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As a maintenance manager, the health and safety of your staff and the shelf life of equipment is in your hands. Your prospective employer will be looking for organisational and technical skills to further the business. Learn how to show off your capabilities with our maintenance manager CV example.

Here, you’ll discover help and tips for CV formatting and design, writing your personal statement, and finding the right details to include. That’s paired with a maintenance manager CV sample and professional templates to help you get started creating a CV that will immediately catch a recruiter’s eye.


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    Maintenance manager CV templates

    Maintenance manager CV: Top tips and techniques

    From utilising CV examples to formatting your CV, there are many ways to prepare your maintenance manager CV to really impress potential employers. Here are some key tips to keep in mind...

    • Scope out the job description

      Just as maintenance managers need to be on the lookout for any issues that need resolving, they also need to take a keen eye to their job description. In a maintenance manager job description for UK jobs, you’ll find many details about the experience, qualifications, skills, and achievements required for the role. Keep a pen on hand and jot down any key competencies that you meet.

    • Keep your career in order

      Another key duty in this job role is to ensure that company buildings and their grounds are kept clear and tidy – and your maintenance manager CV is no different. Using the reverse-chronological CV format will lay out your career clearly for recruiters. This type of CV format starts your work history with your latest position, then works backwards – giving recruiters an instant snapshot of your career highlights.

    • Polish up your achievements

      It’s no use leaving your achievements in the dust – recruiters need to see just why you’re perfect for the role of maintenance manager. Rather than creating a dry list of your previous positions, you need to spell out your successes to employers with key examples of your achievements. Tell them about the time you brought your team together to resolve a major issue, or about the award your team were presented with under your leadership.

    • Analyse a CV example

      Professional CV examples show you exactly how a successful CV should look, including all the relevant content and attention-grabbing design and formatting that recruiters need. Taking a look at a maintenance manager CV sample can give you instant insight into the key work history and skills you need to include in your CV. If you find you’re missing out on a specific piece of experience – don't forget that transferrable skills from other jobs can also help your CV to stand out!

    • Clean up your CV

      Your CV should only include enough detail to illustrate how you can meet (and exceed) the responsibilities of a maintenance manager. This means you’ll need to include your contact details, a personal statement, work history, academic history, and skills. The best way to write a CV is without any padding, so no mentioning irrelevant hobbies or jobs from ten years ago. You should also proofread your CV for accurate grammar and spelling – and choose a clear and effective design.

    Maintenance manager CV – choosing the right skills to include

    The key CV skills a maintenance manager needs to showcase are diverse and integral to success in their duties. Here are the main skills that will wow recruiters...

    Essential maintenance manager skills for your CV

    • Mechanical engineering
    • Electrical engineering
    • Data management
    • Team leadership
    • Project management
    • Process implementation

    Additional skills to make your CV stand out

    • Time management
    • Communication skills
    • Adaptability
    • Organisational skills
    • Attention-to-detail
    • Problem solving

    Maintenance manager CV top FAQs

    What does a maintenance manager do?

    The responsibilities of a maintenance manager include overseeing daily maintenance operations, assigning tasks to team members, evaluating staff performance, practising preventative maintenance, resolving minor repairs, developing and implementing maintenance plans, and completing admin duties where required. You should ensure you highlight your achievements in these areas within your personal statement, work history and covering letter.

    The duties and responsibilities of an assistant maintenance manager are somewhat different, requiring the candidate to provide assistance and support to the maintenance manager and any other supervisors where needed.

    How to be a maintenance manager?

    To succeed in the role of a maintenance manager, you’ll need to do more than simply fulfill the maintenance manager description. The best maintenance managers:

    • Have the expertise in engineering to locate, repair, and delegate issues.
    • Manage a team with clarity and understanding.
    • Create and implement plans to ensure maintenance operations run smoothly.
    • Understand and act on key protocols and procedures during daily tasks.
    • Evidence key skills in team leadership, mechanical and electrical engineering, and project management.

    How to become a maintenance manager?

    There is no one set way to become a maintenance manager, but there are certain qualifications and types of experience that could make your maintenance manager CV stand out. If you’re applying to a larger company, it’s likely that a degree in facility management or engineering could be required, or at least beneficial, for the role. A diploma in facilities management is another popular choice for improving employability in this career path. You could also start out as an apprentice or a caretaker, and work your way up to the position. Previous work experience in facility maintenance or engineering is definitely useful for this job.

    How much does a maintenance manager make?

    The average maintenance manager salary in the UK is around £35-37k per year. Entry-level positions can start out with a salary of around £20-25k per year, whilst a property maintenance manager salary can reach over £50k per year for higher-level positions.

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    Writing a maintenance manager CV personal statement

    If you’re wondering about how to create a personal statement that gets the job done as well as you, the best advice is to keep it brief. Your personal statement is a short summary, no longer than 3-4 sentences, that encapsulates exactly why employers should hire you for the role.

    Without repeating information from your covering letter or work history verbatim, you’ll need to include key achievements, skills, experience, and qualifications that show you can excel at the responsibilities of a maintenance manager.

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    Maintenance manager CV building without the hassle

    Once you’ve read all the help and tips for creating your CV and had a good look at a maintenance manager CV sample, it’s time to make your own. To really impress recruiters, you need a CV that looks clear and professional – but this can be very time-consuming. That’s where our online CV builder comes in.

    Choose from a plethora of professional CV templates to showcase your career, then enter some key details from your past job roles – and the CV builder will bring up relevant pre-written content to include in your work history, personal statement, skills, and more. With myPerfectCV’s online builder, it couldn’t be easier to create a professional maintenance manager CV!

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