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If you enjoy working independently, staying out of the office and meeting interesting people, then work as a driver may be for you. You could be a bus driver in the high paced tourism industry, or you may control your own hours as an Uber driver.

This industry is easy to get into; for Uber, all you need is a licence and a clean record. Anything more advanced, and you will need professional certifications.

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  • Types of drivers

    As a driver, you can work either for yourself or as an employee of a company. Each will require different levels of certification. You can work as a Uber driver or chauffeur without an advanced licence.

  • Who needs a professional licence

    If you drive a bus, HGV or coach, you will need to have the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).

  • How do I get a professional licence

    First, you need to apply for a provisional bus or HGV licence. After that, you will need to pass four tests. Often employers will pay for the classes and exams as part of your professional development. You will need to take 35 hours of training every five years to stay qualified.

  • Working environment

    Being a driver is not your typical 9-5 job. You will be expected to work different hours, especially as an Uber driver or personal chauffeur. These will probably include late nights and weekends. All of your work will involve client satisfaction.

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Driving industry CV tips

Drivers are constantly dealing with customers, so use your CV as a chance to showcase your professional personality. You should choose a modern, simple style that demonstrates your attention to detail. Choose fonts like Arial and Helvetica to achieve that polished professional look. Stay away from images, instead let your work experience do the talking.

You need to write a CV that will impress at only a glance. Use specific and bold headers to help organise your CV. If you have five years of driving work experience, title your header: “driving work experience”. Don’t make recruiters search for your qualifications; make it as easy as possible to understand. Use our driving CV examples from the UK to get inspiration for specific and impactful headers.

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