Animation is big business, with everyone from Disney, Pixar, and Aardman in the UK offering consistent work. Businesses of all sizes are using animators for advertising, marketing, and commercial work. Animators on the hunt for their next challenge must be equipped with a professional CV to accompany their portfolio, that clearly demonstrates their skills and expertise.

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    Follow these 3 tips to prepare a brilliant animator CV

    • Strike a balance

      As well as focusing on the content of your CV, you might want to spend some time dressing it up to make it look attractive and showing off your artistic abilities. This can help your CV stand out, but make sure you don’t go too far. Strike a balance between being professional and showing some creativity.

    • Show off your personality

      Make the most of your personal statement to demonstrate what kind of person you are. This is where you can talk about your passion for animation and show off your creative qualities. You might even want to mention some relevant hobbies or interests that prove how dedicated you are to your craft.

    • Highlight your work

      One of the best ways to get spotted as an animator is to show employers what you've worked on in the past. Use your CV to name projects you've been involved with, sharing brief details on the techniques involved. Mention any commissions or collaborative work too and consider linking your CV to a portfolio or sample sheet.


    A few commonly asked questions on animator CVs

    How do you write an animator CV?

    An animator CV should be well-structured, with clear sections and headings. It should include contact information, along with lists of relevant qualifications, experience, and training. It should also include a personal statement, mentions of past animation work, achievements, and aspirations.

    What are the main responsibilities of an animator?

    Animators can take on a range of different tasks revolving around animation production. Depending on the project, they may use different techniques and materials to create animations, as well as liaising with clients and managers to transform concepts and ideas into fully-fledged animations.

    Which qualities make a good animator CV?

    A good animator CV needs to be appealing to a recruiter’s eye and nicely-presented, free of any typing or grammatical errors. It should include contact information, a personal statement outlining the applicant’s objectives, and clearly defined lists of relevant skills and experience.

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