Driving a car can be a fulfilling and financially rewarding experience. However, presenting a well-constructed CV is the best way to illustrate your talents, accomplishments and professional desire. This process can be daunting at times, so it is always wise to use a template to your advantage. This will help you appreciate the type of information to present and the proper formatting. Our CV examples can show you how to include all of that and more in your CV.

Additionally, have a closer look at our car driver CV template found below.

In our guide, we take you through each step in writing a CV to help you achieve job success. This covers:


    Sample car driver CV

    car driver CV example 1

    Mark Rice

    52 Park Row

    Edinburgh EH2 0YR



    Professional summary

    Personable Driver with excellent communication and problem-solving abilities as well as solid track record in
    field. Proficient in safe operations, passenger transportation and GPS mapping.

    Work history

    February 2021 – Current

    LuxRide – Edinburgh

    Professional Chauffeur

    • Maintained impeccably clean vehicle for optimised hygiene and client satisfaction.
    • Provided 24/7 flexibility to clients, providing optimal availability in working hours.
    • Used excellent planning to maintain timely client collections for consistently punctual service.

    February 2016 – February 2021

    Self Employed – Edinburgh

    Taxi Driver

    • Answered, scheduled and responded to reservation calls promptly and professionally.
    • Calculated ride costs accurately, receiving cash payments and returning correct change.
    • Escorted elderly passengers and those with limited mobility from door-to-door.


    • Passenger support
    • Safe driving techniques
    • Accurate money handling
    • Familiar with local traffic
    • Urban driving
    • Clean driving record
    • Private hire driving
    • Safety regulations



    The Institute of Advanced Motorists

    Advanced Motorist Certificate

    Choosing the right format for your car driver CV

    The first step to building your car driver CV is selecting the right CV format. Most employers and recruiters prefer CVs formatted in reverse-chronological order. This means starting the work history and education section with your latest job and qualifications.

    There are a variety of sections on a car driver’s CV that need completing. These include contact details at the top, followed by a personal statement, work experience, skills, and qualifications. It’s simple to get right, and following this format gives recruiters a clear and concise outlook on your abilities.

    If you’re looking at entry-level roles, a skills-based format may also be appropriate. This CV highlights your gained transferable skills if you don’t have extensive experience. In this case, the skills section comes after the personal statement.

    How to write a CV for a car driver

    Understanding how to write a CV is another vital element in creating a good impression on recruiters. The format is an integral part of this but including relevant details and setting the tone for your skills is also crucial.

    Our step-by-step guide takes you through each section, giving tips and tricks on writing each. It covers:

    How to add education to your fabricator welder CV

    Education sets you apart from equally experienced candidates, especially in a highly competitive field like fabrication welding. You can discuss extracurricular training, certificates, and refresher courses alongside college and university qualifications.

    Is it difficult to become a fabricator welder? Many applicants begin with a college course to gain fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical tools. Alternatively, you can complete a Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 City & Guilds course in Welding Skills.

    Although qualifications set you apart, they aren’t essential. The most important thing is to cinch a fabrication apprenticeship, which requires a good level of English and Maths.

    When outlining your education, list:

    • Name of school, college, university, or other awarding body
    • Study start and end dates
    • Subject title
    • Qualification level – e.g. NVQ or GCSE
    • Qualification result

    Example of education for a fabricator welder CV

    Any College | September 2004 to September 2006

    Level 2 (NVQ) Diploma in Fabrication, Engineering, and Welding

    Any High School | September 2002 – September 2004

    AS levels: Technology (B) and Physics (C)

    Any High School | September 1997 – September 2002

    GCSEs at grades B – D in English, Maths, Science, Technology, and Geography

    What contact details should I include in my care driver CV?

    All CVs should start with contact details, there is no doubt about it. This information enables recruiters to get hold of you for interviews, so it’s essential to place it front and centre – and get it correct. There are a few things you need to include here, such as:

    • Name – Include your first and last name
    • Address – Add your full address and postcode
    • Phone number – Include a mobile number or home phone with an answering machine facility
    • Email address – Use a work-appropriate email

    Example of contact section for a car driver CV

    Gavin Holmes

    15 Example Road


    M67 9OO

    01234 555 4333


    Car driver personal statement

    The beginning sections should tell employers who you are and your background. That’s where your personal statement comes in. This short paragraph allows you to explain your knowledge, skills, and experience as a quick introduction. It’s vital to make a good impression in this section, so be sure to follow our top tips:

    • Write in the third person, as this highlights what you offer
    • Keep it to 3-4 sentences maximum
    • Use positive words such as “reliable”, “flexible”, and “organised.”
    • Include driving skills and additional licences if necessary
    • Highlight expertise if relevant such as “able to drive HGVs”.

    Example of personal statement for a car driver CV

    An experienced driver who wishes to meet and exceed even the most demanding requirements. Familiar with many areas of the United Kingdom and able to drive both standard and automatic vehicles. Always brings personality to the position, which is ideal for establishing a rapport with all passengers and trained in defensive driving, bringing a further air of safety to any excursion.


    Hard-working car driver with 2 years’ experience working in freelance delivery roles. Great timekeeping skills with a commitment to safe driving practices. Ready to take on a permanent position, using a professional nature to drive an ambitious company forward.

    Adding experience section to your car driver CV

    Employers are typically looking for candidates that have extensive car driving experience, so this section is vital for showcasing your work history in the best way. This is often the most prominent section to write, and it’s essential to focus on accomplishments rather than mundane tasks in another role. Don’t forget to write it in reverse-chronological order.

    Things to include:

    • Start and end date
    • Job title, employer and location
    • List 3-6 duties for each job

    While this section contains many details, it should be kept as concise as possible. For example, instead of overlapping job roles, focus on the main aspects to give an overview of your work history. For instance, including how many deliveries you accomplished in one position. Then focus on your experience of driving cars safely in another.

    Example of work experience for an car driver CV

    Professional Chauffeur, LuxRide, London: 2019-present

    • Responsible for large groups of people
    • Manager of long-distance airport services
    • Team leader

    Assistant Operations Representative, Transpo, Birmingham: 2016-2019

    • Heavily focused upon customer relations
    • Created and adopted travel routes between Birmingham and London
    • Responsible for fleet vehicle maintenance

    Skills worth having on your car driver CV

    Driving is a rewarding career. However, candidates must show a number of skills to be successful in this role. Daily tasks may differ, and flexibility for changing workloads is a must. The best car driver CVs showcase relevant skills for the position, and using bullet points is sufficient in highlighting these.

    Car driver CV skills to include are:

    Essential skills for a car driver

    • Experience in driving
    • Excellent time management
    • Knowledge of UK travel networks
    • Good communication skills
    • Customer service skills

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Professional
    • Reliable
    • Organised
    • Punctual
    • Flexible

    Get education right on your car driver’s CV

    Car drivers typically don’t require specific educational qualifications for this role. But most employers will look for a good standard of education, such as GSCEs. Driving certificates and licensing are also required for some positions, particularly heavy goods vehicle driving.

    In the education section, format your information with bullet points and include the following:

    • School, college, university or training provider
    • Year of qualification
    • Level of qualification, for example, GCSEs, NVQs
    • Subject or course title – you don’t need this for high school courses

    Example education section for a car driver

    The Institute of Advanced Motorists | 2004

    Advanced Motorist Certificate

    University of Manchester | 2000-2004

    Cert HE Business and Management Studies

    Bellerbys College, Brighton | 1998-2000

    NVQ Level 3 Customer Service

    Dos and don’ts for car driver CV writing


    • Do use measurable achievements

      Employers love to see accomplishments in measurable scenarios. For example, if you have experience in delivery driving, detail how many parcels you delivered within a day against the company’s target.

    • Do use action words in your car driver CV

      Action words significantly impact a CV, and they help highlight your skills most concisely. Excellent action words to work into your car driver CV include:

        Delivered Reported Scheduled Coordinated Planned

    • Delivered

    • Reported

    • Scheduled

    • Coordinated

    • Planned

    • Do tailor your CV to the car driver job

      Read the job description thoroughly and write your car driver to the persona specification and advertised role. Use keywords related to the job throughout.


    • Don’t include irrelevant information

      Your car driver’s CV should be no more than two pages long. So, stick to relevant information to minimise the risk of recruiters skipping over important details.

    • Don’t forget to proofread your CV

      Your car driver’s CV should be error-free and grammatically correct to make the best first impression.

    • Don’t over-exaggerate your driving skills

      Employers want to see professional representations of driving skills. So while you may be an excellent driver, avoid describing your skills as the best in the business.


    Your car driver CV questions answered

    What does a car driver do?

    Car drivers have a range of duties in everyday work environments. Of course, driving vehicles is a major element of this. However, there are other important areas covered in this role. Whether you are driving a lorry, taxi, or delivery van, ensuring it is clean, professional looking and well-maintained makes up part of the position. In addition, customer service plays an essential role. Drivers may be required to carry luggage, run errands, and deliver goods alongside driving both short and long distances.

    How do you mention driving skills on your CV?

    The skills section is where you list your primary driving skills and attributes suited to the role. However, you can include more detailed skills within the work history section. Giving examples of driving duties in the frame of a skill covers both aspects. For instance, driving customers to destinations in different weather conditions, including snowy and icy weather. This details the job role and showcases safety knowledge and skills in various conditions.

    Where do I include additional certifications or driving awards?

    If you hold certifications relevant to the driving role, include these in the education section and detail what they are, along with the date of completion.

    What traits do good drivers have?

    Being a car driver involves a range of skills. However, having personal attributes suited to the role is also a bonus. For example, good car drivers are:

    • Reliable
    • Polite
    • Able to work under pressure
    • Adaptive
    • Physically capable of lifting goods
    • Responsible drivers
    • Knowegbleable of industry requirements and standards

    What are the best types of driving jobs?

    If you have sufficient experience, there are a variety of driving jobs that are rewarding. Drivers are in high demand, particularly in areas such as deliveries and logistics. This role also opens up candidates to local and national travel opportunities, with overnight stays required in some positions.

    Drive yourself to success with a great CV

    Creating your own car driver CV is super simple, with our handy CV examples to guide you. Find the ultimate design for car drivers in our selection of CV templates. Then head to our online builder where you’ll find content based on a range of driving jobs and other roles to showcase your experience and attributes in the best way.


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