In the UK, professional bankers are in constant demand. Whether it’s onboarding new clients, providing financial advice, or processing transactions, bankers require a unique set of skills that combines management with effective communication. An ideal banker CV quickly draws attention to the essential qualifications, work history and skills you have that are integral to fulfilling the key responsibilities of a banker.

A career in banking suits individuals who are financially savvy, customer-focused, and keen problem solvers. Whether you’re looking to develop a personal banker CV or find an investment banker CV example, in this guide, you’ll discover essential tips, skills, templates, and FAQs to help you create a professional CV for bankers and reach your dream job.


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    Give the other applicants a run for their money with your personal statement

    Your personal statement appears near the top of your CV and forms an introduction to your specialist qualities and skills that make you stand out above all other candidates. Whether you’re creating an investment or personal banker CV, you can draw recruiters in with details of your major achievements, qualifications, and goals for the future. Keep your personal statement to an engaging and succinct 3-4 sentences to encourage recruiters to continue reading.

    Top tips for your banker CV

    Find out how to fine-tune your CV, from investment banker degree requirements to tailoring your experience to the list of duties of a banker.

    • Shell out your financial literacy

      One of the main duties of a banker to his customers is to provide advice and support for their financial decisions. Recruiters want to see signs of strong financial literacy in banking applicants. Use relevant terms and phrases throughout your CV to demonstrate this expertise.

    • Make sure your template is on the money

      When preparing your banker CV, make sure you stick to a professional layout. Use clear headings and defined lists, with your name and contact details at the top, and a concise, relevant personal statement too.

    • Show a wealth of qualifications

      As well as your job history, you should also show you fulfil banker education requirements, with degrees in business, mathematics or finance providing a strong advantage for applicants.

    • Highlight special skills

      Many applicants will have similar qualifications. Special skills that are relevant to the duties of a banker can help you to stand out. Important business banker skills, for example, include understanding foreign languages.

    • Prove you can fulfil the job role

      List out your work history clearly and concisely, focusing on your key successes to illustrate why you’re perfect for the role. Remember, the requirements to be a banker will depend on any specialisations you choose – for example, investment banker requirements will include an understanding of economics and business studies.

    Banker skills to include in your CV

    Banking is a competitive field, so when writing your banker CV, you need to cash in on your technical and transferable skills.

    Essential skills for bankers

    • UK banking code knowledge
    • Mathematics
    • Cash management
    • Customer service
    • Team management
    • Computer literacy

    Added extras for your CV

    • Problem solving
    • Discipline and patience
    • Communication
    • Time management
    • Attention-to-detail
    • Critical thinking

    Top FAQs about your banker CV

    How do I write a CV for a bank job?

    An effective banker CV will be tailored to a specific banking role and its requirements and will not include any irrelevant skills, accomplishments or job responsibilities. It will highlight critical skills like ‘ledger and balance sheet competency’ and ‘cash-handling expertise’ in well-defined sections. The CV will also be cleanly formatted with short paragraphs, direct sentences and bullet points.

    What skills do you need to be a banker?

    In terms of skills, the requirements to become a banker will include an understanding of financial and banking codes, customer service and knowledge of stock markets. Additional skills can vary depending on the type of banker you want to be. For example, business banker skills will be different to the skills on a private banker CV, focusing more closely on an awareness of how businesses operate and use money.

    What skills do you need to be an investment banker?

    As an investment banker, you’d be helping companies to reach their financial goals and develop financial plans. Key investment banker duties include raising client capital, networking, analysing financial data, and presenting information to clients. Due to these complex duties, the skills needed to become an investment banker include an in-depth understanding of financial modelling, along with strong communication skills.

    What qualities make a good banker?

    To fulfil their banker job duties successfully, a candidate will need an understanding of banking, finance, and mathematics, along with customer service and team management skills. Additional skills, including speaking another language, are always a plus.

    What are the duties of a banker to their customer?

    To understand how a banker supports their customers, consider this general list of the duties of a banker:

    • Managing client bank accounts
    • Processing payments and withdrawals
    • Authorising loans and overdrafts
    • Advising clients about bank services
    • Resolving customer queries and complaints
    • Recruiting new clients for banking services

    Ultimately, the key responsibilities of a banker are to ensure that their clients find the right banking service for them, and are satisfied with their experience.

    Bank on success with a professional CV for bankers

    Now you have all the information you need to work on your banker CV – so it’s time to make a start! If you’re banking on this CV for success in your job application, don’t worry. Our online CV builder features job-specific content and professional designs that can be tailored to your needs. Discover effective CV examples to provide the foundations – then add all the wonderful details of your career!


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