Can AI create a CV

Can AI create a CV? Simply put, yes, it can. But is it one that will give you an advantage over candidates? Not necessarily. There is, however, a solution that uses AI technology to create a good CV.

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By Jagoda Obszarska, Senior Content Editor, TranslatorLast Updated: April 1, 2024
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The concept of using Artificial Intelligence to create CVs is becoming increasingly popular. You may be thinking, but are we already at that stage of technology where AI can create a good CV?

Let’s analyse AI CV generators and see if such a solution proves effective in today’s competitive business world.

Can AI create a good CV

The answer is quite simple. No. Or rather: not yet. Sure, you can create the content of a CV using AI, but such a solution will have a whole host of drawbacks.

  • Long process

    The very process of creating a CV using the available AI tools is long and tedious. You need to follow a lot of steps and have rather specific knowledge regarding not only all standards regarding the Curriculum Vitae but also the AI prompts.

    And after all, the point is to make your job easier, not more complicated, right?

  • Lack of formatting

    AI CV generator tools do not provide you with a final document, only the text. Your next task is to copy the provided content into a text file and format your CV to meet current standards. This task often proves to be the most difficult part of the process. Creating a coherent, aesthetically pleasing document that fits on no more than two pages and makes your application stand out is quite a challenge.

  • No editing features

    Currently, most of the AI-based tools on the market do not have a well-organised system for storing the results; consequently, editing is practically impossible. So, if you want to go back and edit your CV after some time, you have to start the whole creation process from scratch.

How to create a good CV using AI

Of course, you can take the plunge into creating your CV using AI. However, in our experience (and others too), this can prove to be more time-consuming than the traditional process of writing a CV from scratch without any additional tools.

So how do you take advantage of AI technology and make the process of creating a good CV more streamlined and easy?

The solution is our CV builder with built-in AI features. Such a tool combines the benefits of AI, the personal touch of human writing and the intuitiveness of the process. As a result, you can have a ready-to-send CV in just a few moments.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of this kind of AI-powered CV builder.

  • Easy, intuitive process

    myPerfectCV Builder guides you through each of the stages of creating your CV. All you have to do is answer a few featured questions. You don’t need any technical knowledge of the builder or AI to get your document.

  • Full personalisation

    Thanks to the specific prompts, your CV is completely yours. The content written by our career experts is unique and tailored to each job, enabling the CV builder to create personalised content for each candidate.

  • Professional CV format

    The CV builder provides you with much more than just the content. It arranges them on your selected CV template in such a way that they conform to UK CV formatting standards. On top of this, your document looks neat, fits on no more than two pages and is ready to be downloaded and sent to potential employers.

  • Freedom of editing

    You can always return to your CV and edit its content or change its appearance by choosing a different template. This ensures that your CV is individually tailored to each job you apply for.

  • Focus on soft skills

    Advanced AI models recognise which soft skills are most commonly sought after for particular jobs. They tell you what skills are worth having and add depth to your CV to provide recruiters with a holistic view of a candidate’s capabilities.

  • Keyword optimisation for ATS

    Artificial intelligence analyses multiple job postings and, based on these, optimises CVs for applicant tracking systems (ATSs) by strategically placing relevant keywords, increasing the chances of successfully passing through automated screening processes.

Creating a good CV with AI CV generator

While there are challenges in using artificial intelligence in CV creation, the evolution of a dedicated CV builder with integrated artificial intelligence features is proving to be a way out.

This innovative approach is designed to leverage the strengths of artificial intelligence while proactively addressing its limitations.

This forward-thinking strategy takes into account the fact that artificial intelligence, while powerful, can struggle with some aspects of CV creation. By integrating artificial intelligence features into our CV builder, we aim to harness the efficiencies and automation capabilities of the technology. Not only does this streamline the CV creation process, but it also ensures that the final product is optimally tailored to each person's unique characteristics.

How to create a CV using AI

AI CV maker


Open the AI-based CV generator and choose a CV template that you find appealing. Remember that you will always be able to change the template in the editing process.


Fill out the form for your CV. Provide information about your experience and education.


CV builder will provide you with a set of pre-written expert content and AI will suggest you a set of skills relevant to your position. Select the ones you have.


The CV builder will suggest you an expert-written personal statement tailored to your profile. See if it meets your expectations. You can choose another version, edit it or write your own from scratch.


Double-check everything to see if it matches your requirements, download and submit to a potential employer. Done!

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Key takeaways

  • Artificial intelligence tools can create a text for your CV but not a finished document that you can send to an employer.

  • An AI-based CV builder, like ours, offers an intuitive solution that helps you create a personalised and professionally formatted CV.

  • The process of creating a CV using the AI CV maker is quite simple: Choose a template, fill in the form, select the relevant skills and download a professionally formatted CV.


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