The perfect housekeeper CV is a short, clear document that shows recruiters you fully understand all aspects of housekeeping in a commercial environment, from cleaning to laundry to guest relations. It includes the duties you’ve performed, the different skills you’ve mastered, and the great results you’ve achieved for your employers.


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    • Highlight your qualifications

      Although you don’t need any qualifications to become a housekeeper, they can be a great way to make your CV stand out from the crowd. Always highlight any relevant qualifications, for example, NVQs in housekeeping or certificates in hospitality.

    • Include your specialist training

      If you’ve got specialist skills such as treating delicate fabrics, polishing luxury surfaces, or chemical cleaning, make sure to include these on your CV. This is particularly important if the job spec mentions them, as this will help your CV pass ATS.

    • Be proud of your work

      The best housekeepers take pride in their work, so show recruiters just how committed you are. Your personal statement is your chance to describe your work ethic and mention the qualities which make you so good at your job – for example, your enthusiasm, dedication, or punctuality.


    Commonly asked questions about your housekeeper CV

    What should be included in a housekeeper CV?

    Housekeeper CVs should have a strong focus on experience, demonstrating how you’ve put your various skills and qualities into practice for previous clients. Relevant qualifications like health and hygiene certificates are also a great addition.

    What are the key responsibilities of a housekeeper?

    The duties of a housekeeper include daily responsibilities such as cleaning, tidying, changing the bed, emptying bins, and supplying towels. In hotels, they are also responsible for preparing rooms before new guests arrive, ensuring that everything is spotless and in perfect condition.

    What are the top qualities of a housekeeper?

    A housekeeper needs to have excellent attention to detail to keep rooms clean and tidy. Impeccable customer service is also essential, as housekeepers are often the first point of contact for general questions and domestic requests from residents or guests.

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