Working on the factory floor, production managers are responsible for making sure the manufacturing process runs smoothly. Whether they’re scheduling shifts or liaising with suppliers, their role requires a particular combination of hard and soft skills. But how can you make sure your CV is as well-organised as your warehouse?

Thankfully, myPerfectCV is here to help. We have all of the resources you need to create a stand-out CV – from top tips and a professional production manager CV example to our innovative builder tool. It’s quick and easy to create your application today!


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    Production manager CV templates

    Produce a winning personal statement for your production manager CV

    It may be just 2-3 sentences long, but your personal statement (or personal summary) is one of the most important sections of your production manager application. This short paragraph sits at the top of your CV and needs to give your recruiter an overview of your key strengths.

    In your personal statement, mention your current position, experience level, and most competitive skills. You can also explain what you’re hoping to bring to a new production manager role and include some personal qualities to help your CV stand out.

    Production manager CV tips

    Produce the perfect CV by following our top tips from UK recruiters below.

    • Quantify your success

      As a production manager, you know how to draw up production plans and set KPIs to monitor your output. Your CV should do the same. By including key facts and figures from your previous positions, you can make it much easier for your recruiter to quantify your success and imagine what you’d bring to a new role.

    • Use keywords from the production manager job description

      By including keywords and phrases from the job description on your CV, you can make your application more likely to pass an ATS. Whether it’s a particular software, manufacturing technique, or personal skill, keywords are a simple way to ensure your application is always tailored to the role.

    • Follow a professional production manager CV template

      The right template can make or break your CV. Choose one that is clear, easy to read, and fits all of your information onto one page (some recruiters might stop reading if your application spans two or more sides of A4). This will show off your logic and presentation skills, both of which are key for a production manager.

    • Highlight your manufacturing knowledge

      Although production managers won’t necessarily be using machines, it’s important to have strong manufacturing knowledge. In your skills section, make sure to include some industry-specific skills to show you have the right know-how for the production manager role.

    • Show off your leadership skills

      Because this is a managerial role, you’ll need impressive interpersonal skills. Give your recruiter a taste of your personality by using positive adjectives to describe your work ethic, whether you’re ‘motivational’, ‘team-oriented’, or ‘resilient’.

    Production manager skills to include in your CV

    Production manager skills range from communication to using computer software. Find out what else should appear on your CV below.

    Necessary skills for your production manager CV

    • Numeracy
    • Communication
    • Leadership
    • Machine operation
    • Budgeting
    • Risk assessment

    Bonus skills

    • Reporting
    • Ability to work under pressure
    • Attention to detail
    • Recruitment
    • Knowledge of manufacturing processes

    Top FAQs about your production manager CV

    How do I write a CV for a production manager?

    To write a production manager CV, you should include your key achievements from previous roles. Don’t simply list your daily responsibilities – by including your achievements, you can make your application much more memorable and ensure it stands out from the crowd. This will also show you can keep track of performance metrics, which is one of the main production manager responsibilities.

    What skills do you need to be a production manager?

    A good production manager has a unique combination of hard and soft skills. You will need to have excellent manufacturing knowledge to operate (and potentially fix) machines, as well as strong organisation and administration skills. These will allow you to keep track of shift schedules, inventory stock levels, and order numbers when running the factory. You will also need to be a great communicator, whether you’re reporting back to key stakeholders or training a new employee.

    What should I include in a production manager CV?

    In your production manager CV, you should include the following sections:

    • A personal statement that outlines your current position, experience level, and most valuable production manager skills.
    • A work experience section that highlights your key production manager duties and achievements from your previous positions.
    • A skills section that lists your top eight hard and soft skills.
    • An education section that contains your academic achievements and professional production manager qualifications.

    How do you become a production manager?

    There are several routes to becoming a production manager. Some applicants might apply after studying a relevant subject at university – for example, manufacturing, food processing, or engineering. Others might join the career with a higher national diploma, however, it’s also possible to work your way up to the role from a junior position such as warehouse operative or assistant.

    What is the average production manager salary in the UK?

    The National Careers Service states the average production manager in the UK earns between £20,000 and £40,000 a year. Factors such as your experience level, particular industry, and location could all affect your salary.

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