • First aid
    • Conflict resolution
    • Customer service

    What qualification do I need to be a steward?

    Whilst some event steward job roles may offer training as part of the job, it’s important to have one or more of the following qualifications:

    • Level 2 or 3 in Spectator Safety
    • Level 2 or 3 in Security Operations
    • Level 2 in Event Security
    • Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Customer Service

    What are steward's responsibilities?

    The duties and responsibilities of an event steward include:

    • Ensure attendees within your designated zone are safe and comfortable
    • Attending and carrying out security briefings before events
    • Carry out supervised safety checks before and after events
    • Steward attendees as the enter and leave the venue
    • Ensure compliance with crowding limits to prevent overcrowding
    • Monitor entrances and exits, checking for any potential hazards
    • Providing basic first aid, where required
    • Facilitating evacuations in emergency situations

    How can I be a good event steward?

    To stand out from the crowd, the best event stewards should have:

    • Many years of experience stewarding diverse large events
    • Understanding of the ins and outs of health and safety protocol
    • Awareness of security and evacuation procedures
    • Strong organisational and time management skills
    • High aptitude for team working
    • Attention-to-detail and awareness of potential hazards in the immediate environment
    • Communication, conflict management and problem-solving

    Creating a successful event steward CV

    Now the details you’ve gathered for your event steward CV need to be put into practice. Start by browsing our CV examples to see what kind of things event stewards list on their CV, then choose one of our professional CV templates to display your experience and abilities clearly to recruiters in a professional manner. With our online builder, you can choose from industry-specific, pre-written content for stewarding roles to make sure your CV is on point.


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