Whether they’re working with milling machines, grinders, or printers, machine operators are responsible for setting up and managing machines which are critical for manufacturing, assembly, and production. That includes a range of responsibilities, including analysis of the machine’s performance and adjustments for different machine functions.

Taking on these duties successfully requires a variety of skills, experience, and training, which is where your CV comes into play. Luckily, we have a collection of UK machine operator CV examples that will show you how to display all your attributes and qualities to recruiters to secure your next machine operator role – along with some CV writing tips and professional templates to help you build your own CV.

On top of this, the following guide covers everything you need to know about CV writing, from creating a compelling personal statement to outlining your work experience in the best possible light.

Keep reading as we explore:


    Sample machine operator CV

    Machine operator CV Sample

    Toby Williams

    43 Iffley Road
    Bristol BS1 9NR

    Professional summary

    Practical Machine Operator with an impressive track record in collaborative, cross-functional teamwork within high-pressure environments. Adept at project planning and managing multiple accounts at once. Dedicated to improving company sales goals and meeting business objectives.

    Work history

    April 2022 – Current
    Sean Manufacturing Company – Bristol, UK
    Machine Operator

    • Monitored material use and reported replenishment needs to management.
    • Operated and fed raw material into equipment with focus on proper operation and safety measures.
    • Cleaned, lubricated and adjusted equipment in line with preventive maintenance plan.
    • Completed daily documentation, updating operational records and company logs.

    March 2020 – March 2022
    Bright Engineering Ltd. – Bristol, UK
    Machine Operator Assistant

    • Monitored machine function and performance, quickly diagnosing malfunctions to reduce operational downtime.
    • Recorded machine productivity and required repairs to maintain logs on database.
    • Produced QA samples and conducted quality testing.
    • Set up and operated machine tools to produce precision parts within allotted timeframes.


    Maintenance and repair
    Assembly and production
    Manufacturing quality control
    Manufacturing planning
    Safety compliance
    Logistical planning
    Troubleshooting skills
    Materials management
    Electronic Materials Management (EMM)
    Transport and shipping principles
    Industrial cleaning techniques


    Bristol College
    Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

    Machine operator CV template

    It’s easy to think that your CV is all about your hands-on experience. However, appearance is still an important box to tick, so recruiters don’t just put your CV at the bottom of the pile. Choose a CV template that is clear and easy to read, with dedicated sections for your skills, experience, and qualifications, as well as a professional summary and contact details.

    What is the best format for your machine operator CV?

    First impressions matter, which is why professional CV formats are so important. Employers won’t look twice at messy applications that are hard to read, even from the most experienced candidates. In contrast, they’ll fast-track thoughtful CVs that use clear headings, sections, and bullet point lists because they’re more likely to be written by someone conscientious and detail-oriented.

    Instead of creating something brand-new, we recommend choosing from recruiter-approved structures, such as the reverse-chronological CV and the skills-based CV. The former runs through your employment background, starting from your current or most recent role, whereas the latter focuses on transferable skills, e.g. “proactive”, “analytical”, and “adaptable”.

    Which is most suitable for a machine operator? As a rule, it’s always best to use a reverse-chronological CV that outlines all the skills and expertise you can bring to the table. However, you don’t necessarily need experience to become a machine operator because you’ll receive on-the-job training. As such, you could use a more generalised skills-based CV as long as you keep all the information relevant to the job you’re applying for.

    What else do you need to know? Here are some extra tips to keep in mind:

    • Keep your CV one to two pages long maximum
    • Tailor your CV to each position – every company has different requirements and values, so adjust your content accordingly
    • Use a neat font like Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri
    • Keep the tone upbeat and friendly, but formal – no jokes or jargon
    • Send your CV as a Word or PDF file unless asked otherwise

    How to write a CV for a machine operator

    Wondering how to write a CV that stands out from the crowd? You’re in the right place. Next, we’ll share plenty of tips on completing each section, starting with contact details and finishing with education.

    It’s time to tackle:

    How to add contact details to your machine operator CV

    If you’ve sent out dozens of CVs but haven’t heard anything back, you might have forgotten to add your most up-to-date contact details. Employers simply don’t have the time to track you down if you leave this section blank, so remember to note your information at the top of the page, preferably in a slightly larger or bolder font for maximum visibility.

    • Full name – first name and surname
    • Location – if you live further away, mention if you’re willing to relocate
    • Phone number – the best one to reach you on
    • Email address – keep it professional

    Example of contact section for a machine operator CV

    David Dunne,
    8 Holgate Road,
    Bristol, BS2 9NF,

    Start your machine operator CV with a personal statement

    Your personal statement or “professional summary” is a short paragraph which opens your CV following your contact details. It should be kept within three to four lines, concisely introducing your professional background and skills.

    For your machine operator personal statement, you should outline your current role, background, experience, and the key capabilities or qualities you can offer to an employer. Make sure you highlight the specific type of machinery you specialise in, with any key qualifications, training, or certifications to back it up.

    Still confused? Here’s a handy formula to keep you on track. Sentence one introduces who you are, including years of experience and career focus, e.g. food manufacturing. Sentence two explains what you can achieve using facts or figures, e.g. “upgraded machinery, boosting productivity by 23%”.

    Finally, sentences three and four reiterate your specialisms, e.g. CNC machines.

    Here are a few extra pointers to steer you in the right direction:

    • Stick to the word count – 50 to 100 words is ideal
    • Only mention your most valuable skills, experience, and qualifications
    • Discuss what you can bring to the table – save your career ambitions for the cover letter
    • Provide evidence of your capabilities – statistics speak for themselves
    • Don’t be afraid to sell yourself – employers love confidence

    Example of personal statement for a machine operator CV

    Hardworking machine operator with five years of experience in the car manufacturing sector. Trained over 50 junior employees on precision measuring instruments and gauges. Possess a thorough understanding of various programming languages and a CB FLT licence.


    Diligent and reliable team player with eight years of related experience and the desire to make a positive impact in a long-term position. Skilled machine operator adept at operating CNC machinery, performing side work, and completing preventative maintenance.

    How to present your work history on a machine operator CV

    Work experience is often the deciding factor when it comes to job applications. Candidates must demonstrate they have the right tools and knowledge to meet – and hopefully surpass – expectations. The most successful CVs also use this section to showcase achievements. For example, you might have received a promotion or award.

    As you flesh out your employment background, ask yourself – is this recent and relevant? All the information you include must meet these criteria. If you used to work as a machine operator but took a decade-long break, hiring managers might question whether you have up-to-date knowledge. Similarly, there’s no point talking about last year’s retail job because it probably isn’t relevant to the role you’re applying for.

    How should you format this section? Start from your current or most recent role and include three to six responsibilities for each.
    Run through:

    • Job title
    • Company name
    • Company location
    • Employment start and end dates
    • List of responsibilities
    • Achievements, awards, and promotions

    Like the personal statement, we suggest using facts and figures to impress the employer. Anyone can say they’re amazing, but only a few people have the statistics to back it up. Let’s say you “provided detailed training and mentoring for each new team member” – can you expand on this? You could mention how many team members or provide an outcome, e.g. “provided detailed training that boosted productivity by 23%”. The more specific you can be, the better!

    Lastly, use plenty of positive adjectives and action verbs to encourage the employer to read on. Positive adjectives describe your personality – you might be “hardworking”, “knowledgeable”, and “organised”. Action verbs are excellent alternatives to “responsible for” and convey confidence. Some of our favourites for machine operators include “engineered”, “maximised” and “upgraded”.

    Example of work experience for a machine operator CV

    Machine operator | BAM Limited, Bristol | 02/2022 – Present

    • Monitoring machine operation and diagnosing malfunctions.
    • Studying standard operating procedures for heavy-duty machinery and
    • adjusting use to increase productivity and longevity.
    • Performing preventative maintenance to maintain optimal productivity.

    Machine operator | DOME Ltd, Bristol | 10/2018 – 01/2022

    • Utilised CNC and manual equipment to perform rough and finishing machining, working with tin, sheet iron, and sheet copper.
    • Maintained good housekeeping practices on machines and within the work area, complying with all company safety rules and regulations.
    • Set appropriate stops and guides to specific lengths indicated by scale, rule, or template.

    Machine operator | Hills Company LTD, Bristol | 11/2016 – 10/2018

    • Supported COO with daily operational functions.
    • Provided detailed training and mentoring for each new team member, including safety protocol workshops to optimise the performance and productivity of all crew members.
    • Regulated machine flow, speed, and temperature.
    • Stopped and reset machines to address malfunctions.

    Top skills for your machine operator CV

    How do you increase your chances of securing an interview invite? Make sure your CV passes the machine operator CV skills test. This section is all about presenting your most valuable hard and soft skills to reassure the employer you can hit the ground running. Plus, these scannable keywords help applicant tracking system (ATS) software decide whether you have the right knowledge for the job.

    So, what’s the difference between hard skills and soft skills? The former are technical and learnt on the job or through education. Examples include “knowledge of specific industry standards”, “load and unload components”, and “operate the CNC controls”. In contrast, the latter are transferable and personality-based – think “teamwork”, “diligent”, and “enthusiastic”.

    Ultimately, you need both to succeed. We suggest noting around ten to twelve skills in total, split equally between the two. Need more inspiration? Take a look at our hard and soft skills below to include in your machine operator CV.

    Essential skills for a machine operator

    • Machine maintenance
    • Physical strength
    • Ability to multitask
    • Independent working
    • Health and safety

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Concentration
    • Attention to detail
    • Clear communication
    • Fast problem solving
    • Working to production schedules

    How to add education to your machine operator CV

    Despite coming towards the end of a CV, education section is still an important factor. It sets you apart when you’re up against equally experienced and skilled candidates, demonstrating a commitment to professional and personal development. You can discuss school, college, and university courses, extracurricular training, and special licences.

    While pretty straightforward, there are a few things to remember here. Like work experience, keep all information recent and relevant. For example, you don’t need to list individual GCSEs if you’ve completed an undergraduate degree. Next, don’t draw attention to bad grades or incomplete courses – you’re not obligated to provide this information unless asked.

    So, what does it take to become a machine operator? You don’t necessarily need any qualifications, but employers prefer candidates with Maths and English GCSEs. Skilled machine operator roles often require engineering knowledge, so you may benefit from studying a related course at university or college, such as a Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Engineering.

    When completing this section, outline:

    • Name of school, college, university, or other awarding body
    • Study start and end dates
    • Subject title
    • Qualification level – e.g. A level or Level 3 Diploma
    • Qualification result – not essential but desirable

    Example of education for a machine operator CV

    Clifton College, Bristol | September 2021 – June 2023
    2 A levels: English (B) and Maths (C)

    Clifton High School, Bristol | September 2016 – June 2021
    10 GCSEs including Maths, English, and IT


    Your machine operator CV questions answered

    What are the duties and responsibilities of a machine operator?

    Machine operator job descriptions call for a number of responsibilities, including setting up the machine for production, loading materials, making adjustments for different functions, checking the machine’s performance, performing essential maintenance, and undertaking quality checks for the finished product.

    What skills does a machine operator need?

    Machine operators need to be highly focused when working on their own with unwavering attention to detail. You’ll need a comprehensive understanding of machines in your specialism, how they work, and what they produce. Machine operators also need to be fast thinkers who can solve problems under pressure and communicate clearly with other departments or members of their team.

    What do machine operators get paid?

    Machine operator salaries can vary quite a bit given the diverse nature of the machines they’re operating. The average salary is just over £20,500 but generally ranges between £16,000 and £24,000 depending on location and industry.

    How do I become a machine operator?

    Machine operators are generally trained on the job for the specific machine they’re using, meaning there aren’t any specific machine operator education requirements per se. However, college courses and apprenticeships in subjects like IT and engineering do lend themselves to the technical side of machine operation.

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