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If you’re in a hurry, jump on to our CV builder for the quickest, easiest way to build a CV.

Start by choosing a CV template and then we’ll help you fill in the blanks. At every step we’ll offer tips and text to help you build a great CV as quickly as possible.

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4 top tips for finding jobs

Find the best job leads without even leaving the sofa!

  • Look at job boards

    Refine your search by searching locally, for postings that include "key worker", or similar job titles. To make your search easier, sign up for email alerts.

  • Check out news websites

    You might not be getting a physical paper, but most papers have websites with a Jobs section that you can browse.

  • Use social media

    Check out hashtags like #hiring and #jobs, and see what potential employers are saying. You can also share your search, so people know you’re looking and can pass on news of opportunities.

  • Ask family and friends to keep an eye out

    Most of us are chatting to family and friends more often right now. Let yours know that you're looking, and ask them to pass the word on to their own friends.

UK vacancies

Want to get hired? Check these CV examples of the most popular vacancies in the UK:

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Tips on building your CV - even without hands-on experience

  • Take a look at some CV examples

    See what employers expect, and think about the experience and skills you have that match.

    If you're applying for a new job that you haven't done before, think about how the experience and skills you have, relate to the job you want. For example, if you've been a waitress, your customer service and people skills would be just as valuable in a supermarket or while doing deliveries.

    View our top CV examples

  • Discover what role CV templates play

    A smart, organised CV makes a great impression, particularly when you may not be able to meet employers face to face. Our professional CV templates make that great impression - and save you from hours of messing with CV formatting.

    More on CV templates

  • Get some general tips on how to write a CV

    CV writing can feel stressful at the best of times, but our expert advice tells you what you need to know to build a great CV. And when you're ready to start, our CV builder will guide you through the process, quickly and efficiently.

    Get CV writing tips

  • Find out how to make your Personal Statement work harder

    Your Personal Statement is the first paragraph in your CV, and sums up what you have to offer in a couple of sentences. Find out how to make a positive impact in this critical CV section.

    Get Personal Statement advice

  • See how your Skills section can help you get hired

    A list of skills makes it quick and easy for employers to see what you bring to the table.

    If you're applying for a job where you don't have hands-on experience, your Skills section is even more important. You'll need to think about transferable skills - what you can do thanks to other jobs, and how they will be valuable for a new role.

    More on skills

  • When you’re ready, try our CV builder!

    Once you've gotten comfortable, put your new knowledge to use and build your CV! Our CV builder steps you through the process, making it quicker and easier to build a CV that will get you hired.

How our CV builder works in 3 easy steps



Choose one of our professional CV templates

With over 20 designs, there’s something appropriate for every job and industry.


Start filling out each CV section

Use our suggested content, or write your own. Remember to focus on experience and skills that are most relevant to the job you’re applying for!


Take one last look at your CV

Don't forget to run spell check! Then download your CV as a Word or PDF, and get ready to apply! You can come back and edit your CV in our builder at any time, on any device.

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Pro tip

Want your application to land at the top of the pile? Build a cover letter to match your CV.


Tips for a successful online interview


Test the technology and your internet connection! Make sure you’ve downloaded any new software and tried it out before your call.


Tidy up and prepare the space you’ll be interviewing in. Employers will understand if it’s a bit noisier or messier than they’d expect, but try to have your interview in a clean, quiet space if you can.


Ask the people you’re isolating with to do a practice interview with you. Get them to help you prepare a few questions you want to ask the employer as well.

Dress well

Wear something appropriate for the job you want. Looking clean and tidy gives employers confidence in you.

Be on time

Being late for your interview makes employers think you might be late to work, too. Set yourself up so you're ready for the interview 10 minutes early, and you won't be late.

Be patient

The internet might be slow, the employer is running late, or technology may not cooperate. Show you can deal with pressure by being patient and calm.

Be genuine and honest

More than ever, employers want people they can trust. Put your best foot forward by being genuine and honest.

Follow up

You have the time, so send a short email to thank the employer for their time and confirm your interest after the interview.

Ready to build your CV now?

Jump on to our CV builder for the quickest, easiest way to build your CV and submit your application. Start by choosing a CV template and then we’ll help you fill in the blanks.

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