Painter, plumber, decorator – as a handyman, you’ll likely have a huge variety of skills. Learn how to make your skill set stand out from the rest with our handyman CV example. Present your health and safety knowledge, prior experience, and trade skills in an eye-catching manner to win the role.


    Handyman CV Sample


    Handyman CV templates and samples

    Craft a personal statement for your handyman CV

    A handyman CV should portray a skilled but trusted person. After all, a handyman is often a person we let into our home to help us with a problem. Use a well-written personal statement to convince potential employers that you not only know your job like no other but are also a reliable, honest professional. Highlight your skills, goals, and achievements in a brief summary of your handyman CV.

    Top handyman CV tips

    • Use keywords from the job description

      Whether it’s a particular tool, maintenance method, or site location, always include relevant keywords from the job description in your handyman CV. This will make sure your CV passes scanning software and makes it into the hands of your recruiter.

    • Highlight your specialist skills

      As a skilled handyman, you could be fixing the electrics one day and painting a wall the next. If you specialise in a particular area, mention this on your handyman CV. Not only will this help you to target your CV to a specific role – it will also help you to stand out from more general applications.

    • Show you’re trustworthy

      Handymen are trusted with everything from expensive equipment to entire apartment blocks. When writing a CV, keep in mind you want to show recruiters you have the right nature for the job by sharing some personality in your personal statement, with words such as ‘discreet’, ‘respectful’, and ‘dedicated’.

    Key skills for a handyman CV

    Necessary skills for your handyman CV

    • Critical thinking
    • Attention to detail
    • Power tools and hand tools use
    • Adaptability
    • Problem-solving

    Nice-to-haves that will help you stand out

    • Time management
    • Great communication skills
    • Process improvement
    • Creativity

    Frequently asked questions about a handyman CV (UK)

    What should be included in a handyman CV?

    Handymen can be expected to answer emergency call-outs – after all, things don’t just break during work hours. If you’re happy to work unusual hours such as evenings and weekends, always include this in your handyman CV. This will be a definite bonus for many employers.

    What are the key responsibilities of a handyman?

    A handyman is responsible for carrying out a wide range of maintenance tasks, either in commercial buildings or by coming out to people’s homes. These can include such CV skills as plumbing, electrics, painting and plastering, fixing locks, oiling hinges, and fixing air conditioning units.

    What are the top qualities of a handyman?

    Handymen need to have strong problem-solving abilities, as they will be faced with a range of maintenance issues every day. They also need to be good communicators to explain these problems to staff or homeowners. Being physically fit is also a top quality because many tasks can be physically demanding.

    Handyman CV takeaway

    Deftly combine the above tips and put them into practice to nail the application process. Use our intuitive builder, which will guide you step by step through the stages of creating a handyman CV. Highlight your unique skills, emphasise your experience and make it clear that you are the one worth hiring. Once you have completed the information, you can customise the layout of your CV and then save and download it in the CV format of your choice.


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