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Assistant housekeepers keep everything clean and tidy at a range of residential and hospitality settings across the UK. Most often employed in hotels, they’re required to undertake a wide range of duties from vacuuming, surface cleaning, and replacing bedsheets to damage inspections and inventory checks.

If you want an assistant housekeeper CV that showcases your experience and capabilities with the duties above, myPerfectCV can help. Take a look at our example assistant housekeeper CV for inspiration, read through expert advice and tips, then use our tried-and-tested online builder to create your own!


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    Assistant housekeeper CV templates

    Top tips for your assistant housekeeper CV

    Make sure your CV is spick and span with our top tips and advice on what recruiters are looking for, from key skills to an assistant executive housekeeper cover letter.

    • Check the criteria

      As an assistant housekeeper, you’ll most likely be familiar with inventories or checklists when it comes to inspections and cleaning. The assistant housekeeper job description is essentially a checklist for your CV. Recruiters will go through to see how you measure up to the key criteria. On the flipside, you can use it while writing your CV to make sure you’ve included all qualifications, skills, and responsibilities that match you to the job description.
    • Keeping up appearances

      You know the importance of how things look better than anyone. Your CV is no exception. As well as including all the right information, you need to present it in a professional and appealing format. Wave goodbye to a blank Word document and take a look at some CV templates for inspiration. They’re ready made with the best layout, design, and all the right sections to get you started.
    • Make experience relevant

      Not all assistant housekeepers started their career in their current role. But that doesn’t mean you can’t link your experience to the duties and responsibilities of assistant housekeeper. If you’ve worked as a waiter, for example, focus on transferable skills like customer service, working on your own initiative, and cleaning tables quickly.
    • Number up

      You’ve probably mentioned the quality of your housekeeping work. But what about the quantity? Adding some key facts and figures to your assistant housekeeper CV gives recruiters a better idea of what you’re capable of, whether it’s the time taken to clean each room, the numbers of rooms looked after, or the size of the staff team you worked with.
    • Use a cover letter if you want to add more

      To keep recruiters engaged, your CV should be no longer than 1-2 pages. Bullet points are a great way to achieve this, keeping the duties and responsibilities of assistant housekeeper roles concise. If there’s anything you want to expand on, it’s a good idea to add an assistant executive housekeeper cover letter. It allows you to go beyond responsibilities and skills alone, outlining why they make you a great fit for the job and adding a bit more about your background or achievements.

    Assistant housekeeper skills to include in your CV

    Tackling the duties and responsibilities of assistant housekeeper roles is no mean feat. Here are some hard and soft skills recruiters will want to see, to know you’re up to the job:

    Essential assistant housekeeper skills for your CV

    • Servicing rooms
    • Deep cleaning
    • Stain removal
    • Damage inspection
    • Monitoring inventory and stock
    • Laundry management

    Soft skills to complement your CV

    • Working unsupervised
    • Good communication
    • Physically fit
    • Professional appearance
    • Customer service
    • Time management

    Creating the right first impression with your personal statement

    As an assistant housekeeper, your work is pivotal in people’s first impressions of a room. The same applies to the personal statement for your assistant housekeeper CV. It introduces you as a candidate in 3-4 sentences, but there’s a lot to pack in.

    We recommend picking out a few key qualities that define you as an assistant housekeeper, such as “hard-working”, “well-organised”, or “committed to the highest standards”. This will make recruiters want to read on and find out more about your skills.

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    Top FAQs about your assistant housekeeper CV

    What is the role of an assistant housekeeper?

    Assistant housekeepers work as part of a cleaning team at a hotel or other residential facility like student accommodation or care homes. The duties and responsibilities of assistant housekeeper positions include basic cleaning like dusting and vacuuming, deep cleaning and stain removal, checking rooms for damage, and taking care of other things like stock and laundry.

    How to write an assistant housekeeper CV?

    The best way to write an assistant housekeeper CV is by breaking it down into sections. Start with the easiest – your qualifications – then move onto work history. Where possible, make your responsibilities from each job related to the duties of an assistant housekeeper. You can use this to build a list of 6-10 key skills. Finally, tackle the personal statement, which should be 3-4 sentences at the top of your CV, summarising your best qualities as an assistant housekeeper.

    What are the best CV templates for an assistant housekeeper CV?

    Templates for an assistant housekeeper CV should reflect a neat and tidy approach to your work. Choose a template with plenty of space and clear sections, so everything can be put where it belongs and recruiters can easily skim-read if needed. In terms of design, stick to professional colours with black font sized 11-13 for paragraph text and 14-18 for sub-headings.

    Which skills do you need in an assistant housekeeper CV?

    It’s vital that the key skills section in your CV matches the duties and responsibilities of assistant housekeeper roles. Combine hard (technical) skills like cleaning, laundry, and inventory management with soft (transferable) qualities like communication, time management, and working on your own initiative.

    What is the assistant housekeeper salary?

    Assistant housekeepers earn an average of £18,000 to £20,000 per year in full-time roles. In many cases, however, this is reduced pro-rata because of part-time hours. You can also expect the salary to be higher when working in city centre locations, especially London.

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    Get your assistant housekeeper CV in order

    Whether you’re an experienced housekeeping assistant or just getting to grips with the assistant housekeeper job description, myPerfectCV can help you build an impressive CV that showcases all your best skills and qualities to recruiters.

    Our online builder is loaded up with polished templates and pre-written content to match the duties and responsibilities of assistant housekeeper roles. Get started today to see just how easy it is!

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