An effective factory worker CV presents a reliable candidate with great attention to detail and an ability to cope under pressure. It highlights your experience in similar roles as a factory worker or assistant, and the development of useful skills like assembly, loading, and machinery operation through specific responsibilities.


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    3 top tips for preparing a factory worker CV

    • Highlight your achievements

      When listing your work history and past positions, draw attention to key metrics of success to help your CV stand out. For example, mention how many products you assembled in a day, or highlight your impeccable safety or attendance records.

    • Make use of keywords

      Give your CV a boost with sector-specific keywords. Mention any types of special machinery or materials you've worked with. Comment on your understanding of safety standards and outline special skills you've picked up throughout your career.

    • Express yourself in your statement

      Your CV needs to include facts and stats regarding your work history and qualifications. However, it’s not a bad idea to mention some parts of your personality that might be relevant for the role, like your eye for detail, physical strength, organisation, and teamwork.


    A few common questions about factory worker CVs

    What should be included in a factory worker CV?

    A factory worker CV should include your name and contact details at the top of the page. This should be followed by a personal statement or a professional summary section. You can outline critical skills and experiences in your summary, then add in more detail in the separate work history and skills sections.

    What are the primary responsibilities of a factory worker?

    The duties of a factory worker will vary, depending on the type of factory. Typical duties may include assembling and sorting products, operating various forms of machinery, and making small repairs and adjustments to machines as necessary.

    What are the top qualities of a factory worker?

    Factory workers need to have the right combination of physical and mental skills. Their work may involve lots of manual movements, so stamina and strength are essential. These workers also need to be organised and attentive, able to adapt to changing situations and work with high-powered machinery.

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