A maintenance assistant job is a challenging role that requires acquired skills and experience for the daily tasks involved. You need a quality CV that shows you’re the right person for the job and our online maintenance assistant CV template is just the right tool to help you achieve this. It’s well-written with relevant information to help you accurately reflect your various abilities. When you send the finished product in to the company you want to work for, they’ll be suitably impressed and may prioritise you for interviewing.

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    Sample maintenance assistant CV

    Toby Williams CV

    Toby Williams

    43 Iffley Road, Bristol BS1 9NR



    Professional summary

    Reliable Maintenance Assistant always ready for cleaning assignments and willing to work hard to meet targets. Trained in cleaning different types of spaces and adaptable to changing requirements between jobs. Careful to check work and maintain strict quality standards.

    Work history

    January 2017 – Current

    Happy Stay Hotel Resort – Bristol

    Maintenance Assistant

    • Developed outstanding stain removal, spot cleaning and deep cleaning techniques to meet evolving customer demands.
    • Restocked, cleaned and sanitised bathroom spaces for optimum appearance and functionality.
    • Followed health and safety standards governing the correct use of chemicals.

    February 2012 – December 2016

    Modern Housing Ltd. – Bristol

    Maintenance Assistant

    • Handled requests for emergency repairs quickly and efficiently.
    • Ordered maintenance stocks appropriately to maintain service continuity.
    • Employed optimal safety practices to eliminate risks, hazards and accidents.


    • Plumbing
    • Emergency repair response
    • Fire, Health and Safety procedures
    • Hazard spotting
    • Accident reporting
    • Maintenance planning
    • Deadline management
    • Cleaning inventory management


    Bristol College Bristol – 2012

    NVQ Level 2 Building Maintenance

    Which format is right on a CV for maintenance assistance applicants?

    Finding that right CV format can make the entire CV writing process easier – and more successful. Most formats follow the reverse-chronological structure. This means writing your experience with the most recent job role first.

    This format is simple to get right and is a favoured by most recruiters during the selection process. Overall, your CV should follow the below format:

    • Contact details – Name, address, phone number and email address
    • Personal statement – A short introduction, around 3-4 sentences
    • Work history – Include 3-6 duties per role
    • Skills – List using bullet points
    • Education – Include relevant qualifications and certificates
    • Additional sections – Such as interests and acheievements if necessary

    In some maintenance roles, submitting a skills-based CV may be suitable if you don’t have necessary experience. When using this format, the skills section should be placed after the personal statement. This helps to highlight the relevant skills you have that match the job description, typically for entry-level roles.

    Maintenance assistant CV tips

    • Detail your specialisms

      A job as a maintenance assistant is typically varied. However, if you have specialist knowledge or experience in an area, make sure you include this on your CV. For example, if you have building repair experience, highlight your skills for this if relevant to the role. For those with a more general skill set, you can also include an overview phrase such as “knowledge of maintenance techniques”.

    • Tailor your CV to the job description

      The job description gives you an overview of the role you are applying for. So, write your CV tailored to this information. Ensure the details are relevant to the duties listed and keep it clear and concise to showcase your experience in the best way.

    • Make it personal

      Your maintenance assistant CV includes a lot of details about what you can do. But you should also use this opportunity to highlight the type of person you are such as mentioning personal attributes. Include positive words or phrases such as “reliable”, organised”, and “accurate” to display your characteristics.

    • Quality over quantity

      It’s natural to want to include all your achievements on your CV, but in reality, recruiters have limited time to read everything fully. To ensure they understand the relevant areas of your experience and expertise, keep your CV short and to the point. Stick to one or two pages and use short, structured sentences and bullet points to get all the necessary detail in.

    Do maintenance assistant CVs need a cover letter?

    The best way to make a good impact on potential employers is to write a strong cover letter to accompany your CV. However, it’s essential to know how to write a cover letter to ensure you include everything relevant to the job role.

    When writing your cover letter include aspects from your CV and expand on the details further. This offer recruiters a good overview of your capabilities and highlights any successes and examples of real-world experience. While your cover letter should go into more detail, it’s vital to keep it relevant and avoid waffling. Stick to one page where possible.

    In this section, don’t copy anything straight from your CV. Instead, use elements of it to expand the information further. For example, if you have building repair experience, write about the type of repairs you carry out and what equipment you use.

    How to write a CV for a maintenance assistant

    A maintenance assistant CV should include relevant skills, qualifications, and work history necessary for the role. Highlighting these key features will help you stand out against other candidates in the running. Your CV should follow a clear and concise structure. So, keep it to one or two pages.

    Below, our guide takes you through how to write a CV for a maintenance assistant role:

    How to add contact details to your maintenance assistant CV

    The first thing to include on your maintenance assistant CV is your contact details. This section is really simple to get right. But it’s essential to include correct information so a recruiter can get hold of you easily during the selection process.

    The contact section should include:

    • Name – Always the first thing you should include
    • Address – Including your postcode
    • Phone number – List a mobile number or landline that you actually use
    • Email address – Use a work-appropriate email

    Example of contact section for maintenance assistant CV

    Simon Blake

    15 Town Mews, Mytown, Mycounty, MT99 1SB

    07964 218981


    Start your maintenance assistant CV with a personal statement

    Your maintenance assistant CV is an opportunity to shine. So, it’s important to make a positive impact with a personal statement. This section should be short and concise, sticking to approximately 3-4 sentences maximum. Here, you can include a little about your background, experience and attributes to give employers an insight before they check out the rest of your CV.


    Our advice when writing your personal statement is:

    • Write in the third person as this allows you to explain what you have to offer
    • Keep it short and sweet, 3-4 sentences max
    • Use positive adjectives to describe your skills, such as “organised”, “resourceful”, and “reliable”
    • Include relevant skills and achievements if necessary
    • List expertise of specialisms in maintenance such as “health and safety trained for commercial environments.”

    Example of personal statement for maintenance assistant CV

    A competent and able maintenance assistant with exceptional skills in a wide range of maintenance and repairs to buildings, fixtures and fittings as well as equipment and machinery. Able to use a variety of hand and power tools as well as wood and metalworking machinery for various jobs. Can carry out painting and decorating. Excellent problem-solving skills and very resourceful. Works well as part of a team and on a rota basis, including out-of-hours and weekends for emergency call-outs.


    Experienced maintenance assistant able to handle a heavy workload and juggle multiple priorities. Exceptional health and safety knowledge with in-house training undertaken, including in risk assessments, permits to work and safe systems of work to safeguard self and other employees. Well organised, excellent time-keeper and a great communicator. Able to keep accurate records and logs. Looking to develop skills and have more responsibility within an expanding company.

    How to present your work history on a maintenance assistant CV

    A maintenance assistant job involves numerous duties and requires a variety of skills. Recruiters are keen to pick individuals that fit the role well and can transition into the job with ease. To highlight your capabilities, it’s essential to include your experience and work history to support your application. This offers employers an insight to your competencies and shows how you align with the job description.

    The work history section should be completed in reverse-chronological order with your most recent role at the beginning. Details to include are:

    • Start and end date
    • Job title, employer and location
    • A brief list of duties

    Writing you CV can be challenging when there’s a lot to fit in this section. However, it’s essential to keep it relevant and try not to repeat or overlap details in all your job roles. For example, if you’ve used hand and power tools in one role, perhaps mention your painting and decorating skills in another. This offers a broader view of your work life and showcase more overall experience.

    Example of work experience for a maintenance assistant CV

    Maintenance Assistant | Sunnyside Residential School | June 2008 | present

    • Part of the facilities team carrying out maintenance and repairs to school buildings, equipment and machinery.
    • Gathering in maintenance requests and maintaining accurate logs and records.
    • Collecting essential maintenance supplies from wholesalers.

    Maintenance Assistant | The Housing group | February 2004 – May 2008

    • Member of the maintenance team responsible for maintaining and repairing clients’ houses and following a rolling maintenance program.
    • Participating in ongoing training.

    Top skills for your maintenance assistant CV

    The role of a maintenance assistant requires several skills including transferable attributes. This CV skills section gives you the opportunity to showcase any hard and soft skills gained within your work history. Plus, it’s vital to include examples that meet the job description such as:

    Essential skills for maintenance assistants

    • Team player
    • Good communicator
    • Physically fit
    • Health and safety trained
    • Knowledge of maintenance techniques

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Organised
    • Flexible
    • Positive attitude
    • Good written skills
    • Reliable

    Outlining education on a maintenance assistant CV

    The role of a maintenance assistant typically requires vocational qualifications such as Level 2 NVQs in relevant subjects. For example, building maintenance or wood occupations. A base level of GSCEs in English and Maths will also support your application. In addition, external training courses including in-house certification could boost your employability.

    In the education section, you should include qualifications relevant to the job role. These will highlight your competencies and show you’re right for the position. Things to include are:

    • School, college, university or training provider
    • Year of qualification
    • Level of qualification, for example, NVQ, GCSE
    • Subject or course title – don’t worry about this for high school courses

    Example education section for a maintenance assistant

    Example Training Provider, Anytown, 2011 St Johns Ambulance First Aid at Work

    Example College, Anytown, 2009-2011 NVQ Level 2 Building Maintenance NVQ Level 2 Wood Occupations

    Example School, Anytown, 2004-2009 GCSEs in English, Maths


    Your maintenance assistant CV questions answered

    What should I put on my CV for a maintenance assistant?

    To give recruiters the best view of your capabilities to do the job, a maintenance assistant CV should include relevant experience, qualifications and skills. Including these sections ensure you meet the criteria for the advertised job. Plus, this information gives you a chance to stand out in the crowd. If you don’t have exact experience to match the role, list transferable skills to improve your chances.

    How do you show relevant maintenance experience on your CV?

    Having some repair or maintenance experience is typically a prerequisite for the job unless you are applying for an entry-level role. The easiest way to show relevant skills related to the job role includes using phrases for your expertise, such as:

    • “Knowledge of electrical and mechanical tools for use on building repair jobs”
    • “Practical skills such as carpentry and decorating”

    What are the responsibilities for a maintenance assistant?

    The duties of a maintenance assistant vary depending on the work environment. However, a general overview of what you might expect includes:

    • Inspecting, repairing and maintaining buildings, equipment and machinery
    • Completing risk assessments
    • Working to maintenance schedules
    • Identifying problems and providing solutions
    • Working with contractors
    • Liaising with clients and external companies

    What skills should I include on my maintenance assistant CV?

    Common skills needed on your maintenance assistant CV include:

    • Oral and written communication skills
    • Flexible team player
    • Reliable
    • Attention to detail
    • Able to prioritise

    Get started on your maintenance assistant CV

    Getting started on your maintenance assistant CV is simple with our handy CV examples. Our online CV builder takes you through step-by-step to produce a professional and well-written application. You can use our pre-made CV templates to make the process easy. Plus, tailored content is available to improve your chances of success.


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