Do you have unstoppable organisational skills and the drive to get the job done? It might be time to level-up into a managerial role within the field of logistics and thrive with increased responsibilities. Learn how to showcase the skills required with our professionally built logistics manager CV example.

Once you’re ready to get started on your own CV, a professionally designed logistics manager CV template can make your life easier. That’s paired with a selection of pre-written content tailored to the logistics manager job description to put you in the fast lane when it comes to writing your CV.


    Logistics manager CV templates

    The first stop on your logistics manager CV

    After your name and contact details, your personal statement or professional summary is the first thing recruiters will read on your logistics manager CV. It should be 2-3 sentences long, highlighting your top qualities and capabilities.

    Keep in mind the skills required for logistics manager, such as leadership, industry knowledge and a target-driven approach. Combine this with the logistics manager job description to see if there are any specific attributes you should add into the mix.

    Logistics manager CV – 5 top tips

    Find out how our logistics manager CV example stands out from the crowd with these five simple tips…

    • Show your journey

      Logistics managers don’t just step into a senior position. Whether it’s a degree and entry-level job or a decade working your way up through a business, you need to lay out your journey for recruiters to see. That starts with a reverse-chronological format like our logistics manager CV example. Then, at every step, try to showcase different skills and responsibilities. It’s not realistic or useful to suggest that you showed leadership in a logistics assistant job, for example.

    • And your drive!

      Logistics is all about getting things where they need to be. Once you’ve reached your destination as a manager, where is next? Alongside the technical skills required for logistics manager jobs, recruiters are looking for someone that’s target driven. You can emphasise this throughout your logistics manager CV with words like “ambitious” and “motivated”, along with examples of your achievements in previous roles.

    • Use the logistics manager job description for directions

      If you’re stuck for what to include in your logistics manager CV, remember that you’ve got a route map right in front of you – the logistics manager job description. Here, you’ll find all the skills, qualities, experience, and other requirements that recruiters are looking for. You can use that to guide which of your own skills and responsibilities to include in your CV.

    • Show how you take the wheel

      Managing staff is a vital part of most logistics manager jobs. That’s why leadership is amongst the key skills for logistics manager roles. Demonstrate this in your CV with a truckload of figures about the teams you’ve managed and targets you’ve hit. That could be “managing a team of 20 staff” or “increasing annual profits by 25%”, for example.

    • Keep it professional

      Logistics manager is a senior role, and your CV needs to reflect that. Keep language professional without loading up on jargon, use a conventional font like Arial with a standard size of 10-12 for paragraph text, and stick to formal colours like navy or grey for headings or margins if you want to add a bit of interest like our logistics manager CV templates.

    Key skills for logistics manager CVs

    The logistics manager job description calls upon a combination of hard, technical skills and soft, transferable qualities. Here’s what you’ll need to include:

    Technical skills required for logistics manager roles

    • Project management
    • Risk management
    • Logistics software
    • Staff recruitment
    • Data analysis
    • Specific industry expertise

    Added extras to help with business administration duties

    • Leadership
    • Time management
    • Well organised
    • Problem solving
    • Clear communication
    • Attention to detail

    Get your logistics manager CV on the right track

    Whether you’re a senior logistics manager looking for your next challenge or a junior manager ready to take the step up, myPerfectCV can help you make the next move in your logistics career.

    On top of our polished logistics manager CV example, we have a selection of suitable CV templates and pre-written content in our easy-to-use online builder. Get started today to see just how easy CV writing can be.


    Top FAQs about your business administrator CV

    What is logistics management?

    Logistics management refers to organising the transportation and distribution of goods by road, air, sea, or a combination of the three. It includes planning for demand, managing storage, and implementing the necessary transport arrangements to get things where they need to be.

    How to be a good logistics manager?

    To be a good logistics manager, you’ll need to have strong leadership to steer your staff in the right direction. You should be target driven to optimise every aspect of your employer’s logistics operation. Finally, organisation is another of the key skills required for logistics managers, to keep everything continuously running like clockwork.

    How to become a logistics manager?

    Most logistics managers start with a diploma in supply chain management, logistics, or a transport-related subject. A degree in a similar subject can also fast-track your progression towards senior roles. It’s then a case of gaining experience in logistics and working your way from a logistics officer or supply chain assistant towards management roles.

    How much does a logistics manager make (UK)?

    The average salary for logistics manager jobs is typically around £40,000 a year, though the logistics manager salary range is between £30,000 and £60,000. The logistics manager salary (UK) can vary depending on the seniority of the role, with a junior logistics manager salary of £30,000 to £40,000. On the other hand, a senior logistics manager salary will typically fall between £50,000 to £60,000.

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