Facilities managers oversee the entire operation of one or more sites, including everything from day-to-day maintenance and operation to long-term renovation, upgrades, and strategy. Taking on so much responsibility requires a unique combination of facilities experience, management know-how, and personal qualities like organisation and decision-making.

Putting all of this into a facilities manager CV while maintaining an easy-to-read format is no mean feat. Thankfully, myPerfectCV can help. We’ve pulled together some of the best facilities management CV examples and tips for UK applicants so that you can present the right facility manager skill and competencies.


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    As a facilities manager, you’ll understand the importance of appearance alongside proper function. Our facility management CV templates help you transfer that approach to your CV with professional designs and clear, well-organised sections for your skills, work history, and qualifications.

    Keep your CV running smoothly with our facilities manager CV tips

    The facilities manager job role can feel like a balancing act. Thankfully, your CV doesn’t have to be the same. Take a look at these top tips to make things easier.

    • Organisation is key

      Facilities managers have so many responsibilities, from health and safety to budget management. To showcase your organisation, make sure your CV is well structured, coherent, and easy to read. Bullet points and subheadings can break up all the information so recruiters can skim read and find the skills and responsibilities they’re looking for.

    • Show your wide-ranging experience

      As a facilities manager, you’ll be responsible for one or more sites in your new role. Most recruiters will want someone who can hit the ground running too. Show that you’re ready to go with bullet-pointed responsibilities from your current and previous roles. Using a facility manager CV template you will be guided through the sections and prompted to add the right experience.

    • Crunch the numbers

      Budget management is a key skill for any facilities manager CV. Demonstrate your solid facilities manager skills and knowledge by including specific numbers and figures in your CV will display an aptitude for this part of the job, whether it’s managing an overall budget in excess of £100,000, reducing expenditure by 20%, or overseeing the work of 25 contractors at various sites.

    • Highlight your facilities manager skills

      There’s a time and a place for long passages of text, but it isn’t on your CV. Make sure you tick every box with a clear, dedicated skills section that lists all of your top qualities such as communication, organisation, budget management and strategy.

    • Nail the professional summary

      Your facilities manager CV will no doubt cover a wide range of roles, responsibilities, and qualities. But before all of that, you need to grab recruiters’ attention with a concise, impressive professional summary. Introduce your key skills, background, and specialisms in two to three sentences that underline your aptitude for the job at hand. Your personal summary is a great place to really detail your facilities manager skills and competencies.

    What skills should a UK facilities manager CV include?

    Facility manager skills range from practical competencies to personal qualities. Take a look at the facilities management skills listed which you’ll need on your CV to tick every box.

    Critical facility management skills list

    • Problem-solving skills
    • Leadership and management
    • Communication and teamwork
    • Analytical and attention to detail
    • Organisation and time management
    • Health and safety knowledge
    • Budgeting

    Soft skills to meet the facilities manager job description

    • Facility maintenance
    • Report writing
    • Legal knowledge
    • Negotiation
    • Recruitment experience

    Frequently asked questions about facility manager CVs

    What is facility management?

    Facilities or facility management refers to the management of various aspects of a building or commercial site. It includes maintenance, project management, sales and lettings, hospitality and catering, communications, and staffing to cover the day-to-day operations of one or several facilities. In some cases, facility management also includes the management of a site’s IT facilities and systems.

    What are the roles and responsibilities of a facilities manager?

    The role of facility manager comes with various responsibilities. You’ll need to recruit and manage staff or contractors for vital services like security, cleaning, and catering. Facilities managers will also take care of allocating space, maintaining basic facilities, and ensuring compliance with government regulations. These facility manager roles and responsibilities will be covered by a budget, the management of which typically also comes under the remit of a facilities manager.

    What qualifications does a facilities manager need?

    There are various routes into facilities management from a university, college, or similar employment. Relevant degrees in business studies or building services can lead to graduate schemes or entry-level roles. Alternatively, a facilities management apprenticeship provides a solid foundation for a facilities management career. However, many facilities managers simply work their way up from previous administration, management or maintenance, and engineering roles.

    Why is facilities management so important?

    Facilities management takes care of a business’s most valuable assets – their buildings and facilities. It ensures those sites are functioning and profitable while protecting employees, property, and customers regarding health and safety and security. In doing so, it prevents costly damage and upholds the reputation of the business.

    Who does a facilities manager report to?

    Depending on the business structure, facilities managers may report to the general manager, CEO, business owner, or directors. You might also be expected to report to multiple people at different times, such as day-to-day communication with the general manager while providing monthly reports to the CEO.

    Facilitate success with an impressive facilities manager CV

    If you’re looking for your next facilities manager role, it’s time to make sure your facilities manager CV doc is up to the task. At myPerfectCV, we provide everything you need to build a facility manager CV that recruiters love. Our easy-to-use CV builder has professional templates and polished content tailored to facilities manager skills and responsibilities alongside the best facility manager CV samples.


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