A branch manager is a senior professional who oversees the running of a particular branch of a bank. They are responsible for the daily operations at the branch, including recruitment, customer service, and monitoring the performance of subsidiaries.

The role of a branch manager can be varied, so summing up your experience isn’t always easy. Thankfully, myPerfectCV is here to help you write a stand-out branch manager CV. We’ve got everything you need to complete your application, from top tips and templates to our trusted CV builder tool. It’s quick and easy to write your CV and cover letter today!


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    Professional bank branch manager example CV

    Bank your success with a personal statement for your branch manager CV

    Your personal statement (or personal summary) is a short paragraph that sits at the top of your branch manager CV. Although it’s usually just 2-3 lines long, it’s one of the most important sections as your recruiter will probably scan it before deciding whether to read on.

    In your personal statement, you should outline your professional experience, key areas of expertise, and any particular achievements. This will help your CV stand out from the crowd.

    Branch manager CV tips

    Want to write a CV that ticks every box? Branch out by following our top tips for writing your branch manager CV.

    • Quantify your performance

      In your work experience section, don’t just list your branch manager daily duties. To help your application stand out, always include facts and figures that quantify your performance – whether you managed a team of 40 employees or boosted your branch’s customer satisfaction rating by 15%.

    • Use keywords from the branch service manager job description

      As a branch manager, you’re no stranger to the world of recruitment – so you probably know how many CVs your recruiter will need to read through! If your recruiter uses an ATS (applicant tracking software) to find the most relevant CVs, make sure yours doesn’t slip through the net. Always include a variety of keywords and phrases from the job description to tailor your application to the role.

    • Highlight your leadership skills

      Branch managers are responsible for overseeing all of the employees at a branch. This means that impressive leadership skills are a must. On your CV, make sure to include examples that demonstrate your ability to lead a team, motivate employees, and hire the best talent.

    • Proofread your application

      Whether you’re writing promotional materials or communicating with customers, strong communication skills are a must. Show your recruiter you can make a good impression by carefully proofreading your CV and cover letter before you press submit.

    • Show some personality

      Although lots of the duties and responsibilities of a bank branch manager are operational, you’ll also need impeccable interpersonal skills. In your personal statement, include some positive adjectives such as ‘motivational’, ‘collaborative,’ or ‘supportive’ to describe your work ethic and character

    Branch manager skills to include in your CV

    Branch manager skills range from customer service to contract management. Discover the must-have abilities for your branch manager CV below.

    Crucial skills for your branch manager CV

    • Communication (written & verbal)
    • Customer service
    • Budgeting
    • Computer skills
    • Business development
    • Recruitment

    Soft skills to help you stand out

    • Contract management
    • Operational leadership
    • Employee onboarding
    • Time management
    • Data analysis

    Top FAQs about your branch manager CV

    What is the role of a branch manager?

    The roles and functions of a branch manager are to oversee the day-to-day operation of a particular bank branch. Some of the key branch manager duties for your CV can include boosting its reputation in the local community through marketing campaigns and outreach projects, communicating with customers to provide an excellent level of service, and recruiting new employees to the firm. Branch managers also play an important financial management role. They might manage the branch’s budget and oversee the company accounts.

    What does a bank branch manager do?

    On a day-to-day basis, a bank branch manager is responsible for a range of operational, administrative, and interpersonal tasks. Branch/credit manager roles and responsibilities might include interacting with customers to answer questions or solve problems; hiring and training new employees; delegating tasks and taking charge of scheduling shifts, and promoting the branch within the local community. That could involve organising events and working with the marketing team to create campaigns.

    What are the top priorities of a branch manager?

    The top priorities of a branch manager are to create a successful branch that performs well in the local area. Ultimately, the success or failure of the branch will fall on the branch manager’s shoulders. This means they need to ensure the company is running smoothly, with an impressive customer service rating and a team of motivated employees to drive operations.

    How do I become a branch manager?

    To become a branch manager in a bank, you’ll need a combination of financial knowledge, business operations experience, and management skill. Branch managers may work their way up in their particular branch, starting out in a role such as bank assistant before taking on additional management responsibilities. Some companies may ask for a relevant qualification such as an undergraduate degree in economics, business strategy, or financial management.

    What is the average salary for a branch manager?

    According to information from Reed.co.uk, the average salary for a branch manager in the UK is £36,935 a year. Professionals with less experience may start on around £35,000, while senior managers could earn closer to £40,000 a year.

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