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Learn how to show off your capabilities with our maintenance manager CV example. It will give you a better idea of what to include, but also how to include it. That extends from the layout and formatting to the right wording and length.

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    Sample maintenance manager CV

    Maintenance manager CV Sample

    Owen Glen

    35 Clipton Close
    Birmingham B2 9TG

    Professional summary

    Experienced Maintenance Manager with a proven track record of successfully overseeing maintenance operations. Skilled in managing teams, implementing preventive maintenance programs, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. Strong problem-solving and communication skills.

    Work history

    January 2023 – Current
    Easier Productions – Birmingham
    Maintenance Manager

    • Implemented maintenance programme to manage operational efficiencies and reduce downtime.
    • Documented daily work performed in company logs and on equipment-specific reports.
    • Monitored department priorities and coordinated team workflows to meet demand.
    • Delegated tasks to carefully selected employees in alignment with resource management goals.

    January 2015 – December 2022
    Busy Business – Manchester
    Facilities Supervisor

    • Oversaw the maintenance and repair of facilities, including HVAC systems, plumbing, and electrical systems.
    • Managed vendor relationships and negotiated contracts for maintenance services.
    • Developed and implemented energy-saving initiatives to reduce utility costs.
    • Conducted regular inspections to identify maintenance needs and ensure compliance with safety standards.


    Team Management
    Preventive Maintenance
    Safety Compliance
    Facilities Management
    Vendor Management
    Energy Efficiency
    Team management


    University of London, London
    Master of Science Engineering

    University of Manchester, Manchester
    Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical Engineering

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    Maintenance manager CV templates

    Much like many maintenance tasks, recruiters will start with a visual inspection of your CV. In short, it needs to look the part. Our selection of CV templates includes lots of designs that are perfect for maintenance managers, including the right sections, spacing, and style.

    What is the best format for your maintenance manager CV?

    It can be hard to get started on your maintenance manager CV if you don’t know what’s expected from you. In other words, what do you actually need to tell a potential employer? That’s where a CV format comes into play.

    CV formats are ways in which CVs can be arranged or structured. That includes the different sections and what information you need to add. As such, your choice of CV format can be make or break for your CV, so it’s vital not to simply choose the first one you find online.

    While there are lots of formats out there, only one stands out for UK maintenance managers – the reverse-chronological format. As the name suggests, it lists your work history starting from the most recent (or current) role.

    Your experience is the main section in your CV, following on from a brief personal statement. That’s complemented by short sections for skills and education.

    Once you’ve got the broad format in place, there are some other formatting tips to consider:

    • Avoid lengthy blocks of text, instead opting for bullet points.
    • Use subheadings so recruiters can skim-read.
    • Keep your CV on one or two pages. You can tweak font size and line spacing to achieve a full page or two full pages rather than leaving lots of white space at the bottom.
    • Choose a simple, professional font. Think Calibri, Times New Roman, or Arial.
    • When saving your CV, opt for Word or PDF formats unless the job ad asks for something else.

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    How to write a CV for a maintenance manager

    How to write a CV is the biggest hurdle for most maintenance managers. That’s undoubtedly because you don’t write a new CV every week, month, or even year.

    In the following sections, we’ll cover the ins and outs of every part of your CV:

    What contact details should I include in my maintenance manager CV?

    Imagine you were comparing maintenance quotes from contractors and you couldn’t find their phone number. Chances are, you wouldn’t spend your valuable time searching for it. You’d just move onto the next one and call them. The same is true for recruiters with your CV.

    Unfortunately, even the best candidates aren’t worth extra legwork. So, make the choice simple by including everything a potential employer needs front and centre. That includes different methods of contact so they can choose their preferred option:

    • Full name – middle names aren’t necessary.
    • Address – they might want to know where you’re based or even contact you by post.
    • no need for your middle name.
    • Phone number – mobiles are easiest so you can always be reached.
    • Email address – as long as it’s work appropriate. If not, set up a new one,

    Example of contact section for a maintenance manager CV

    Sam Marks
    45 Haim Close,
    Bradford, BD1 6YH

    Start your maintenance manager CV with a personal statement

    If you’re wondering about how to create a personal statement that gets the job done as well as you, the best advice is to keep it brief. Your personal statement is a short summary, no longer than 3-4 sentences, that encapsulates exactly why employers should hire you for the role.

    Without repeating information from your covering letter or work history verbatim, you’ll need to include key achievements, skills, experience, and qualifications that show you can excel at the responsibilities of a maintenance manager.

    Use the first sentence to introduce yourself with a defining quality, your background, and level of experience. You can then move onto more specific details about what you do in your job. Sentences three and four can sell you a little more with specialist skills or impressive examples of your capabilities.

    Make sure to use these writing tips to give off the right impression:

    • Write in the third person (avoiding “I” and “me”) to focus on your selling points rather than you alone.
    • Use action verbs like “manages” and “maintains” to put yourself in the spotlight.
    • Be upbeat and positive from the get-go with adjectives like “experienced”, “hard-working”, or “well organised”.

    Example of personal statement for a maintenance manager CV

    Dedicated Maintenance Manager offering 13+ years of successful team management in maintenance-driven roles. Adept in monitoring and scheduling facilities maintenance and minimising downtime and safety hazards. Well-versed in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and project management while remaining focused on quality and efficiency.


    Experienced Maintenance Manager with a track record of success managing multiple sites for large businesses. Takes a proactive approach to maintenance at a regional level, including ongoing inspections and prompt scheduling. Specialist skills include process implementation, project management, and meticulous organisation.

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    Maintenance manager CV work experience

    Above all else, recruiters want to know about your work experience as a maintenance manager. That could be direct experience in a similar job, or maybe you’ve worked in other maintenance roles and you’re ready to make the step up.

    Whatever the case, there are some simple rules when outlining your work history on your CV. Firstly, you’ll start with your current or most recent job and work backwards. Remember – reverse-chronological.

    For each job, include the job title, employer, location, and dates before listing 3-6 responsibilities. It’s best practice to list fewer responsibilities for less recent jobs to avoid your CV becoming too long, especially if you have an extensive work history. You may even want to focus on your last 3-4 roles or 10 years of your career if you find your CV exceeds two pages.

    Responsibilities should be kept relevant to the job you’re applying for. Additionally, try to avoid repeating duties across different jobs, so you can show a wider range of your capabilities. For example, don’t include staff monitoring multiple times, even if you did it at every job.

    You can be clever with words to emphasise your strong points too. Adjectives like “effective”, “regular”, and “safe” will show recruiters that you’re reliable. Meanwhile active verbs like “supervised”, “implemented”, and “achieved” will back up your status as a manager.

    Example of work experience for a maintenance manager CV

    MAINTENANCE MANAGER, 08/2023 – Current
    Midland Rubber Company Limited, Bradford

    • Supervised daily operations, including employee performance, preventive maintenance and safety.
    • Contributed to the development, implementation and execution of maintenance programs.
    • Applied engineering principles to develop and operate electrical, mechanical and data processing systems.

    MAINTENANCE OFFICER, 09/2019 – 08/2024
    RFS Engineering, Bradford

    • Implemented regular quality monitoring systems for installation and building products.
    • Monitored all equipment and tools and completed projects within the required time frame.
    • Researched and updated all required materials needed for firm and partners.

    Maintenance manager CV skills

    The key CV skills a maintenance manager needs to showcase are diverse and integral to success in their duties. Of course, there are plenty of technical skills like engineering, data management, and electrical maintenance that come into play. These are known as hard skills.

    However, it’s also important to include some soft skills in your CV. These are more general, transferable qualities that anyone can have – but that make you a much better fit as a maintenance manager. We’re talking about organisation, leadership, and the ability to solve problems.

    To convey yourself as a well-balanced candidate, include a combination of hard and soft skills on your CV. Anywhere between 6-12 is fine. Ideally, they should reflect the capabilities you’ve listed in other parts of your CV like your work history and personal statement. Be ready to back up these skills at the interview stage too.

    Here are the main skills that will wow recruiters…

    Essential maintenance manager skills for your CV

    • Mechanical engineering
    • Electrical engineering
    • Data management
    • Team leadership
    • Project management
    • Process implementation

    Additional skills to make your CV stand out

    • Time management
    • Communication skills
    • Adaptability
    • Organisational skills
    • Attention to detail
    • Problem solving

    How to add education to your maintenance manager CV

    Moving onto your CV’s education section. On the face of it, this is simple enough – no prizes for guessing what you’ll be talking about. However, it’s important that you include (and exclude) the right things and use the right level of detail.

    A maintenance manager is a senior position, so you won’t typically need to go as far back as your time at school. Experience is the most important factor, but some positions will require a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite. You may also want to include college education such as a BTEC or A-Levels to complement your highest achievement. Finally, in-work qualifications are the icing on the cake.

    When listing educational achievements, you don’t need to go into great depth about what was covered on your course. Instead, you can simply list the course title, college or university, year of qualification, and possibly your grade.

    This brings us onto what you might not want to include. If you passed something but not with flying colours, it could work in your favour to exclude the grade. As an example, simply listing your degree could look better than specifying that you attained third-class honours.

    Similarly, less relevant qualifications like GCSEs can often be omitted altogether. If you do want to include them, you can keep it concise by listing the number of GCSEs and a grade range. For example, 8 GCSEs at A* to C.

    Example of education for a maintenance manager CV

    University of Bradford, Bradford, 2022
    Bachelor of Engineering: Mechanical Engineering

    Leeds College, Leeds, 2019
    BTEC Level 3: Extended Diploma in Engineering

    Maintenance manager CV dos and don’ts

    From utilising CV examples to formatting your CV, there are many ways to prepare your maintenance manager CV to really impress potential employers. Here are some key tips to keep in mind…


    • DO scope out the job description

      Just as maintenance managers need to be on the lookout for any issues that need resolving, they also need to take a keen eye to their job description. In a maintenance manager job description for UK jobs, you’ll find many details about the experience, qualifications, skills, and achievements required for the role. Keep a pen on hand and jot down any key competencies that you meet.

    • DO use the right order

      Another key duty in this job role is to ensure that company buildings and their grounds are kept clear and tidy – and your maintenance manager CV is no different. Using the reverse-chronological CV format will lay out your career clearly for recruiters. This type of CV format starts your work history with your latest position, then works backwards – giving recruiters an instant snapshot of your career highlights.


    • DON’T scrimp on your achievements

      It’s no use leaving your achievements in the dust – recruiters need to see just why you’re perfect for the role of maintenance manager. Rather than creating a dry list of your previous positions, you need to spell out your successes to employers with key examples of your achievements. Tell them about the time you brought your team together to resolve a major issue, or about the award your team was presented with under your leadership.

    • DON’T go overboard

      Your CV should only include enough detail to illustrate how you can meet (and exceed) the responsibilities of a maintenance manager. This means you’ll need to include your contact details, a personal statement, work history, academic history, and skills. The best way to write a CV is without any padding, so no mentioning irrelevant hobbies or jobs from ten years ago. You should also proofread your CV for accurate grammar and spelling – and choose a clear and effective design.


    Maintenance manager CV top FAQs

    What does a maintenance manager do?

    The responsibilities of a maintenance manager include overseeing daily maintenance operations, assigning tasks to team members, evaluating staff performance, practising preventative maintenance, resolving minor repairs, developing and implementing maintenance plans, and completing admin duties where required. You should ensure you highlight your achievements in these areas within your personal statement, work history and covering letter.

    The duties and responsibilities of an assistant maintenance manager are somewhat different, requiring the candidate to provide assistance and support to the maintenance manager and any other supervisors where needed.

    How to be a maintenance manager?

    To succeed in the role of a maintenance manager, you’ll need to do more than simply fulfil the maintenance manager description.

    The best maintenance managers:

    • Have the expertise in engineering to locate, repair, and delegate issues.
    • Manage a team with clarity and understanding.
    • Create and implement plans to ensure maintenance operations run smoothly.
    • Understand and act on key protocols and procedures during daily tasks.
    • Evidence key skills in team leadership, mechanical and electrical engineering, and project management.

    How to become a maintenance manager?

    There is no one set way to become a maintenance manager, but there are certain qualifications and types of experience that could make your maintenance manager CV stand out. If you’re applying to a larger company, it’s likely that a degree in facility management or engineering could be required, or at least beneficial, for the role. A diploma in facilities management is another popular choice for improving employability in this career path. You could also start out as an apprentice or a caretaker, and work your way up to the position. Previous work experience in facility maintenance or engineering is definitely useful for this job.

    How much does a maintenance manager make?

    The average maintenance manager salary in the UK is around £35-37k per year. Entry-level positions can start out with a salary of around £20-25k per year, whilst a property maintenance manager salary can reach over £50k per year for higher-level positions.

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