The UKevents industry is fast-paced and booming, with thousands of events happening each year. Confident, well-organised, and experienced event managers are in high demand – learn how to get on recruiters’ VIP lists with our event manager CV example. You’ll discover how to best highlight your experience and skills – ensuring you make the right first impression.


    Event manager CV sample

    Professional event manager example CV

    3 tips to help you out when preparing an event manager CV

    • Demonstrate leadership

      A large part of being a successful event manager is knowing how to manage a team effectively. You can use your CV, especially your personal statement, to show off your leadership skills. Mention your ability to lead and work with others and highlight other relevant skills like communication.

    • Keep it neat

      You must put together a tidy, error-free, and well-structured CV to give recruiters an excellent first impression. Events require a high level of organisation, and attention to detail, so make sure your CV is easy to read.

    • Present relevant information only

      Keep the information on your CV relevant to the role you’re applying for. There’s no need to pad out the CV with qualifications or work experiences that have no relation to event management. You can, however, mention hobbies, interests, or skills you feel could be of use in the position.


    Some common questions about writing an event manager CV

    What should be included in an event manager CV?

    Any event manager CV should have the name and contact details of the applicant, as well as a personal statement. You may also include a professional summary section where you outline skills, training, and qualifications relevant to the role at hand. You should also have an appropriate work history and an education section too.

    What does a good personal statement look like?

    A good personal statement for an event manager CV should be relatively concise, measuring about five lines on average. It should be neat and error-free, including detailed, relevant information about your skills, character, and career so far. It’s helpful to mention critical skills like organisation, leadership, and adaptability.

    How do I format my event manager CV?

    An event manager CV only needs to be 1-2 pages in length. It should be well-structured and easy-to-read, with clear sections and headings marking out your skills, education, and work history. It also needs to feature a personal statement, and the entire document should be checked for any spelling or grammatical errors.

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