Driving an HGV is one of the most skilled and challenging jobs out there. Kick your career up a gear with our HGV driver CV examples. We’ll help you to highlight key skills and qualifications, like your HGV licence, first aid knowledge, and quick reactions to fast-changing situations.


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    • Always include your qualifications

      Whether you’re a qualified lorry driver or someone with a driving license who’s looking for a training role, always include your relevant qualifications on your CV. Highlighting capabilities will help you secure the most suitable position for your experience level.

    • Highlight your particular experience

      HGV drivers can be transporting a wide range of goods. If you have particular experience – for example, unloading heavy equipment, signing delivery paperwork, or driving abroad – this is a great way to make your CV stand out.

    • Show your dedication

      Being an HGV driver isn’t easy. It can involve long working days, extended periods without a break, and even loneliness. Show recruiters that you’re up to the task by sharing your enthusiasm on your CV. Use your personal statement to show off the unique qualities that make you great at your job.


    Top-rated questions about your HGV driver CV

    What should be included in an HGV driver CV?

    The skills section is one of the most important things to have on your HGV driver CV. Here, you should consist of a range of hard and soft skills, such as navigation, vehicle maintenance, or even first aid training.

    What are the key responsibilities of an HGV driver?

    An HGV driver is responsible for transporting large amounts of cargo by road. Their job often includes regular inspections of their lorry, checking goods to make sure they are secure and in top condition, and obtaining receipts to confirm the delivery of items.

    What are the top qualities of an HGV driver?

    An essential quality of an HGV driver is the ability to focus, as you could be spending 8 or more hours on the road at a time. Drivers also need to be diligent to keep track of contracts and delivery receipts, local driving restrictions, and different routes.

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