If you’re interested in a career in finance and want to make a difference to people’s lives, then becoming a mortgage broker might just be the job for you. In this fulfilling role, you’ll be acting as a middleman, connecting clients with the right finance to mortgage their dream home.

To create a successful mortgage broker CV, you’ll need to showcase key skills and qualifications. On this page, we’ll share the top mortgage broker skills, tips, FAQs, and even some professional CV examples to inspire you. Plus, you’ll be able to craft an amazing CV with our online builder to reach out for that perfect job.


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    Mortgage broker CV templates

    Impress recruiters with a mortgage broker personal statement

    Your personal statement is the first thing that will introduce employers to you and your skills. In 3-4 sentences, you’ll need to put across the defining features that make you perfect for the job role. Reading the description for the mortgage broker job you’re applying to will help you to gain an understanding of exactly what the employers are looking for.

    Your personal statement shouldn’t repeat the exact content of your work or academic history. Instead, emphasise key achievements and skills that establish exactly why you exceed the requirements for the role.

    Top tips for your mortgage broker CV

    To ace your application, you need a striking mortgage broker CV that really fits the bill. From mortgage broker job duties to CV formatting, here are our top tips.

    • Record your greatest work achievements

      If you’re not sure what the key parts of a mortgage broker CV are, it can help to break the structure down. CVs generally start with a personal statement, which includes an overview of what makes you perfect for the job role. This is followed by sections that list your key work and academic experience, then your skills. You’ll also need to add your contact details for recruiters to get in touch.

      Arguably, the most important section is for work experience, where you will need to show you can fulfil the duties of a mortgage broker through experience gained in your past job roles. You should set out your key responsibilities and achievements in each relevant role using bullet points.

    • The job description is key to success

      Before writing your CV, you should always read a mortgage broker job description over carefully first. Jot down any key terms and achievements that recruiters are looking for and use them as a guide to highlight corresponding details in your work and academic history.

      Reading the description can give you extra insight into the most relevant details to include to prove you meet the mortgage broker job requirements.

    • Impress with specialisms

      The skills required for a mortgage broker are diverse, spanning sales and communication to mathematics and finance. Why not go a step further and wow employers with any specialist skills that are relevant to the role? These could include knowledge of a foreign language or specialisation in commercial mortgages.

    • Make a great first impression

      With recruiters, first impressions are everything. A well-designed CV instantly shows employers that you take the job application seriously. Utilise one of our pre-made templates for your mortgage broker CV to make it look clear and professional, so you can stand out from the crowd. Finally, ensure the CV is formatted as a Word document, as this is the most accessible option for recruiters.

    • Unlock the door with proven results

      Rather than simply listing your previous duties, your work history section should include actual results that demonstrate you meeting (and exceeding) the requirements to become a mortgage broker. This could be, for example, through the number of clients you have successfully arranged a mortgage for.

    Mortgage broker skills to include in your CV

    Demonstrating that you have the skills required to be a mortgage broker will boost your chances of scoring an interview with a great company. Here are some key skills to include in your mortgage broker CV.

    Top skills for a mortgage broker CV

    • Financial knowledge
    • Up to date with mortgage trends
    • Computer skills
    • Verbal and written communication
    • Customer service
    • Ability to build industry contacts

    Complementary skills to impress recruiters

    • Analytical thinking
    • Attention-to-detail
    • Reflective outlook
    • Sales skills
    • Customer-focused
    • Calm under pressure

    Top FAQs about your mortgage broker CV

    What is a mortgage broker job description?

    The job description for a mortgage broker will vary between employers, but will generally include details about the ideal candidate the employers are seeking, along with a list of mortgage broker requirements and responsibilities. These will also vary depending on any specialisations, so take a look at some example CVs before writing. For example, a commercial mortgage broker job description may have requirements for experience in commercial finance.

    How to become a mortgage broker in the UK?

    To embark on this career path, there are some mortgage broker education requirements you should meet. The Level 3 Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice or its equivalent Certificate in Mortgage Advice by the CII are industry benchmarks that employers will be looking out for. Whilst degrees are usually not required for this role in the UK, a degree in business or finance could be very beneficial. You could also take steps into this career through an apprenticeship.

    What does a mortgage broker do?

    Mortgage broker duties include acting as a middleman between clients and lenders, searching for the best mortgaging options for clients, building connections and working with lenders and estate agents, and advising clients about the mortgage process. You’ll also be helping clients with paperwork, along with onboarding and assessing the finances of new clients.

    What skills do mortgage brokers need?

    Mortgage broker skills should include key technical skills, including mathematics, finances, and written and verbal communications. As well as these key skills, it’s also vital not to neglect the importance of transferable skills. For mortgage brokers, these will include managing pressure, attention-to-detail, and taking a customer-orientated approach to work.

    Is mortgage broker a good career choice?

    Ultimately, this will vary depending on your career aims. However, there are many opportunities for progression as a mortgage broker. You could go self-employed as an independent adviser or study further to qualify as a financial adviser.

    How much do mortgage brokers make (UK)?

    Working for a broker agency or consultancy firm, mortgage brokers make around £30,000 per year in the UK. This figure can be increased by going independent, where brokers can earn around £1,000 per mortgage or charge a percentage-based fee.

    Show off your skills with a mortgage broker CV

    Now you have all the information you need to create an amazing CV to wow recruiters. Take a look at more of our CV examples to discover the best mortgage broker skills, qualifications, and career achievements to include in your CV.

    Then, when you’ve got all your ideas ready, it’s time to put them into practice with our easy-to-use CV builder. Simply add in the content that best illustrates your experience, then customise with a few personal details.


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